Written by SEXYSAMMY

18 Oct 2008

Kens friend came round to our house 2 nights later he would have known Ken was out, working with Ken he knew, he was in Bristol for the night, working on a job. He brought a couple of bottles of wine with him. I had still not told Ken about him fucking me , or that he had seen me with my black lover in the club. We sat talking, on the sofa, and within 10 mins, the subject of him telling Ken arose. He promised faithfully he would say nothing, to Ken, or for that matter, no one else. I wasn\'t confident he was going to be as good as his word, and told him that, if I heard anything from anyone, that I would never speak to him again, and make sure that, his wife knew all about his extra Martial affairs. He didn\'t seem to bothered about my threat as he said he was splitting up with his wife and that she was already seeing someone else. He-promised me again that our secret was safe, and we finished the two bottles of wine, he had brought, and I was felling quite relaxed with him. He said he would pop out to get a couple more bottles,if I felt like a

nother drink, to which I agreed. Before he went he leaned over and went to kiss me.

We kissed several times before he stood up to go, I had been working in the garden and said, that I was going to have a shower, and to let hiself in if I was upstairs.

He said , \" Hope you will be wearing something sexy then after your shower, and you know how much I love you dressed in stockings, and heels,\" he said with a wicked grin as he left. After my shower, I looked in my wardrobe and slipped on a see thru lace dress with stockings, the hem of the dress not coming to the tops of my hold ups, and then found a pair of high heels that I have only worn in the house. Ken bought me these and had wanted me to wear them to go out but with six inch heels, I could not wear them to walk and distance due to the height of the heel. I just coming down the stairs whe he walked back in the hall clutching a couple of bottles of wine, He just stared at me and whistled softly. We went into the lounge, and sat down , he poured two glasses of wine, and he was stroking the inside of my leg just, stopping short of my shaved pussy which was now in full view, My legs slightly splayed, I could feel myself getting wet, as he teased me. He moved of the sofa and knelt between my knees, and went down parting my lips and starting to lick my clitoris. Suddenley my Phone rang, it was on the coffee table, behing him , he turned and picked it up, to pass to me and I could see \" KEN \" flashing on the screen, He had sen it was Ken as he passed it to me and he, sat back on the chair opposite whilst I answered it. As I chatted to Ken, he sat there looking at me, after a few minutes he slid off the chair, and went back on his knees in front of me. My knees were now together, and he pushed my legs apart, and shuffled between my legs, as I watched him extract his hard penis from his jeans. I was trying to keep my conversation with Ken and watching him stroking his cock, which seemed to be getting larger and larger as he wanked it before me. Roger shuffled forward and started to rub the end between my lips, flicking my clitoris, I wanted to tell Ken that I had a PRICK about to slide into me,which he would have loved ,if I had been with say my black lover, but I could not tell him his best friend was ficking my clit with his bell end, he would have been mortified, if he knew that one of our friends knew about his love of sharing his wife to other men to fuck. Ken was now asking if I was going out to meet my black boyfriend tonight, and talking about him fucking me, and sloppy seconds etc, and without doubt Roger COULD HEAR EVERYTHING KEN WAS SAYING. Without doubt Roger was hearing everything now and his head was now, on my shoulder and his prick had slid halfway inside me, and he lay still listening to Ken, saying things like. GO ON SAMANTHA GET DRESSED UP IN YOUR SLUT GEAR AND GO AND FUCK THAT BIG BLACK PRICK SUCK HIS BLACK PRICK WRAP THOSE FUCK ME HEELS AROUND HIS BACK LET HIM FILL YOUR SLUT CUNT WITH BLACK SPUNK GO ON DARLING GET YOUR CUNT FILLED AND I WILL LICK YOUR CUNT CLEAN TOMORROW NIGHT. I had to tell Ken my battery was going to stop him talking like this and I pressed the end button. Putting the phone down on the cushion,Roger humped his prick deeper in me and started to fuck me harder, and suddenly started groaning as he came in me. After getting his breath back, he slid from me, and went back on his knees, gazing at the cum trickling from me, He was holding my lips apart, and then said..\"SO IF KEN WAS HERE NOW HE WOULD LICK MY CUM OUT OF YOUR FUCKED CUNT WOULD HE ?????? YOU HORNY FUCKERS, YOU HORNY PAIR OF BASTARDS, then his head went forward and I was amazed when he started to lick his cum from me and when he wasnt lapping away at my slippery lips he was, talking dirtly to me calling me fucking slut, and KEN Acuckold etc.

He was soon hard and was fucking me again asking all sorts of questions about other men fucking me, and tellng me how he loved sloppy seconds and cream pies, then he amazed me and said that he loved, other men fucking his wife also but she had after doing it for two years had fallen in love with one of her boyfriends and they were splitting up. After telling me all about it, and how he loved sex with a woman after she had, been fucked by someone, I felt more at ease and we talked about it more. I recall thinking as he asked me all about the men I had been with, and how aroused he was by it all how much like Ken he was, but he had much bigger cock, and how he was touching me where only very few had managed to reach.

Suddenly my phone rang again and thinking it was Ken I answered it only to find it was my black boyfriend and he wanted to me to go and meet him, in town. Roger was listening intently and grinning as he listened to him talkin, and asking me to go and started nodding at me and was actually egging me on to go. I told my boyfriend , that I wouldthink about it for a few minutes and ring him back. Putting the phone down I found Roger actually telling me to go just like my husband does in the same situation. he kept urging me to go and I amazed my self even starting to consider it. Finally after much persuasion I found my self having a second shower of the evening and quite pissed getting dressed as another \"cuckold\" like Ken sat on the edge of the bed and actully rang hiself for a taxi to drop me off at the hotel,