Written by mike

2 Oct 2009

this year i let my wife talk me into going to turkey for our holiday having never wanted to go there myself. we had a good hotel and were enjoying the local food and drink.on the 4th evening we went out for dinner julie was dressed lovely as usual,matching white bra and knickers with a lovely summer dress that showed a cleavage at its best something that the waiters seemed to like. we then went to a bar for a drink and a dance but julie didn't like the attention she was getting from the locals which consisted of constant leering and the odd stray hand when she was dancing or going to the toilets.we decided to move to another bar we had used earlier in the week that was quieter and not full of locals.we made ourselves comfortable and got talking to the barman who told us he owned the place with his brother.samir was flirting with julie but sheseemed to enjoy this and din't complain when his hands strayed and touched her legs or arms.after a while there was only us in the bar when samir's brother uman came to help him lock up etc, they locked up while we had one last drink then joined us, i myself felt very tired and wanted to leave but julie was enjoying the attention she was now getting from both brothers.i must have dozed off for a minute or two and when i came round the place was empty i started looking for julie and heard sounds coming from the ladies restroom, i quietly moved towards the door and gently opened it to find both samir and uman trying to kiss and fondle my wife while she was saying stop it im a married woman and mick might here us,they were kissing her neck and lips and ther hands were all over her body from her breast to her legs still she protested but i could sense she was weakening,samirs hand went up her dress and he must have hit her pussy because then the protests stopped. in a flash they undressed her and discarded there own clothes all the while keeping her at boiling point.i couldn't believe she was allowing this to happen but was strangely enjoying it has my rock hard prick could testify.they manouvered her around so one was fucking her from behind while the other fed his cock into her mouth,they then layed her on to the floor and took turns at licking her glistening fanny and been sucked off.again they turned round and started fucking her arse, she was screaming in ecstasy forgetting i was asleep in the bar.after what seemed like ages they both shot there sperm all over her face and tits.i gently went back to the bar and pretended to be still asleep.julie woke me and said come on love its time for bed,i never did tell her what i had witnessed but will hope for another performance like it sometime.