Written by AngiesHubby

17 Jul 2009

OK, when you saw that title you probably thought "Oh no, some stupid fantasy about a pair of gorgeous blonde beauties who happen to be both nymphos."

Well sorry, but it wasn't quite like that. In fact there are tears on my keyboard as I write this.

This goes back about ten years to a time when my lovely wife was off the swinger scene due to childbearing. She went right off sex, and life was getting pretty frustrating for me. The dear lady could see the trouble, and encouraged me to go it alone on the swinging scene, just to get some relief. Now that was a scary prospect for me, as we're all well aware that a couple have a much easier time of it than a single male. Still she told me to go for it.

Anyway, I called on a few swing buddies, but decided I wanted a new experience so I tried a website (not this one). As usual there was the "What are you looking for?" selection on the signup form, so I clicked on most of the options, including the "Couple - two females" option, not thinking for a minute that I would get any responses.

After a few weeks of mixed results (you know how it is), including one decent threesome, I got a message from a lady I'll call Vicky, asking if would like to meet her and her sister. Frankly I thought this was a wind up; I've been around the scene quite a while and never ran into this type of situation before. But Angie said I should find out more.

We lived quite close, so I arranged to meet Vicky in a library in south London. She was being quite discrete, but (here's a tip), a library is a good place to meet up because you can arrange to be looking at a book on an obscure subject, rather than wearing a stupid flower or something.

When I first saw her, I was frankly a little disappointed. She was fairly small, early thirties I guessed, brown hair, spectacles and fairly boyish of figure. Tweed jacket over cotton blouse and a business like tweed skirt. And frankly, though I can't say exactly why, she just wasn't very pretty. Still, I've learned that good looks are a bonus in this world, and it always pays to look deeper.

I approached her and we got talking. She seemed to like the look of me, and we were soon having a laugh in a nearby cafe. We chatted about this and that, then got around to the business of swinging, likes and dislikes, attitudes and reactions and so forth. I even handed her my phone to talk to Angie, which became disconcerting as they started laughing about something, probably to my great embarrassment. Anyway, after a couple of hours, Vicky told me I'd "passed the first test" and offered to drive me to her flat.

It was a short car ride, but she explained that she and Carol, her twin sister, had often played together as teenagers, and later when they went to the same college. Carol had then got married, which had just finished in a very messy fight over property and money, and she was feeling very low. Vicky (who had swung with a couple of boyfriends in the meantime) had suggested they try to recapture some of their wild youth by going on the prowl together. Apparantly I was the third guy they had tried. One didn't show up (surprise), and the second seemed like a jerk, so I was their third strike before giving up.

We pulled up outside an old style house that had been divided into flats. Just as we were getting out of the car, Vicky grabbed my arm. "I should just warn you," she said, "that Carol had some surgery a couple of years back, and she has some scarring. I hope you don't mind."

I answered "Not a problem for me, I'm sure." She nodded but still looked thoughtful.

We went inside and into their living room. Carol was waiting for us, wearing a silk dressing gown and holding out a glass of wine for each of us. She was almost the spitting image of Vicky, except her hair was a little longer a tied back. Again, not a pretty girl, and she looked distinctly nervous. I decide to play it all very slowly.

Vicky threw off her jacket and flopped on the couch opposite Carol, pulling me with her. Vicky was wearing a cotton blouse with no bra, and she snuggled up to me. We chatted a bit over the wine, with Carol putting quite a lot away. As we chatted I realised that Vicky was rubbing my thigh and then my cock through my trousers. My arm was around her, and I started to play with her little titty through her blouse.

The talk wound down, and then Vicky said "Carol, let him see you properly". Carol bit her lip, then stood up and undid the belt of her dressing gown. The fabric parted to reveal the same boyish figure I expected, small but perky tits, and a little tuft of fluff over a very pretty pussy. But between those breasts there was a vertical scar down her breatbone, which while healed looked quite ragged in places. Vicky grabbed my head and said "You told me it would be OK". I gulped and asked "What happened Carol?". She sat down again and explained that she had a heart condition as a baby (in fact both of them did) and that she had several open heart operations over the years. She was hoping for a transplant some time, but had not yet been lucky. "There are people worse off than me though, so I can't complain" she said.

I can't explain it, but my heart just went out to this woman. So much courage and such rotten luck. I stood up from the couch, stepped across to her and just took her in my arms. We kissed at once (something I rarely do when swinging) and felt her just dive against me, wrapping herself around me, though I was still fully clothed.

Hands appeared from behind me, undoing my shirt buttons and taking my shirt off, then my belt and trousers. Still embracing Carol, I felt Vicky pulling my briefs off as well. Then I felt naked flesh at my back, and a patch of hair rubbing against my leg.

Both girls were now all over me. Hands began to explore. Carol fingered my cock and balls, as I moved my mouth down to her breast. Vicky was still behind me, her hands all over my body. Then, I dont know why I did this, I bent to kiss and lick at Carol's scar. It seemed an incredibly intimate thing to do, but it was also saying "Yes this is part of you too, and I'm not going to let it between us."

My fingers were down in Carol's bush now, moving in to finger her pussy. She squealed as I pushed a long index finger in and started to feel for her G-spot. I reached around with my other hand and pulled Vicky around in front of me. She at once knelt down and took my shaft in her mouth, very expertly tickling and working it.

We all collapsed on the rug in a heap. I was determined to keep it slow, so I concentrated on touching both women and using my mouth to full advantage. I sucked at all four tits in turn, and licked their necks and chests for several minutes, much of the time with fingers in their matched pussys.

Vicky said "Do you want him to fuck you sis?". Carol answered "Oh God yes. Yes. Like we used to."

I moved myself on top of her, in the classic Mish, and realised that it was Vicky's hands that were guiding my (condomed) cock into her sister's body. As gently and slowly as I could I moved forward into her, Vicky still running her fingers over my arse and balls. Carol was really tight and wet, and felt so good around me. I began to thrust, taking breaks to lick and suck at her tits and scar again. After a couple of minutes of this, she came with a scream that must have been heard throughout the building. I had wanted to fuck both girls before I came, but this was just too much after all the anticipation, and I filled the condom right there inside her. We both shuddered together, then I rolled off.

Vicky pulled the condom off my cock and started to lick at the residue on my shaft. Carol seemed pretty puffed, and just lay there beside me. Then she leaned over and started to kiss me gnelty on the lips, then sliding her tongue in and runnings her hands across me again.

Vicky had made some progress on getting me back to hardness, but wasn't prepared to wait for long. As soon as there was some reasonable stiffness, she jumped on top of me and forced herself over my none-too-hard cock. Then she started to give me a vigorous cowgirl. Looking up at her tousled hair, and her small tits bouncing, my cock was brought back to life, and it felt amazing to get harder while already inside a woman.

I realised that Vicky was riding bareback. That worried me a bit (for both of us) but hormones took over and I started to buck under her.

This time I lasted better, and Vicky got to teach me a new position thjat I'm not going to share with you guys. I finished up with her doggy fashion, her head down on the floor while I pounded her pussy from behind. Having no condom this time, I did the next best thing and pulled out, sending a stream of goo all over her backside. Both girls put their fingers in it and licked them.

I realised we'd been together for over two hours. We all showered together (some kissing and cuddles is all), then took to the bed for a nap together. We woke and I made love to both of them again, very slowly and gentle, before taking my leave. We phoned Angie and Vicky had a great time telling her of our exploits. Angie invited them both back to our place for dinner the next week, and I finally left to go home by tube.

The following week the dinner went well. We fooled about a bit, with Angie joining in a little, but nothing serious. I met the girls one more time for a romp, before we all decided it was time to move on.


I still saw one or other of them from time to time over the next few years, in the street or shopping, then Vicky called to tell me that Carol had passed away during one of her "routine" heart operations. The doctor had told Vicky that Carol was a real mess inside, it had only been a matter of time, and that Carol had known for years. The transplant had never been a viable option.

Carol's marriage had come apart mostly due to her health. Her husband had become terrified of touching her, leading both of them to frustration and acrimony. I dont think he was a bad bloke; it must be awful to know your wife is living with a ticking bomb.