Written by splatter

24 Feb 2010

Tug looked into the mirror, watching his cock push its way through his fist. He usually preferred to masturbate while laying flat on his back, where he could admire the size of his manhood... and see how high he could shoot his spunk. But after a shower like this morning, he often stood at the bathroom vanity and fucked his fist. Not only did this allow him to enjoy the show in the mirror, but the stimulation was a lot more like having sex.

Tug's hand had been lubed with body lotion and placed flat on the vanity, palm up. After making a loose fist, he leaned in and forced the massive penis head into his hand. He held the fist still... and slowly relaxed his fingers to allow his cock to slip inside his curved fingers. And now, he stared at the mirror to see his penis emerge on the other side of that fist.

Tug didn't know he had a huge cock until he was in his early-twenties. He had been so occupied with education, sports and career that he never related his size to anyone else. He also assumed that comments from his partners were just something that most men heard from women.

But it finally dawned on him when he met up with a 30-ish plus woman in a southern US state. After sucking on him for a minute, she looked up and said, "Damn! This is the biggest pecker I've ever seen on a white boy!"

They both laughed, but she had said it with such seriousness that it finally sank in... not every man had a double-digit dinger. And then all the comments (and complaints) made sense.

He leaned in more... and his hand allowed the shaft to slip through.. inch by inch. Finally, he felt the base of his cock pressing into his fist and he saw more than six inches of shaft stretched across the vanity bowl. It was that feeling... shaft fully in... flesh pressing flesh that he so enjoyed about masturbating this way. He had never found a woman who fit him like this... someone who could fully take his cock until her pussy lips gripped him at the root. But his hands always worked like this... and it felt gooooood.

Tug relaxed and opened his hand... his cock bounced up as if given new life. He grabbed the bottle and squirted more lotion onto his hands and a line of lotion down the length of his cock... with a splat extra on the head.

He now repeated the position of his hand and then pressed his cock down to enter the slot. He leaned again.... "Ahhhhhhhh" and he easily plunged in. Now, he put his other hand on the vanity, duplicating the first, with the fists end to end.... creating one long passage for his manhood.

Tug pushed in.. feeling himself slip through the first fist and touching the entry to the second. Leaning more... adjusting his fingers.. he felt the engorged head pop past the first finger of his second hand. He moved his body closer... leaning and enjoyed the feeling of his shaft sliding in... filling this make-believe vagina.

Tug paused... pulled back a bit... and he squeezed the cock head in the second fist. This tightness was familiar... as if he had reached the end of a woman. He closed his eyes... and leaned back in. He imagined the woman shifting her hips... lifting herself into him. And he kept that image as he pushed his pelvis in... knowing the woman would jump... but his hands stayed still... and the cock head once again pushed forward and began to emerge on the other side of his hands. He moved slowly side-to-side.... leaning in until he again felt his fists fully taking in his cock... and the mirror showed three inches of Tug sticking out of his fists.

"Ahhhh, yesss", Tug whispered as he reopened his eyes to see his full round head exposed. He pressed his hands down tight to the vanity top.. anchoring them so they wouldn't move. And Tug pulled back... sucking his cock back through his fists... just a couple of inches before he slipped back in.

Tug now began to fuck his fists... moving slowly... watching in the mirror... steady and smooth... each stroke building the tension that would need release. His hands stayed still on the vanity, and Tug provided the stroking by leaning in and out. He knew that the sensation was best when built slowly... and he took several minutes watching as his hand and erection played together.

The phone rang in the other room, but Tug kept his attention in the mirror. He could hear the answering machine and heard a woman's voice leaving a message. It was Shell. He had been expecting a call from her, but didn't care why at the moment. He could call her back later.

But now, Tug thought about Shell as he listened to her voice. She was a small woman, pretty... with a round face... and he imagined her holding his shaft with both hands... head of his cock in her mouth. This thought excited him and his thrusting got harder... the steady rhythm he had used became faster and Tug knew that Shell's voice would soon cause him to pop.

Tug fucked harder... pausing with each deep thrust to see himself emerge... bigger... deeper pink each time. He heard Shell say her goodbye and Tug took his second hand and rolled the palm around his knob... then used the hand to stroke the top half of his shaft... while flexing his hardness to full length. He was breathing hard now and could feel the excitement probe deep between his legs... a strong pulse... a throbbing.

Tug returned his fist to its original spot and he thrust his cock quickly three times... four times... five... sssiiiixxXXX.... and his cock jerked, throbbed.. and his juices exploded across the counter top. His release was almost violent... his body shuddered as the back side of the vanity bowl was splashed with his lust.

Tug squeezed his cock... lifted it.. rapidly stroking the full length... his muscles relaxed as he continued to eject his fluids. He stroked slower now... trying to squeeze out every drop and ensure that he enjoyed this ride to the very end. Ohhhh, how he enjoyed it!

Finally, nearly exhausted, Tug wiped down the basin and walked into the other room to check Shell's message. He liked the idea of calling her before he got dressed.