Written by Angela

11 Aug 2016

I’d been on a night out in Liverpool with a friend and we’d met a couple of lads who were great fun and seemed really nice. My friend, who’s single, invited them back to her flat which is more or less in the city centre for further drinking. Predictably, things went beyond a few more drinks.

She’d disappeared in to the bedroom leaving me and the other lad in the living room. Soon we were snogging and groping and I’d escalated things by grabbing his dick through the fabric of his trousers. From then on it was unstoppable, he was as randy as hell and his hands were all over me.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself that I’d made the decision to go braless, he’d pushed my tee shirt up and was licking, sucking and biting on my nipples. He resurfaced and kissed me hard on the lips as he struggled to undo my jeans; god only knew how he’d react when he found out I wasn’t wearing any knickers? Within a few seconds, once I’d helped him with the button-up fly, I found out. It seemed he was ready to explode.

He all but dragged my jeans off and threw them on the floor. Smiling as he kissed me again, he made his way down my body, licking and nipping me with his teeth until he reached the place I wanted him to get to work on.

At first, his tongue, cool and wet played with the lips of my fanny, and the occasional flick of his tongue entering me just slightly, his teeth bringing me wonderfully close to pain as he bit and pulled at me. I lay back, eyes closed and revelled in the glory of his skillful tongue work.

All too soon, he’d stopped and was standing over me looking down between my legs as he undid his trousers. Taking his meat in his hand, he looked me in the eye and said, “Is it OK? Are we going for it?” I nodded and repositioned myself on the couch, opening my legs wide for him.

Positioning himself in the right place, I felt him press against my entrance, he pushed and entered me; full length in one movement. He gently stroked in and out as we got our rhythm and asked me again, “Is this OK?” I told him it was and that he needed to “fuck me harder” because I was beginning to orgasm. Just moments later, I came in a blur of sensation.

He increased the speed and power of his thrusts, bringing me off again just seconds before he off loaded deep, deep inside me. We lay for a while, his dick still inside me, as we caught our breath.

Less than an hour later I was creeping up the stairs at home and, after undressing in the bathroom, I carefully slipped in to bed next to my husband. He wasn’t asleep and turned over, pulling me closer to him, he kissed the back of my neck as he squeezed and rolled my boobs in his hand.

“I’m glad you’re home.” He said, “I’m feeling as horny as hell.” He pulled me round on to my back, climbed between my legs and moments later, I had the second dick of the night inside me. He was very obviously as randy as hell, he fucked me hard and fast. He came very quickly and his spunk was up inside me with that of my previous lover. If only he knew he was getting sloppy seconds.