25 Feb 2019

Recollections of a memorable day spent several years ago.

My gf Louise, who was 19 at the time, had applied to several universities and had already attended a couple of interviews. She had been invited for an interview to read Economics at Loughborough University. As it was a long journey she arranged to stay over at grandmas house on the day of the interview which was a Friday and travel back on the next day. She had already asked her grandma if I could go and stay as well which necessitated me taking the day off work. Once it was all arranged we both caught the train down and then got a taxi from the station to her grandma's house - a large cottage set in beautiful countryside.

The interview which was in the afternoon went well and after Louise returned home from it, her grandma called Margaret took us both out for a lovely meal. Margaret dropping a few hints that she didn't see enough of her granddaughter and that Louise should visit her more often. Anyway, Friday night was certainly fun for me with a long sex session with Louise. Margaret hadn't objected when Louise had asked if her and I slept together that nigh thankfully - if she had then I wouldn't have gone. Margaret, who was in her early sixties, had been widowed a few years earlier.

As our train back wasn't until mid Saturday afternoon it was a good chance for a long lie in on Saturday morning. I remember waking up and it was gone 10am. Still feeling horny, Louise and I were soon fucking again even though I could hear Margaret moving about downstairs. I was thinking that she was bound to hear us if we made too much noise but that didn't stop me or make me hold back. After cumming twice, I was on the point of falling asleep again. Louise said she needed a shower and we should really be getting up.

Feeling really hot I kicked off the duvet and dozed away totally naked on the bed waiting for Louise to finish her shower. I heard a knock on the bedroom door and not really thinking just called out:

"Yes, what is it?"

From the other side I heard Margaret ask: "I made you some tea. Is it ok to come in ?"

Dozing away and half conscious I said "Ok, sure".

Margaret entered the bedroom and before I realized she had full sight of me lying there. "I'll just leave your tea here on the bedside table." I knew she had seen me naked and just mumbled "Yes thank you" and quickly pulled the duvet back over me again to cover my modesty".

"It's a bit late for that now", she laughed. "It's a good job I'm not easily shocked".

"Sorry", I replied. "Don't know what I was thinking". I was red with emabrassment.

"It's fine" said Margaret. "I know what a naked man looks like ! Is Louise in the shower?"

"Yes," I said sitting up in bed. "She always take ages".

"Takes after mother" laughed Margaret. "She was just the same at her age. Oh and by the way...I was impressed with what I saw before you covered yourself up". Margaret indicating precisely what she meant by lowering her gaze towards my lower regions as I followed her eyes down.

Nearly spitting a mouthful of tea out when she said this, I laughed nervously wondering why she had said this.

Margaret left me in no doubt when she said "The amount of noise I could hear Louise making when I was downstairs earlier gave me the impression you're a very well endowed young man and i was glad to see the proof just now."

I stumbled over my words at a loss what to say "I er, I mean I think, er I mean...well thank you. I think I can hear Louise finishing up nowin the bathroom", I hoped this would make Margaret leave before I got any more embarrassed.

Margaret pulled the duvet away from me exposing my nakedness again. "Paul, let me tell you, you've got the biggest cock I think I've ever seen. Louise is a lucky girl. I can't believe how thick it is. May I...?"

With that Margaret sat on the bed bedside me and slowly ran her fingers along my thigh until she reached my cock. I knew I should have stopped her but her words had made me feel horny as hell and my heart was racing. I watched as she slowly started to stroke my cock, wanking it and almost instantly became fully hard and erect. Margaret smiled at me and started to run her thumb over my helmet as she wanked me. I was half terrified in case Louise walked in and found us but found the secrecy of it even more erotic.

"Wow, you're getting really hard, aren't you?" said Margaret. "I haven't felt a cock for so long and yours feels so good". My breathing was getting faster and faster. "Does this feel nice ?" and Margaret began stroking and tickling my balls as she wanked me.

"God yes, don't stop" I begged her.

"I wasn't planning to" she laughed back at me. "Not until you've cum for me anyway".

"Do that more. I love my balls being played with" and Margaret knowing I was fully aroused by this point used her nails to scratch and gently tickle my ballsack.

I was reaching the point of no return and Margaret asked if i was ready to cum for her.

"Let me see your tits", I demanded.

"Of course darling. Do you like them ?"

"Yes. I really want to see them".

"Seeing as you asked nicely..."

With her free hand, Margaret pulled the zip down on her top and her milky white boobs encased in a black bra became visible. Her large display of cleavage looked amazing.

"They're 38F in case you're wondering ?", Margaret said.

"Christ, I love them" and without hesitating I reached around her back to release the catch on her bra.

"Naughty boy, aren't you?" she laughed as her tits were released. "Would you like to cum over them?".

She knew I was about to cum and leant forward as she wanked my throbbing cock as fast as she could. I bit my lip, desperate not to make any noise in case Louise heard us. Seconds later I erupted and sent four or five jets of warm spunk against this older lady's heaving breasts. She made sure she emptied my balls of all their contents and I lay back against the pillows breathless and sweating. I looked at her tits covered with my white cum.

Without saying anything she stood up, smiled at me and then gathered her top and bra off the bed and left the bedroom.

It was a matter of moments before Louise, wrapped in a bath robe and a towel round her hair came in and saw me there.

"Hmmmm....have you been wanking yourself off again, eh?" she said unimpressed. "Shame you couldn't wait for me to finish showering".

I lay on my side away from her thinking to myself "If only you knew...".