Written by Vladimir

25 Nov 2009

In the morning I was awoken by the sounds of fucking. My wife was on her side taking Mark’s cock up her. I looked around for a cunt to fuck. Starlight was awake and getting an eye full. I reached for the only part of her I could and sucked her toe. I got a glance from her and she started for the door.

“Last night was good.” she told me.

“The best night I have ever had”

We went up stairs and found all the beds empty. We had all fallen asleep on the sofas, pillows and each other down stairs. This would be only one of at least three fuck this morning. I told her how I wanted it. She knelt on the side of the bed and I pushed it into her, she was always wet, never dry, and always ready. I sank into her. I took her hard, moving her whole body with each thrust.

As she came my wife was there beside me. Her arm around me, a kiss on my check, a question on her lips, “Is that up her ass?

It was not, but I came, just thinking about it. Starlight pulled herself off my stick and turned to look at us, my wife and I. “That was a great night” she told us again.

I was not thinking about last night any longer. I was thinking about fucking an ass. Sally had put it into my head, it was only right it should be her ass.

“On the bed like Starlight was.” I told her.

She did, Mark’s spunk was running down her legs, I gathered it as I pulled my cupped hands up the inside of her legs, then on up into her cunt, then pulled creamy white cum in to her ass crack and pulled it apart. My cock was hard and I pressed it against her hole. “Yes?” I asked her.

She did not reply. I added pressure. Over the last months her cunt had become so easy, it almost sucked me in. Now her ass was tight. I had to push. Slowly her muscles allowed me in; cum lubricating the slow thrusts. I felt her ass drag along my cock; like I had once felt her cunt; tight and reluctant. Not anymore. Now she was always gagging for cock. She would take any pole she could find. I love shafting that cunt, but now her tight ass massaged my cock with each thrust. “Do you like that? Do you want more up there? Do I tell the others where to put it?” I started fucking her harder.

“More” she called.

“Deeper or just more cocks?”


Now I was pushing deeper, harder and faster……and cuming. I pulled out leaving a pearl of cum at her asshole, marking the target for John who had just come up with Clair and Jessica. Jessica knew where my cock had been, and she asked Sally what it was like. Sally just said try it. So Jessica knelt on the side of the bed and I did the same again. John did not wait he just piled in, filling the gap I had left.

I worked at Jessica, using cum from her last two or three guys to lube her ass; running my hand over her hole, waiting for it to give to my finger. Then I pushed inside; feeling the muscle grip my finger as I moved. Along side John pushed in and out, bringing him and Sally to climax. As I pushed my cock into Jessica John came. “Shit that’s good.” He told everyone in the room.

He turned to Clair. I pushed into Jessica, each time she eased forward I pulled back and then pushed in again. Each push got me further in, until I could go no deeper and I was shagging away. Her ass clung to me, like her cunt never did. We came together.

All this time, Starlight was looking on, in Sally’s arms. Starlight took Jessica’s place and I found her ass was already slick with my own cum. My cock was beginning to loose strength. With effort and patients I got it in. Once there her tight muscular ring, that was her ass helped keep blood where it could do some good, in my cock. Once fully hard again I fucked her for ages. Fighting to cum, fighting just to get a dribble from my quickly fading prick. I came and fell from her ass, just a shadow of my normal self.

We all sat and talked, then went to shower in the big wet room.