24 May 2018

I’m escorted to the room, I cast my eyes around taking in the scene, the bed laid out with a deep pile of pillows and cushions at the bottom end. They look quite high as if piled with great care and precision; plush white towels are draped across them, almost inviting me to lay back into their softness. My attention is draw to a glint from the small table at the side of the bed. I see various items some gleaming, clinically shiney bright steel and other gadgets that I can’t quite make out. A large dildo sits at the back of the table and I find my eyes drawn to it. As I hear you call my name I turn to look at you, catching a glimpse of leather cuffs laying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

You tell me I am to strip down to my underwear as you busy yourself with washing your hands. I undo my buttons hesitantly and slowly slip my blouse down my arms, I feel the cool air on my body as I unclip the side of my skirt and feel it fall to the ground. Conscious of you in still busy in the room I bend to pick up my clothes and fold them neatly on to the chair. I stand and wait, and with my quietness you turn to look at me with a smile.

I feel my face starting to burn with embarrassment as your eyes rake over me, my arms instinctively cross over my body in an attempt to hide, your firm strong hands gently ease my arms open as you place them by the side of my body. As you gaze over my body I find myself beginning to stand taller, my back arching, stomach pulling in as I try hard to not let you see how nervous I am inside. Walking behind me I can feel your breath on my back, suddenly I jump as your finger hooks itself in the elastic of my panties, you pull it away from my body. I close my eyes feeling your eyes looking down my panties to the curve of my buttocks. The elastic pings back into place and you’re asking me to remove my panties.

Without turning around my fumbling fingers find the edge of the panty material, as I start to slide them down wriggling my hips a little to ease them over I am acutely aware of your presence behind me, I bend down to flick them off my feet. As I begin to stand you’re already moving away from me, tersely telling me to hop onto the bed, tummy side up, bottom on the pillows. I ungainly climb onto the bed noticing you busy at the table, pulling out of a box, cream latex gloves. I position myself, a little uncomfortable with my bottom much higher than my head, my breasts almost spilling out of my bra.

Over your shoulder you tell me to place my legs wide, obediently I do as you bid, feeling my pussy beginning to open out, I feel moisture already gathering. You walk around the room with an air of someone with much to do and seem to not notice me laying supine with my legs parted. I lay quite still feeling a small pulse at the base of my clit. My eyes follow you as you walk about the room till you look in my direction and with a smile on your face you come to the foot of the bed. I watch you from my low viewpoint as you tenderly take hold of my ankle pulling my leg more to the side, the rattle of the buckles as you fasten up the leather cuffs above my foot. With a reassuring smile you move to the other ankle again taking my leg to its furthest reach as you secure the other cuff. Not content with my ankles cuffed and held securely, you reach for hitherto unseen ropes at each side of the bed. Throwing them over each thigh just above the knee you tie them off deftly, I find I am unable to move my legs at all.

‘I think we should also have those tits out for examining’ you say as you’re securing both of my wrists above my head with the fur lined leather cuffs. Your latex encased hands reach into my bra and pull out each of my plump breasts. You smile and say how delightful to see my nipples respond when you haven’t stimulated them in the slightest yet. I feel myself blushing once again, unable to take my eyes away from you and your gloved hands.

Swiftly you move to the end of the bed and pull over a angle poise lamp aiming it between my open thighs, at first the light shines over my body into my eyes until you lower it down looking at my open cunt you move the lamp until you are satisfied of its position. I can’t help myself but to shift my bottom wanting you to see more of me. You pull up a stool and sit between my legs looking at my cunt and arse.

The lube ooozes out of the tube on to your fingers, you swivel your chair back and run your fingers along my pussy lips, I jump with the coolness but feel my self relax. Your fingers expertly begin to trace up the sides of my lips and then delve between them very lightly brushing over my clit. I put my head back unable to keep my head up and can now only feel …… feeling your fingers pulling my lips open, at first gently then an increasing pressure as you pull them open much wider. They feel slippery and as you transfer one hand to holding open my pussy lips I feel 2 fingers gently pushing back from either side the little hood covering my clitoris. You adjust your glasses, tilting your head inspecting the sight before your eyes.

Letting go of my lips you push two of your fingers deep into my pussy, I sigh and turn my head to the side. I can feel the pressure inside as your fingers explore, sliding and turning your hand as you draw it in and out. With the lube and my own moisture already my pussy squelches. You ask me to breath in and as I exhale I feel the insistent pressure of more width, I realise that you are pushing more fingers deep into my cunt. I feel myself starting to tense as you tut and tell me that we shall have to work on the tightness. I relax as you withdraw your fingers.

I watch as you walk back to the table feeling a small trickle running from my open pussy it tickles as it slowly seeps down to my tight arse hole. You’re picking up a gleaming stainless steel speculum and looking very intently as you sit once more between my thighs putting another generous helping of lube on to its glossy long blades. You bend your head and lean forward as I feel the coldness of the metal against me. I feel a slight pinching as the blades easily slide deep into my pussy. I’m holding my breath and waiting. You adjust your position and start to crank the blades apart, inside I feel my inner muscles lose their battle. You angle the light and bend down low, I hear you murmur ‘just a little more’. And then a different sensation as I feel the rattle of screw against metal and you begin to crank open the neck of the speculum. The air is cool as my cunt becomes accessible, you cease cranking for a minute as you sit back and watch me. I try hard to relax, but soon you are cranking the cruel speculum open to its widest reach. The unfriendly glare of the light illuminates the channel of my pussy and I have no way of hiding.

You look pleased at my humiliation and not content with my pussy stretched so easily, you ease the last of the skin back from my clit. It feels almost numbed with the skin so taught, with a lubed finger you gently start to stroke my clitoris. I begin to moan trying but failing to move my clit nearer to your touch. ‘What a splendid slut you are becoming’ you say as you squeeze my clit hard between your fingers, taking my breath away with the sudden pain.

I turn my head to see you standing up and wandering over to that dammed table again, leaving me with the weight of the speculum pressing against the opening of my pussy, reminding me of his promise to thoroughly examine me. You had told me that you wanted to inspect every part of me and to check that all was in good working order. You said that you wanted to see if my responses were pleasing, I wasn’t sure how pleased you were now.

Soon you are at my side telling me that you are to prepare my nipples. In your hand you have two small suction cups which you lick around the rim before pushing it on to the trigger pump. Carefully you place a cup over my nipple and pull the trigger once, I gasp as I feel my nipple pull up into the tube. Quickly you pull the trigger again and as I winced I can see my nipple whiten and suck up long into the tube, the seal tightened by my own flesh. You reach across me brushing the attached tube with your arm as I gasp again. With precision you apply the other suction cup once more soundly to my nipple as I wriggle and try to accustom myself to the pressure I feel the weight of the speculum still inside me.

You are looking down on me with a slight smile on your face enjoying the pure lewdness of my position. Glancing at your watch, slowly returning to your stool, you begin to loosen the screws on the speculum, I feel relief from the tension although my pussy is stretched and I know it will take a little while to return to normal. You trace your finger down the slit and continue down to my small rosebud hole and gently running your finger around it, telling me that it will also be stretched, very soon.

I hear you rattling…. something metal……when I look I see that you have a metal bowl in which are lots of pegs and a ball of string. You’re taking out a peg squeezing it before my eyes and placing a length of string through its open jaws. Your head bends intently as you concentrate on your work, my pussy lip is firm between your fingers when I feel the biting clamp of the peg on my lip. Clenching my teeth I see you with another peg which you swiftly place further along the lip. A third peg is soon nipped into place. My cunt lip is jiggled before I feel the pull as you tie it around the strap of my suspender belt. Impulsively my leg tries to move, but it is held firm and you let out a small laugh looking very pleased with your self. Extracting another peg and more string you clamp the jaws of three more pegs on the other side of my pussy attaching the string to the other side. I let myself adjust to the demanding pull of the pegs.

You sit back watching me trying to balance the pressure, saying a little more is needed, you proceed in tightening up each side that a tiny bit more. The skin is stretched out and silky smooth as you reach for the bowl and another peg with a length of string. I look on wondering what you planned, until I feel your finger on the hood over my clit, I wince again as I feel the roughness of the peg brush my clit and as it grips my skin tightly in its teeth the skin peels up and over, You tie it off on the band of my suspender belt. Folding your arms you smile and stand back to admire your handy work as I squirm.

My arms are pulling on the restraints when you come up to kiss my mouth, I find I am unable to stop myself from kissing passionately back as all at once I know that, so far, you are pleased. Placing the cold metal bowl on my stomach I jump and soon stop as the strings pull cruelly against my cunt lips. You squeeze my breast, loosening the suction cup you begin to suckle my nipple, rolling it between your teeth. With a peg ready in your hand you quickly roll my nipple between your fingers and apply the peg side ways so that my nipple protrudes slightly out of the side of the clipped on peg. Rolling my head I let the pain cruise through me and as you clip on the second peg it feels as if the pain is flowing through my body to my pussy, my epicentre.

My eyes are closed tightly when I feel the first prick on my nipple, opening them suddenly I see in your hand the glint of the pin wheel. You press it slowly and hard across my nipple, I shout out and you lift the pin wheel away asking me ‘if it is too much?’. I shake my head determined to take the tiny pin pricks of the evil device. You look pleased and move to the other nipple pressing again hard and slowly across it. Clenching my teeth I’m relieved when you’ve done it. You tell me you’re delighted with my reaction and would I like you to do it again? I know I have to agree, my hands grab tightly on the restraints as you draw the wheel across each nipple again. I’m gasping as you tell me that you now need to run the same test on my most sensitive spot.

Your hot breath is close to my thigh as you bend intently over my wide open cunt, my clit is jutting out and has no shelter to hide behind. You run the pin wheel lightly up the inside of each lip and ask me if I’m ready. I nod my agreement and slowly the pin wheel drags across to the side of my clit, very slowly the first spike touches my clit, I stiffen, I feel you press just a bit harder as the second prick pushes against my little nub. Gripping my restraints, glad of them to hold on to you run the wheel over my clit each prick pressing deep. As it reaches the other side I let out my breath. Quickly you run the wheel much lighter back and forth over my clit, I arch my back as the sensation shots through me, feeling the wave of orgasm sooo very close as you suddenly stop.

I’m groaning as you come to my head and kiss me telling me ‘you’re such a good girl and so sensitive’. You reach to the table and grab a small vibrator, flicking the switch you slide it over my soaking wet pussy, finding my exposed clit you hold it there, watching me as I start to shudder once more the edge of orgasm soo close. You stop the vibe and tell me to be a good girl as you need to run the wheel over nice and slowly one more time. This time as the first prick homes in on my clit I can’t stop the orgasm, pain and pleasure taking me over.

My eyes open wide as I feel something big pushing into my wide open cunt, with very little resistance it nudges its way in to me all too easily. It presses up me so that I feel it at the back of my vagina. You slowly with draw it and hold up it up for me to see, Its glistening with my juices and my mouth drops open to the sight of the large dido I had seen on the table earlier. As you push it back into my depths the wave of orgasm hits me again, I cum so quickly I feel a gush between my legs as you drive the dildo in and out. Your hand knocks against the pegs on my pussy lips once again the pain and the pleasure mix, I feel as if I am losing myself totally under my Doctors orders.

My head is still floating when I realise that I have been unshackled turned over on to my elbows and knees the need for restraints gone. I arch my back greedy for more. I know that you want my arse to take your cock easily. I had cleaned the inside of my bottom expectantly before arriving, I hope that it would be to your pleasure. My legs are slightly parted, pushing my bottom high as I arch my back. Like a cock hungry slut I wait to feel your hands on me, they stroke the curve of my bottom, fingers delving inwards as the pull my cheeks open. Was it your tongue I felt?

The clattering from the table distracts me as you bring over the anal speculum, generously squeezing lube onto the small narrow blades, I notice the unmistakable bulge behind your white coat. The cold of the speculum nudges against my small hole, you push with a gentle force as it then smoothly slides into my most secret of places. The long cold handles rest against the back of my thighs distracting me momentarily from the movement as you turn the screw. I take a sharp breath in and you pause for me as I acclimatise myself to the speculum. My sphincter muscles are tightening, I take deep breaths….slowly they begin to ease. Nodding my head you turn the screw, I fasten my teeth on my arm let the sensation run down my body. My nipples still hard, rub against the bed, my pussy throbs as your hand reaches forward and slickly strokes my clit. My arse pushes up high, no longer tight against the speculum.

I find myself moving my hips rhythmically at your touch, you with draw the speculum, swiftly nudging at my anus with a butt plug. It slides easily almost to the widest point. With one hand you expertly rub silkily over my clit and with the other a firm push lodges the butt plug deep inside my arse. ‘ let me see what a little slut you are becoming’ you ask. My hand moves to my cunt quickly finding the nub I so desperately want to touch, I frig myself pushing my plugged arse up displaying myself, cunt and arse ready. You unzip your trousers, I turn my head, my mouth opening to take in your length. It tastes salty, I devour the taste relishing the feel as you slowly fuck my mouth. It’s slick with saliva as you withdraw it and move around to my cunt. I hear you sigh as you plunge the cock into me, despite all your stretching my cunt tightly grabs you, the butt plug in place. I feel full, I feel at last that I have pleased you, I cum hard and long. You slide out of my pussy, swiftly remove the butt plug and replace it with your hot hard cock. At first pushing slowly, but only to find me pushing back against you hungering to feel you fuck my arse. You pull out almost to the tip to plunder back in again, you’re delighted to hear me groaning and shuddering with each thrust. The need to fuck me over rides all of your doctors control, your balls slamming against my cheeks I scream out in sweet ecstasy hearing your cry as your spunk floods me.