Written by wickedpea

15 Apr 2007

They were leaving early from the conference, the dinner the night before was ... frustrating... he had flirted with her all night, she had looked at him with that glint in her eye, but nothing had happened. They had both left and gone back to their separate rooms. Wicked felt pleased with that, however much he wanted her he wasn't going to take advantage of her.

And now it was 5:15 time to meet Red and leave for the airport. The lobby was quiet this time in the morning, a few business travelers, just like them, checking out early. Strange, Red was late, he checked his watch 5:40.. He found a house phone and called her room.. Strange no answer... He walked up to it; this was an old hotel, big and grand. His room was ok but where was Red's, now he came to think about it her room was somewhere else totally. He wondered the halls looking for 212. 'Suite 212?' She had a suite?

He knocked... no answer... he knocked a little harder and the door opened. 'Red he called, you there...', 'Yeah' came the reply come in, I've just called the flights have been delayed' He couldn't see her as the suite curved round out of sight.

Closing the door he placed his overnight bag on the floor. Hey Wicked come and see this she called, he turned and followed her voice, Red was in bed watching the TV. 'Look major delays at the airport' as she pointed to the news item on the TV. You might as well sit down we're going to be stuck here a while' He sat next to her on the bed. 'You Know Wicked last night I didn't want to you to go back to your room, I wanted you to come back here, but you don't know how much that meant me to, I mean I'd had a few drinks...' she didn't need to say anymore.. They both knew what cold have happened....

She lent toward him and put her arms around him and hugged him close, 'Thank you for last night and not...' she said he hesitated,' You can hug me you know, I don't bite!' His arms encircled her and they embraced... a friend's embrace. but the hug went on and on both refusing to let go, he could smell her hair close to his, her perfume he could feel her breathing and for the first time he could feel her chest pulled close up against him. He noticed they had moved down on the bed, now laying together arms entwined. They lay there for and eternity, he was still fully clothed, she was in what looked like a t-shirt top but the bed sheet covered her.

'You know check out isn't for 6 more hours' she said,' that's ok for you I checked out earlier' said wicked. 'Don't be silly you can stay here'. He felt her hands move down and unbutton his trousers, his shoes came off and his trousers fell to the floor. She smiled and lifted the cover inviting him to join her under there. Wicked knew, in that instant he wanted her he felt his whole body tense as the covers closed over him. He pulled her tight and felt her breasts through her t-shirt; he felt her erect nipples pressing hard against him. It was too much. Their mouths found each other, his tongue exploring deep into her mouth. Her breathing became faster, she pulled her mouth away, her mouth finding his neck. Wicked groaned, he'd told her months ago that his neck and ears were his weak spot, and now she was taking advantage of it. She rolled onto him he felt her wet pussy push up against his legs. His hands moved down her back, ever so gently, she wriggled, it had tickled her, but now she groaned. His fingers had found her arse, and as he moved them round her behind she felt the juices from her pussy lubricate them. She felt his finger enter her from behind, no wait two fingers one in each hole. My god she had never felt so turned on.

Her hands quickly found what she looking for. His manhood, hard and hot. As she held it she could feel the blood pumping through it. She wanted it, she wanted inside her, but no not yet first she was going to taste it she moved down to him and took him into her mouth. All the time his fingers still move in and out of her pussy and her arse. She cold feel her pussy dripping wet, she could feel her juices all over her arse. She loved it and now she wanted his juice. Almost biting she sucked hard; her tongue encircling the end of his hard cock she tasted him, only a bit but it drove her wild.

I want to taste you he said. They moved and soon each had their heads buried between the other tights, she was still sucking harder and harder. She felt it, at first a gentle kiss to her thigh, then his tongue, licking her lips, hardly toughing her but... every nerve ending was exploding, then she felt it, his tongue touched a spot, just in her clit, but when he touched it her whole body arched, she screamed in joy and in a second like a river in flood her juices exploded out of her as her body orgasm-ed again and again. It was too much, she couldn't control it. He legs we shaking, he mind lost in a fog of ecstasy. She fell back gasping for air. Then he felt him, she felt him pulling her t-shirt up over her head, her breasts firm, her nipple hard and erect. Just as the shirt came over her he, he stopped. It covered her eyes, she couldn't see. But she didn't care. She felt his mouth find hers he kissed her. She tasted his juices on him, and then his mouth was gone. Still with the shirt over he eyes she felt his mouth, his warm breath just lightly touch her nipple, she felt his tongue lick at it, encircle it, play with it.

Her hands groped for him and found his cock again, she grasped it harder then ever, she wanted his juice she wanted to taste it she wanted it inside her mixing with hers in a warm cocktail mixed just for her. She pulled him towards her, the shirt fell away and there he was looking deep into her eyes. His eyes widened, as she guided him into her. His cock rubbing against her clit as he entered her, pushing ever so gently she felt him enter deep into her. He held it there pushing hard up against her womb. It was too much, fuck me fuck me hard she cried.

Slowly ever so slowly he began to thrust, her wet pussy touching his stomach as cock entered her to its full length. She or gamed again he felt he muscles contract and grip him inside. He loved it; his head was close to pure ecstasy stars exploding in his head. He pushed harder and harder, he could feel his cock slip in and out of his foreskin inside her, he could feel her juices running out of her over his testicles and onto his leg .He looked deep into her eyes they met for brief instant. She know this was it, in the next moment he lost control, spunk filled her already soaking cunt. His eyes rolled back and in that instant she loved it, she was in control, she had done this and she knew he loved it, but before the moment had gone she came, her whole body shaking and from deep within her she felt the orgasm build and build then let loose.

It was too much for both of them as they lay in each other arms panting, sweating and loving the moment