9 Sep 2018

Its late. Were alone and youre looking cute as hell. We decide to go for a late night walk. The night is cloudy but not overly cold. "Looks like rain, we gunna get moist" I say as we leave the house. "I think we will" you reply, giving me that look. After weve walked a fair distance from home, i look around to see if anyones about, but there isnt. I kiss you, sliding one hand down over your ass and stroking your neck with the other. We kiss harder and our hands wander, exploring each other as though we are new lovers. Feeling brave, you lift your top to reveal your breasts, nestled in a lacy bra, exciting me into looking around again. Were alone but its a built up area, so i lead you to a darker spot down the road. Before long were in an alley, all over each other again. I turn you round and press my rapidly hardening cock up against you, hands snaking up to reaveal your tits again, this time pulling your bra down to release them properly. While kissing your neck, i squeeze your nipples and you reach back to undo my jeans. You unzip and my dick becomes free, immediately taken into your hand. As i begin to bend you forward, I look up and notice movement in a window over the road. "A couple are watching from behind their curtains!" I whisper, but you dont stop. If anything your momentum speeds up and i just keep going. "Let them watch" you moan, turning slightly so your breasts are just visible to them, which they seem to appreciate as the curtains open more, revealing them and, from the movement of the curtains, they were quickly undressing each other, while still perving on our exploits. You spin round and kiss me hard, then drop to your knees to accept me into your mouth, sucking deep and swirling your tongue over my head as you do. I glance up, "theyre still watching" i whisper, as you stand up and turn around, bending over the fence again. "Good" you reply as I pull your trousers down a little, pull your paties aside and slide my cock inside you. Slowly, I begin to move, in and out of your pussy, making you even wetter although, our new game had done a bloody good job already. It starts to rain and before long, were soaked to the skin and, as we look up at the sky, we look to the window to see that this time, they arnt hiding anymore, the curtains are wide open and hes stood behind her naked form, caressing her breasts from behind and smiling at us. Nervous, I begin to back out, wondering who else may be watch us, or even them, but you thrust your ass back, grasping with your hands to hold me inside you. "Fuck me" you say, as i pick up the pace, drilling your pussy and caressing your moistened tits, feeling the rain wash over them. The couple are copying us now, fucking from within the dry sanctuary of their bedroom, visibly enjoying our show while we enjoyed theirs. The chick pressed up against the window, squashing her rack up the glass before leaning back again for her partner to continue pummeling her. We watch as best we can and as her boobs bounce like mad,  she reaches down and rubs her clit fast, raising her hand up to suck on her fingers while staring straight at you. Seeing this, he grabs her hair, pulls her head back and fucks her harder. I do the same, grasping your rain soaked hair as you again make eye contact with the chick in the window and taking care of your own clit much like she did.  All four of us are now in the throes of pleasure now, both of us men filling your pussies with our manhoods and you girls copying each others movements until i feel it, feel my cock twitching as i pump my spunk into you, groaning as i cum and holding your fingers against your pussy, making sure you orgasm too. We look up through the rain to see our new window friends have had the same outcome and are stood smiling down at us. We give a little wave, tidy ourselves up and make our way home. "Keep your tits out" i command, "i want to play some more;)"

We wish!!