29 Apr 2018

She was late, very late, especially for a Friday.

He knew her routine quite well by now and most Fridays she was, if anything, early. He'd always assumed that getting in early meant she could leave early and start the weekend whilst others were still watching the clock count down those final movements towards freedom. In contrast his minutes were all worth pretty much the same these days and likely to stay that way, for a while any how.

He waited. He was good at that now but he thought the effort worth it as it gave the start to his day a structure. He tried to recall when he had started waiting but couldn't, though he could remember what he had seen, that would stay with him for always. A private memory he hadn't, and wouldn't, share with anyone.

A movement caught his eye, and he looked out across the enclosed garden courtyard space that the mid Victorian flats shared and into the bedroom window of the flat diagonally opposite in one of the sides of the triangle formed by the flats. He could see her, she was there. He watched as the young woman, wrapped in a towel, stood by her window and looked out into the garden as she dried her long brown hair with another towel.

He settled back in his chair, into the shadows of his room, to watch, knowing her routine, knowing that he had about fifteen minutes before she would be dressed and leaving for the day.

She continued toweling her hair whilst he watched; all the months he'd done this he'd never thought of himself as a peeping tom. There was no harm in it, she didn't know and it wasn't as though he went out searching for opportunities such as this, walking around the streets peering through peoples windows. That wasn't him at all. This one had just happened to him when he was in his back bedroom looking for something for the charity shop one morning; and the fact that he now made a point of getting in place in time, well that was okay too.

The woman discarded her towels and, naked, put on a bra. She was small breasted, with dark nipples; and he'd often imagined what it would be like to kiss them, suckle on them, use his tongue and teeth to tease them awake, make them hard and erect until she ached with the torment and begged him to stop.

Almost automatically his hand found its way to his fly and drew his sleeping member out from underneath his clothes. He began to move his hand up and down, using his thumb and fingers to grasp the shaft, he could feel himself harden as he did.

She hadn't liked the first bra and was now trying on another one, turning this way and that to get a better look in the mirror. He could see her body in profile as she did so, her pert breasts, the slight bulge of her stomach where it led down to the valley between her thighs, the smooth contours of her bottom and the tops of her legs. She seemed to be happy with this bra and left it on whilst she found the knickers to match.

She began to put them on, bending down away from the window to do so, her bottom pointed straight at him.

He gulped, his cock hard in the palm of his hand as he moved it up and down, pausing every now and then to rub the top of his glans with his thumb, using the precum now emerging to lubricate its passage, the delicate sensations contrasting with the rough pressure on his shaft.

He pictured himself behind her, naked, his body pressed against hers; his hardening member pushing against the cleft of her buttocks whilst his hands caressed her skin; he imagined the scent of her hair, damp and with the scent of shampoo still lingering in it. He could feel her breasts under his fingers as he teased her little rosebuds, pressing his kisses into her neck, he could feel the silkiness of her skin as his hand descended and pressed into her hidden valley; probing between her moist lips and caressed the emerging bud that lay hidden there, spreading her sweet treasure over it, the scent of her rising to fill his nostrils.

Then, as her gasps gave way to moans, he saw himself pressing his cock into her, forcing her unresisting wet lips apart, filling her completely as he took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her......his reverie was interrupted as he saw her take something from a drawer.

His hand pumped his cock harder and faster, preparing himself to climax as, familiar with her routine as he was, he expected her to get dressed in her normal working clothes - tights, a bland skirt from a selection of rather dull ones and a workday blouse - he was somewhat taken aback as she perched on the end of her bed, extended a long lithe leg and began to roll a stocking up it......