Written by splatter

17 Dec 2008

We all do it, don't we? Walk down a residential street and grab a casual glance at a house window. We're not really looking for anything in particular, but maybe we catch an unexpected intimate glimpse of someone. We always keep moving because stopping and staring would be a bit pervy... even if what you saw had nothing erotic about it.

If the person in the house *knows* you are there, then watching would be ok. Just like watching a DVD or going to Amsterdam for a live sex show. You can enjoy the show as long as you like... if the exhibitionist side knows you are there. And that is why I think I'm ok with what I do.

For years, I've taken Shark, my basset hound, for a walk before retiring for the night.

We vary our route, but usually spend 10 to 15 minutes walking through the neighboring streets, all lined with family homes. And while I walk, I look from one side of the street to the other, just in case something interesting presents itself in an upstairs lighted window. And for me, even when nothing is to be seen, the possibilities and anticipation makes these homes more interesting after dark then they ever could be during daylight.

Occasionally, I'll notice an interesting silhouette on a shade, or look past a pulled back curtain to spot someone walking on the other side of the room. But there has only been two or three times when I've seen anyone in any kind of erotically interesting way. And I've never seen anything to make me sexually aroused during these nightly walks. Pretty tame neighborhood.

However, I always end our walk by doing a stroll through my back garden. And here, behind my own home, I've watched many stimulating shows. There is only one window that overlooks the garden, and this is where I watch her. She seems to actually perform for me once or twice a week. She must know that I watch, but has never said anything about it to me. But it is obvious by her actions in the window that she expects someone to see her explicit motions and details. Her 50-ish year old body is still very sexy and I'm certain she enjoys having men watch her... having men getting aroused by her body.

And tonight I'm lucky. Even as I walk into the garden, I can see her shadow on the back wall of her bedroom. She is standing still and it appears that she is pulling on a night

gown. I stop in my usual spot next to a lilac bush... mostly hidden from view. Shark sits, looks up for assurance, and finally flops his body down for a hound dog nap when I whisper "It's ok". My performer moves around the room, but after a few seconds I see her walk over to the window while brushing her hair. The light now is behind her and the outline of her body is obvious within her flimsy gown. Mmmmm... exquisite curves.

She stops in the middle of the window and turns. Now in full profile, I can see the shape of her round-bottom breasts. With each pull of the brush, her breasts wobble seductively and I can just about see (imagine) erect nipples popping through the gown. Nicely detailed... even if some of it is just imagination.

She stops the attention to her hair and puts the brush down... turning to face out the window. Now, her full hips are accentuated and I can feel arousal between my own hips and a slight growing lump in my trousers. I watch as she lets her hands stray... arms cross and hands slide up onto her shoulders... slowly falling across her breasts.. pausing... palms up, slipping underneath, holding each orb in a palm... lifting, and pressing in. Oh yesssss! Fingers now play with a nipple... squeezing, pulling... the lighting is too low, but I know those nipples are popping erect. I stand sooo still and stare as she deliciously handles and enjoys herself. Finally, one of her hands slip down a hip... thigh... across and in... up.. and in... mmmmmmm... she arches her back and I lean in and lift my face... needing to be closer. I know she is teasing me, but my own hand mirrors her actions and my fingers stroke the hardness that has forced its way down my leg. More light in that room would really help!

Finally, she picks up something and appears to pour it into her hand. Then, she slowly applies it to her neck and throat. A fragrance?? Probably. I wonder what it might be? Something soothing like lavender or exciting like "Flare". Maybe it is "Delight" or "Red". I like "Flare" and am instantly turned on when I inhale it deeply.

Finished with her primping, she leaves the window and turns off the main light. The room is only softly lit now... probably by a bedside lamp. My show is over. Did she know I was out here tonight... intently watching her every motion?? Probably. It was as if she was almost talking to me... as if her every sensual movement was meant for my eyes. She *must* know.

I reach down and scratch behind Shark's ears while I use the other hand to adjust the fit in my jeans. Ahhhhhhh. We walk to the front of the house and go inside. I release Shark from the leash and listen as he waddles to the kitchen for a drink and late night snack. I go up the stairs quietly, wondering if I'll find release tonight for my arousal. My wife is in bed, book folded on her breast as if she has fallen asleep while reading. I quickly complete my bathroom routine, return to the bed and slip under the covers. She turns and I slide over to spoon her, pressing my still engorged cock into the back of her hips. I feel her hips lift and press into me as my arm falls across her shoulder, my fingers finding a nipple under her flimsy nightie. She moans softly as I kiss her cheek and push my face into her neck. I inhale deeply. Mmmmm... "Flare". She always knows.