Written by RedIsBack

27 Aug 2018

This story was inspired by a conversation I had this morning and is complete fiction....

Part One

It was his first day in his new job as area manager and he was due to visit our building within the next half hour. The whole building was wondering what he'd be like - from those down in the post/copy room all the way up to the management's offices where I worked as PA to the manager. I'm sure he was wondering what it was like here - we were rumoured to have a..... "progressive attitude" towards management and their interactions with colleagues. I inwardly snorted with derision - imagine that! An office, in this day and age, headed by a woman who dared to speak to her staff! I just hoped he was better than the last weedy and regressive incumbent.

Knowing that I was part of the welcoming committee (indeed, I had arranged everything for this morning), I finalised the details with my colleagues that had been handpicked by my manager, finished tidying my desk, then headed up to visit my manager before heading to the boardroom. I was getting antsy. Having already ripped one pair of stockings in my rush leaving home this morning; my suspender straps and stocking tops seemed to deliberately caress my legs with every step which, along with my lacy thong that I'd worn underneath my rather more sedate 'office uniform' of grey pencil skirt and white blouse, seemed to act as a very sweet form of distraction.

As I entered the lift up to the next floor, I cursed my decision to shave my mound that morning - the friction of my thong against the newly smooth skin of my pussy lips was making the tension caused by the AM's impending visit worse. I would've loved to ease some of that tension by visiting Pat in his office down in the post room, his willing mouth and juicy cock always being pleased to see me but there was not enough time. Dammit, I thought, I would have to quickly sort it out myself.

I was just about to reach down my skirt and feel how wet I was when the lift doors pinged open. Thankfully, nobody was on that floor waiting for the lift. Admonishing myself, I hurriedly smoothed my skirt and made my way to Sophia's office - she hadn't been in the job very long, only a couple of months, this was to be her first AM meeting. I wondered, chuckling to myself and licking my lips, if she remembered her special welcome.....