3 May 2018

This story is partly fact and partly fiction.

The fact part was that I was walking back home from the train one rainy cold night. It was only a short walk but the rain was very hard. As I walked around the corner I noticed 2 door to door power salesmen - you know the ones that try to get you change suppliers. I carried on walking back home wet through. As soon as I got in I stripped off my clothes, went upstairs and ran the bath.

As the bath was running I took a blue pill, shaved myself all over and put on my cockring.

I got into the bath and relax and this is where the fiction starts...........

The doorbell rang and it seem to wake me up - I looked down and the combination of cockring and blue tab had given me a hard on. I ignored the running bell but it kept on ringing. I got out of the bath and found a small towel to wrap around myself. At the front door were the two salesmen, soaking wet. I told them I wasn't interested and after a while they gave up trying to sell and just asked if they could come in to get out of the rain.

I let them in and told them I'd dry their clothes, I went up stairs to get some towels and by the time I got back they were both stripped down to their pants. They were both in their twenties and had good bodies. Both had shaved chests. I gave them the towels and told them to take their pants off. As they did I sneaked a look at their cocks - one was shaved the other wasn't. As I took the clothes to the dryer my towel fell off and I caught them looking at my hard cock. I was going to put the towel back on and one of them said "don't bother we'll join you" and they proceeded to strip.

The guy with the hair said he felt out numbered and asked if he could shave to. We all wet upstairs and two of us applied shaving cream to his pubes and started to shave. As we did his cock started to get harder and his friend started to play with his nipples. He asked for his balls to be shaved and when I'd done that could I do his arse - so he bent over and I asked him to pull his cheeks wide apart. I applied the shaving cream and as I did I made sure I rubbed his hole a few times seeing what happened if I began to probe - he began to relax allowing my finger to partly entered.

I finished off the shaving and took him to the shower to wash off. All three of us were in there kissing and playing with each others cocks. I kneelt down and took my cock in my mouth and he took my head and forced his cock all the way into my mouth and throat. His mate went behind me and began to lick my arse - pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole.

We got out of the shower and I said I wanted to be spit roast. I took the other cock into my mouth and as I did felt the cool lube being applied and a cock being pushed in. He did it slowly at first with short strokes, but went faster and longer. The faster he went the further the cock was forced into my mouth. After 10 minutes of this he came shooting spunk up my arse. I told him I wanted his mate to lick me out, so he lay on the floor and I sat on his face.

His tongue slipped up easily and I felt the spunk running out into his mouth. As this was happening I was sucking the cock that had just been up my arse - it tasted of spunk and shit, as taste I love. When he'd finished licking my arse I said I wanted filling up again.

So I lay on the bed with my legs up and he moved to fuck me. The other guy sat on my face and forced his arsehole down deep onto my tongue. I lapped up his hole and as I was his mate was fucking me harder and harder eventually cumming. He pulled out and immediately replaced his cock with his tongue - licking and swallowing his own cum.

It was my turn now. Both of the guys got on the bed on all fours and I pushed my cock into one of the holes whilst I fingered the other guys hole. As I got faster I also increased the number of fingers, ending up with four in his arse. At which point I swapped which hole my cock was in, putting the fingers in the other hole, not before I got the guys to suck my fingers clean of shit.

Took my cock out and decided to finger them both. Applied some lube and quickly worked up to 4 fingers in each - as I did it felt that very soon both holes would be able to take more of my hands. To my surprise both hands slipped further up until I was fisting them!!

Bleep, Bleep, Bleep. It was the drier saying it had finished. Both guys got up, walked down stairs and got dressed.

Said thanks for the dry and the fucking and might be in the area next month.

Hope it comes true