Written by Misty

5 Nov 2016

Last winter my wife and I had gone away for a long weekend to Center Parcs with two friends of ours, Tony and his girlfriend Leanne. We are both in our early 40’s, fit, and have been completely faithful to each other for the 20 years we have been married. My wife is 5ft tall with a great size 10 figure and beautiful 34D breasts. Tony is 21 years old, 6ft 2, and Leanne had just turned 19 and is probably a size 12 or 14 with lovely breasts much bigger than my wife’s. Despite Tony and Leanne being so much younger than us, we all have a great deal in common and get on really well.

We had had a great day at the swimming pool and this gave me plenty of opportunity to get an eyeful of Leanne in her cream coloured bikini. Her heavy breasts were only just contained in her top and she was wearing the smallest bikini bottoms that she could get away with at a family venue. I made sure I was right behind her as we went up the stairs to the various water slides and this gave me a perfect view of her crack through her wet crotch.

Several times I caught Tony ogling my wife in the same way and after an initial fleeting guilty look at being caught, he returned my grin. My wife’s nipples were permanently erect but I didn’t know whether this was because of the water temperature or that she’d noticed the attention she was getting from Tony. Either way I didn’t care because the view was great, her nipples were straining the material of her swim suit and you could clearly make out the shape of both areolas.

That evening we had a nice meal at the Italian restaurant, accompanied by a few bottles of wine. By the time we all went back to the lodge we were sharing, we were all feeling the buzz from the wine, especially my wife who very rarely drinks. We put a log on the fire, cracked open a few more assorted bottles of booze and sat down on the lounge floor to play some drinking games.

Within half an hour we were all stripped to our underwear – the penalty for losing in one of the games we had played. We’d all been knocking back the drink so the inhibitions were just a hazy memory, my wife was normally very reserved when sober, but was showing her true colours now she was drunk. Tony was in his white Kelvin Klein’s, I was in my boxers. Both of the girls were down to panties and bras, Leanne’s were pure white and my wife’s were pale green and lacy. You could easily see her pink nipples and the small, neatly trimmed dark patch of her pubic hair through the open weave of the material, something Tony had quickly noticed and was now staring at openly.

Leanne and my wife noticed what Tony was staring at too. Leanne jokingly called him a perv, perhaps feeling a hint of jealousy, but my wife just laughed, obviously tipsy, and opened her legs for him. “Don’t be shy, have a proper look”. The sheer lacy material did nothing at all to hide the slit of her pussy which opened as she spread her thighs. Both Tony and I gasped involuntarily and I could feel my cock stirring immediately.

I pulled my eyes away from my wife’s crotch to look at Leanne, and her eyes were fixed on my boxers. Because of the way I was sat, she could see up the leg of my shorts and now had a good view of my balls and the root of my cock. I glanced at Tony and his shorts were bulging, the head of his cock defined clearly by the thin, white material of his Kelvin Klein’s.

We were all immensely turned on and Tony suggested we neck our drinks, refill, and play truth or dare. Everyone agreed but Leanne recommended we just do dares instead and a drink was compulsory before each dare. Everyone nodded enthusiastically.

I was first to issue a dare. I dared my wife to grope Leanne’s tits. My wife took a generous mouthful of Malibu and coke and knelt down behind Leanne. Leanne lifted her arms and put her hands behind her head, she ran her tongue suggestively over her lip as she looked at Tony. My wife gently stroked Leanne’s snow white bra cups and her finger tips lingered on Leanne’s nipples, circling as they grew hard and stood out under the material of her bra. Leanne reached behind her back, undid her bra and let it fall free, releasing her glorious tits. What an amazing tit fuck you could get from those!

Leanne let out a moan as my wife gladly massaged those big bare breasts. Leanne’s right hand was behind her back, somewhere between my wife’s legs as she knelt, knees apart, close behind. Tony and I could see Leanne’s arm moving rhythmically, and from the way my wife’s eyes closed I could tell she was secretly having her pussy stroked.

Now it was Leanne’s turn to dare me. She smiled wryly as she said “I know… we’ve touched each other for you. Now it’s your turn to entertain us. Put your hand down the front of Tony’s pants and feel his cock”.

Tony and I looked at each other and both drunkenly shrugged. We both took a few gulps of our drinks and I moved next to him. My wife was still enjoying feeling Leanne’s tits and tenderly kissed Leanne’s neck while she watched me. Leanne had opened her legs and her hand had moved to her own crotch, tentatively stroking the tiny damp patch that had appeared on the white cloth covering her pussy.

I slid my hand down the front of Tony’s shorts and down to his swiftly growing shaft. He was a big lad ! When I got to the head of his cock I could feel his end slippery with pre-cum which was now soaking through his underwear as a clearly visible damp patch. I reckoned the girls had earned a proper look so I very slowly eased his cock out and Tony slid his pants down to his knees. He had a good, thick 8 inch cock and a big pair of balls. Leanne was a lucky girl. My wife stared at the cock in my hands with hungry eyes and squeezed Leanne’s tits harder.

I’d never considered any sexual exploits with a man before but I was completely pissed and the girls were getting more turned on by the second. I pulled his foreskin back and rubbed his pre-cum into his purple head. He was fully erect now and I started wanking him as he leaned back on his elbows and gasped with pleasure. Leanne reached over to her handbag, took out her digital camera and started taking photos of me wanking her boyfriend.

Tony loved it and began bucking his hips as I wanked him off. “Someone suck it!” he suddenly gasped. Leanne went to move towards Tony but my wife held her back and told me to suck him off or I’d get no sex for a month. I was so horny I would have done absolutely anything so I hesitantly lowered my mouth down over his cock, secretly loving the taste of an erect cock in my mouth for the first time. My own cock was rock hard now and had stuck out of the bottom of my shorts. I grabbed it, my hand still slippy with Tony’s pre-cum and wanked furiously, rubbing Tony’s pre-cum into my shaft as Leanne carried on taking photos.

Leanne’s hand was now inside her knickers and I could see the shape of her fingers working in and out of her teenage pussy. Her legs were wide apart and I had a great view of the tender pink sides of her open gash, but her hole was still hidden by the stretched white material of her panties.

My wife stood up and undid her bra, letting her enviable tits spring free. She then pulled down her knickers and walked over to straddle Tony’s face as he lay back. I looked up from watching Leanne’s pussy to see him tonguing and sucking my wife’s cunt, this made me wank even faster and suck harder, bobbing my head up and down on his cock even quicker. My wife was bucking her hips as she turned to look at me and said “Don’t empty your balls just yet Tony, I want you to give me a good fucking first”. I slowly pulled my mouth off his pulsing cock, enjoying the taste of it.

My wife still hadn’t finished on Tony’s face so I went over to Leanne, dropping my shorts so my twitching cock could stand proud. Leanne turned her backside towards me and braced onto her hands and knees. She turned to look at me with a lustful expression on her beautiful face as she pulled her knickers to one side. She just said “Fuck it” as I stared at her glistening shaven pussy and inviting arsehole.

I knelt down behind her and rubbed my bell-end between her pussy lips. Her cunt was much smaller and tighter than my wife’s and it felt amazing when I eased my cock in up to the hilt. I fucked her from behind like an animal while her big tits swayed and bounced underneath her with every thrust.

My wife had worn Tony’s tongue out by now and she had lay on her back with her legs spread. Tony had large hands and one of them was almost all the way up my wife’s big cunt, stretching it wide as he worked all five fingers in and out.

As I pounded Leanne from behind, I reached around and rubbed her clit. Getting as much of her juice on my fingers as I could, I then rubbed it into her soft little arsehole. When I pulled my cock out of her pussy she moaned with disappointment but this turned to a surprised yelp when I pushed my cock up her arse.

Tony looked up from abusing my wife’s cunt and said “you jammy bastard, she’s never let me do that”. I just laughed and replied “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Sorry Leanne !”

Leanne’s eyes were half closed in her new found ecstasy, but she managed to gasp “just fuck it harder… deeper” through ragged breaths. This time it was Tony’s turn to grab the camera and take a load of photos of Leanne being fucked up the arse. My wife lay down in front of Leanne’s face and opened her swollen pussy up. Leanne needed no urging and got her face between my wife’s legs, lapping and slobbering like a dog as she buried her face in my wife’s cunt.

I was about to cum. Leanne’s arse was so tight I could feel her inner muscles gripping the shaft of my cock as if she was afraid I would pull it out. I banged my cock in hard and fast a few more times, then tensed up as I shot a load of cum deep inside her arse. At this point, Leanne jerked and must have nipped my wife’s pussy with her teeth as my wife gasped “ow!” and pulled Leanne’s head further into her cunt.

I slowly withdrew my cock so Tony could take some more pictures as it came out. Leanne’s arse gaped open for a few seconds and Tony muttered “yes!” as he photographed it before it closed. Several seconds later cum began leaking out of her arse. Leanne stayed on her hands and knees, legs well spread and panties pulled to the side so that Tony could photograph this as well.

My wife was still on her back, now rubbing her tits and engorged clit. Tony’s cock was painfully hard now after watching his girlfriend being fucked up the arse so he got on top of my wife and pushed his erection all the way in. He pounded her pussy hard and fast then emptied his balls in her cunt after only a few minutes, dismounting a few seconds later to admire his work. While I wanked myself to hardness, Leanne pulled her knickers completely off and sat on my wife’s face so that she could return the favour. Her arse was still leaking cum and this dripped down onto my wife’s face while she devoured Leanne’s cunt.

While Leanne was having her pussy eaten I knelt down and opened my wife’s big cunt which was full of cum. I just had to lick my wife’s cunt as deeply as possible, eating as much of Tony’s cum as I could. Tony reached between my legs and gave me a good wank until Leanne was brought to a shuddering orgasm. I then mounted my wife, slid my aching cock into her stretched and engorged pussy and fucked her for all I was worth while Tony and Leanne lay on either side and watched, absently playing with themselves.

I felt a finger probe my arsehole a few times while my backside hammered up and down but I’m not sure whether it was Tony or Leanne. I didn’t care, it was great! I soon added my spunk to what was left of the load Tony had deposited in my wife’s cunt. She pulled her pussy open while Tony took some more photos. He couldn’t believe the amount of cum sitting in her wide open pussy “That’s a fuckin’ huge cunt !” he said as he clicked away with the camera.

We had a few more drinks, loads more laughs and then went to bed with each others partners. In the middle of the night I was woken by the sound of Tony grunting and my wife’s soft moans as he fucked her in the next bedroom. Leanne was sound asleep next to me so I just groped one of her big tits with my left hand while I had a wank with my right and enjoyed listening to my wife being fucked by a young stud. Tony and my wife eventually reached a frenzied climax so I reached over for Leanne’s camera and set it to video mode. I then knelt up and gently spread her legs, being careful not to wake her – although with the amount of alcohol she had drunk, she was probably out cold. I then pointed the camera at her open pussy, still sticky from her early exploits, and videoed her unconscious form as I wanked and ejaculated on her cunt. She didn’t move a muscle so I rubbed my cum into her pussy, ensuring it lubricated my fingers. I then pushed three fingers up her, then a fourth, and finally added my thumb. This last addition made Leanne’s sleeping face frown and she let out a small gasp but remained asleep. I continued to video as I pushed again and again to try and get my fist into her pussy.

With a few more forceful thrusts and, a wince of pain from Leanne, I pushed my entire hand in up to my wrist. Leanne still didn’t wake but she did begin to writhe and buck her hips while letting out small gasps of what could either be pain or ecstasy. I rammed my fist in further. Hard! In and out quicker and harder until Leanne screamed out in orgasmic agony. Incredibly, she was still unconscious so I relaxed my hand and slowly pulled it out of her sloppy, gaping cunt. Her pussy was swollen, red raw and now so slack that I could see all the way inside - all captured on video as a horny surprise for Leanne and Tony to enjoy later when they both woke up.

What a weekend !