Written by John the Sad

17 May 2007

What have I done? I’ve ruined everything. My sex-life is in ruins, and I frightened I’ll lose my wife.

Let me tell you why. I have to tell someone.

My wife Debbie is a pretty, petite 5’3” brunette, with a figure that would be size 8 or 10 if it weren’t for her DD boobs. We’re in our late twenties, been married for five years and I was her first and only love. I’m 5’7”, light build, with a five-inch skinny cock. Not that it mattered, as Debs had never experienced another, and I could bring her to orgasm with my fingers or tongue quite readily, even though my cock never did it.

I’d got hold of a couple of porn DVD’s, and as we sat watching them Debs was surprised by the size of the cocks on show. I explained that these were professionals, specially chosen for their massive weapons, and that size was not important as long at the technique was good. To prove this, I shafted her on the floor, and lasted a good four minutes before I came.

After this, whenever we made love, she would tell me she was fantasising about having a really big cock inside her She’d taken to buying porn DVD’s specialising in big cock action, and then I found the large dildo she’d ordered from an on-line porn shop, so I thought that perhaps I’d show her that size really didn’t matter.

I had started working out at a local gym to try to build up my physique. After a session I was in the shower and two other blokes were in there with me. They were both in their early twenties, six-footers, strongly muscled rugby players, with really big genitals - pricks that were bigger flaccid than mine erect, and with large balls inside their hairy scrotums. They caught me looking at their tackle, and in response to their unnecessarily belligerent question “are you gay, or something” I explained that Debbie was curious about having a large cock. Would one of them like to come round to watch the game on Saturday evening & if she was up for it, show her what it’s like? They had seen her in the gym in the past and both enthusiastically agreed to come! I didn’t like to argue with them.

Back home I told Debbie about the sex equipment these two possessed, and said if she wanted to find out she could as I’d asked them round for some beers & to watch the game. She acted offended at first, but it was not long before she was asking for more details about them. She remembered seeing them at the gym, and seemed happy with my idea.

Saturday evening they turned up. I sat them on the sofa, one each end, and after breaking out the beer I sat in the armchair angled to the sofa ready for the match. Debs was upstairs still getting ready. She’d been at it for some time – scented bath and everything – but when she came down she certainly made an entrance. She was wearing high heels, tights, a very short tight skirt, thin white tight silk blouse, with a sheer see-through bra underneath. Her nipples were erect and her areolae clearly visible through the fine materials. Her hair and make-up were immaculate, and her perfume filled the room with sexual promise. The lads whistled in admiration and she smiled at their attention. I made the introductions, and then she went and sat between the lads on the settee and relaxed.

I got up to get her a drink. By the time I’d fixed it and returned, the lads had moved close up to her. Each of them had a large arm around her small back and was cupping and massaging a breast. She, in return, had a hand on each of their crotches squeezing their growing pricks, making noises of surprise at their size. Obviously, no time was to be wasted. I sat back in the armchair, which I repositioned to face the settee more directly.

The buttons on her blouse were swiftly undone. She leant forward to make it easy for them to remove the garment, and at the same time her bra was undone and that too hit the floor. There was my lovely wife, naked from the waist up, between two men – either one of which was twice as big as me in every respect – who had nothing in mind but to have sex with her. I felt strange. I knew that there was nothing I could do now to stop it. What about Debbie? Was she frightened about what was inevitable?

As if she had read my thoughts, she lay back on the settee, closed her eyes, and smiled when two heads as one moved down to her lovely big tits and started to suckle on her. She placed her hands on top of their heads and held them tightly to her. This went on for a couple of minutes, when she moved her hands down to their groins. They sat up, moving their hands over her body, and she started to undo James’ trousers. I heard the sound of the zip, he moved to allow his trousers to be moved out of the way, and into view came an enormous penis. Twice as long as mine, it seemed, and so thick! Debs gasped when she saw it then grasped it with both hands, wanking his full length it gently. Mike took the opportunity to undo the zip on Debbie’s skirt. He knelt on the floor in front of her and pulled her skirt down. She lifted her arse to let it free, and as it cleared her body I saw that she was not wearing tights after all, but stockings and suspenders, and no knickers. Her cunt was bare; not just from the lack of panties, but because she had used some of the time that she was getting ready to shave her pubes completely. As she parted her legs to let the hands explore her, I could see her bald cunt, glistening from the juices that were already flowing. Mike took his clothes off, to reveal a penis even bigger than James’ monster. He knelt in front of my Debs, between her spread legs, and gently pushed the tip of his knob against her willing gash.

Softly he pushed the glans between her labia. He pulled out then repeated the violation a few times, just the tip of his knob entering her, until all was well lubricated. Then he started to push in more deeply with each thrust. Debs was groaning with the stretching sensation. Soon he was thrusting in to his full length, spreading her vagina open more than it had ever been before. Her clitoral area was pulled into her cavity by the girth of his penis with each inward thrust then released as he withdrew. With each push she gasped “Oh – Oh – Oh - Oh”, then as she was more turned on, “Oh yes - Oh yes - fuck me- fuck me” in time to his entries. After four or five minutes of this her voice started trembling, and then to my astonishment she was cumming. That had never happened when I penetrated her! She had an overwhelming orgasm, calmed down, and within a minute she was cumming again. As she was approaching the forth climax Mike speeded up his thrusting, pushing even deeper into her, and just as she came he tensed up and, holding her firmly by her hips, thrust in as far as he could and held it there as he filled her body with his seminal fluid. He collapsed onto her and held his prick inside her for a while, until James smacked him on the arse saying “Move over, mate. It’s my turn.”

James took his place. There was no need for gentle persuasion to get his fat prick into her fanny. It was very well lubricated with body fluids by now, so he slid straight in to the hilt, and soon she was cumming again. James lasted five more of her orgasms before he added his spunk to the load already planted in her. While this was going on, Mike came to my chair and stood over me. He told me to make myself useful, and clean up his prick then make him ready for some action using my mouth. He was too big for me to refuse, so I licked him clean, then took his prick in my mouth and sucked him back to full erection. It was really hard to get him in my mouth when he was engorged, but I managed it; quite enjoyed it actually. As James came, he moved back to sit next to Debbie.

James withdrew his limp but still meaty penis from Debbie’s cunt. Mike was ready and eager to take her again. By now Debs had taken hold of his prick, and commented on his speed of recovery. She said that I take hours to get a hard-on when I can make it at all a second time. He put the arm nearest, under her then pulled her over on top of him. As she was getting into position astride him great gouts of spunk mixed with her juices flowed from her cunt over his freshly cleaned belly, pubic hairs and genitals. “Dirty Cow” he said “Clean that up” at which Debbie slid down him and proceeded to lick up every drop. She sucked his prick, which was a very tight fit in her mouth, and tried to deep throat him (she’s hardly ever even sucked my cock) but his girth was too much for her and she gagged. So she moved back up, and impaled herself on nine inches of fat, stiff penis. She worked up and down on him, assisted by Mike’s hands on her waist taking her weight, and her lovely breasts swung around, hitting him on the face and chest or just swinging free in the air. This went on for ages; after a while I thought I’d try something she’d never let me do before, and went over to take her in the arse. “Go away” she said when she realised it was me. “Just sit in the armchair and watch.” I started to realise at that point what I had started.

James took my place, but there was no way his massive cock could enter my wife’s virgin arse. Was there? But he had a tube of lube they’d brought with them, and he applied it libe her rose-bud. He slid a finger in, Debbie leaning forward onto Mike obligingly, then as she relaxed her sphincter two fingers and then, with lube on the tip of his prick, he pressed his penis against her now violated hole. He pushed, and gradually, millimetre by millimetre, as she relaxed further, he slipped into her. Debbie was groaning with the mixture of pain and pleasure. He could only manage to get in half-way, but that was more that I could have dreamt possible. He worked in and out, both of the men working in time, and Deb’s was just cumming and cumming. Then the men both shot their loads, and all three had to rest. They all demanded more drinks, so I bustled around whilst they all lay on the settee naked.

Shortly after, Debbie announced it was time for bed. She got up. “Are you coming?” she asked James and Mike. Without bothering about clothes, they left the room for our bedroom. Debbie, cum trickling down her inner thighs, told me to stay where I was, and sleep on the settee. They left me to a settee with a damp patch of semen and woman-juice while they went upstairs to continue teaching my Debbie that size doesn’t matter.

I spent a sleepless night worrying about what I had started. I had hoped to be included in the fun, but I had been relegated to a spectator. My wife had done things with strangers that she would never do with me. Several times during the night I heard the pounding of the bed against the wall and cries of ecstasy from them all. Eventually I dozed, to be awakened by the sound of the shower, then Debs, naked, coming to make morning coffee for three. I could see that parts of her body were red, with bruises starting to appear on her breasts and thighs from the rough handling, but she was oblivious to any discomfort. As she left the room I could see that she was not walking with her usual fluidity, rather she had her legs parted and her knees slightly bent and seemed unsteady. I guessed that her cunt and arse were very sore from being abused for the last twelve hours by those massive organs. She did not appear until late that evening. The lads left about mid-day, letting themselves out without saying goodbye and thanks, and she slept all afternoon until dark.

That was three weeks ago. Whenever we make love now she seems impatient for me to finish, the gets her jumbo vibrator and finishes herself off with that. When I go to the gym people smirk at me. Last weekend Debbie told me to go away from the house from Friday to Sunday evening as Mike and James were coming round with a few friends. I went to my mum’s, telling her that Deb’s was having a girlie weekend. After, Debbie told me that there were five friends and all seven had just kept on using her from the moment they arrived until they left late Sunday afternoon. Once again her body was black and blue and she had trouble walking. Apparently, the friends had been hand-picked for the size of their tools.

Now she barely speaks to me.

I think that I have done a really silly thing.