Written by Devil in disguise

29 Nov 2012

To relieve your boredom.... Picture this: large four poster bed in luxury hotel, bright sunlight streaming through the windows, sunshine landing on my body as I lay across the bed in basque, suspenders, stockings, high heels and blindfold. A note is on the bed simply saying,"do whatever you choose. X"

You straddle me, kissing me gently at first, then harder as you pin my arms down. You tie my wrists to the bed leaving my arms outstretched but legs free. I feel something near my face so open my mouth, to be delighted by the taste and feel of your cock. I lift my knees and let my legs fall open. Your hands start moving down my body to my pussy where you realise how wet I am already. Your fingers start to explore me, teasing my clit and sliding in and out of me. You feel the vibrations of my groans on your cock. I can feel your breath near my pussy as you work your magic with your fingers.

I lift my knees, inviting you to play further. You slide a finger, lubed with juice from my pussy, into my tight arse, then a second finger and move them back and forth in my arse as you finally bury your face in my soaking pussy, I groan and my pussy gushes on your face as I have my first orgasm, all the while I'm still feasting myself on your fantastic cock. ...... ... You give me a few moments to recover and enjoy the sight of my moist, dripping pussy throbbing with delight before kissing me hard on the mouth. I love the taste of my pussy on your tongue. You kiss down my neck making me moan and try to pull your hips towards me with my legs, but you're too strong and just tell me "not yet." Your hands reach under me to undo my basque and free my tits which you suck, nibble and tug at with your teeth making my pussy drip again. Every now and again I feel your rock hard cock touch me as you work your way down my body with your mouth. You come away from me. I don't know where you are. I suddenly feel the cold wetness of an ice cube on my nipples very nearly making me come again and making me lift my his up, inviting you to me. then the warm, wet power of you tongue pushing into my arse as you slide the ice cube over my clit and around my pussy. It's all too much and I come again, loudly groaning, begging you to fuck me. .... ....this time I am not given the chance to recover, you continue to probe my arse with your tongue and push the last piece of the rapidly melting ice cube inside my pussy. I feel you nibbling my nipples. I feel your cock push into my well prepared arse, slowly, slowly as I relax till you are deep inside me. You stay there for a second and kiss me hard before starting to fuck my tight arse. I feel a coldness against my pussy, making me push harder onto your cock. It's a vibe that you use expertly on my clit as you rhythmically pound my arse harder and harder. I know your going to come but I beat you to it. As I lay panting, you ease out of my arse you release my hands. You hold me, and roll me on top of you, but you don't kiss me. I feel your cock slide easily into my very wet pussy as I lie on your chest recovering. Then I feel your cock again pressing against my arse. I tense suddenly realising its not you I'm lying on, it's not you filling my pussy. You sense my rising panic, lick the length of my back and kiss the back of my neck "shhhhh, relax" you say as you continue to press against my arse. I do as you order and again you fill my arse with your fantastic cock. I relax, and start to enjoy the sensation of having both of my most private places filled with cock. ....

I lose myself to the overwhelming sensations of being filled, feeling wave after wave of pleasure coming over me building to the longest most intense orgasm I've ever had making me buck and push against you. You speed up and fill my arse with your heavenly spunk.

I feel your chest against my back, your arm slides under me and lifts me off the other cock and over so you are on your back with me on top of you on my back. You tell me to open my mouth as your hands are gently stroking my body. You enjoy the view as the other gent finishes himself off and I swallow his come and lick him clean. You kiss me and lay me on my side and cover me up letting me recover for a few minutes.

You come back to me, just before I fall asleep, take my heels off, slide my stockings down my legs so I'm naked, you hold me, slide my blindfold off, we are alone again and you tenderly fuck my pussy giving me one final orgasm as you fill me with your come.