Written by Desperate Hubby

26 Oct 2011

She looked stunning, her shoulder length blonde hair framed her beauty perfectly. She wore a figure hugging red dress that fitted her 34DD size 10 body just right. If you looked close enough you could make out the clasps of the suspenders that held up black stockings.

We had entered the club together and found a table to one side where I could sit and watch whilst she danced. She always liked to dance wheras I was never much of a dancer, but I loved to watch her move. It wasn't long before she attracted the attention of a couple of guys, who danced ever closer vying for her attention. When she did not move away they obviously felt comfortable and when the music slowed one of them made a move and asked her to dance.

They held each other as the danced slowly to the smooth music, he appearing to try and ensure that she could feel him against her. His hands roamed across her back, down over and her bottom, down her thighs and stopped and checked as they felt the suspender clasp. She would tell me later that she felt his cock twitch against her belly at that moment and then swell and harden, which turned her on in return.

They continued to dance for a couple more songs and then when the music was speeding up she leant into him and whispered in his ear. He spoke back and they exchanged several short sentences before she took him by the hand and walked him across to where I sat, incredulous. We had spoken about this moment in the height of our intimate passion but this was for real. She spoke, to me “Jez, this is Tony and I’ve told him how much you would like to see me fucked by a black guy and he says he will be happy to do so but doesn’t believe me”

What could I say, I sat not knowing how to respond. She leant down to me, never letting go of his hand, and spoke softly into my ear “Jez, you are going to have to ask Tony to come back and fuck me if that’s what you really want. Oh and he has a friend here who he says is happy to help if you want.”

“What do you want?” I just about managed in response.

She just kissed my cheek and said “whatever makes you happy baby.”

I turned to Tony, a well built black guy and just about managed to say “well, Tony, would you come back with us and fuck Helen while I watch? Oh and you can bring your friend to, if he’s up for it”

Tony just smiled, whispered something to Helen and went off to find his friend. They soon returned, smiling at each other and nudging each other and each taking Helen by the hand we left and headed to our hotel.

As soon as we were in the room Tony turned Helen to him and said “Honey, we are going to show you why white women love black guys so much” and kissed her hard. His mate, who I later found to be Bailey stood close behind her and ran his hands over her body. He undid the zipper at the back of her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. Tony stood back they pushed her dress to the floor between them.

Tony pulled her bra down releasing her breasts and put his down and sucked on her nipple, first one then the other. She loves her nipples being sucked. Bailey meanwhile had eased her panties down her legs leaving her in just stockings and suspenders. What a sight it was to behold, my darling Helen, sandwiched between two good looking muscular black guys, who I guessed at the time to be about 15 years younger than her, which we later found to be about right.

They moved her across to the bed and bent her forward on to it. Bailey moved around to the bed, removing his clothes as he went, climbing up to kneel in front of her, whilst Tony stripped quickly behind her. I moved so that I could see them both clearly. For the first time I could see both of their cocks, Tony was about the same size as me, about 6-7” but Bailey looked to have a good couple of inches more and was definitely wider. Helen was never too keen on sucking my cock so I wondered how she would handle this but she looked across at me as she dipped her head and took the head of Bailey’s cock in her mouth.

Meanwhile Tony was sliding his cock against her pussy and she gasped, around Bailey’s cock, as Tony eased himself into her and took up a steady rhythm. My own cock was harder than I had ever known it, it had been all night, and my underwear was soaking wet as I leaked precum copiously.

Tony was in a steady rhythm and after several minutes it was obvious he was nearly there and with a couple of good hard thrusts he buried himself deep in my darling Helen and emptied all of his fertile sperm deep within her.

On withdrawing from Helen, he helped her onto the bed on her back and Bailey took up position between her thighs. Being that couple of inches bigger than Tony I was a bit concerned that he may have a problem getting it into Helen but she was so wet it just seemed to slip in and he took several deep strokes before I saw his buttocks clench and he added his own potent load to that of Tony. Helen actually looked over to me and said “Oh Jez, its amazing, I can feel him pumping deep within me” as she gasped way through another orgasm.

If she thought they were finished she was wrong because, I guess with youth on his side Tony had recovered and was hard again and quickly took Baileys place to fuck her again before adding a second load deep in her pussy.

With a “Thanks guys, you know where to find us” Tony and Bailey took their leave, shaking my hand and kissing Helen gently on the cheek before departing.

When we were left alone Helen patted the bed and said “come and make love to me Jez, please.” What she didn’t know was that I had already come, twice, watching her black lovers orgasm deep inside her, so I lay down, kissed her and started to kiss my way down her body. She made a couple of minor protestations, “Jez, make love to me please” and made a weak attempt to pull me back up the bed but I continued and as I slipped between her legs and lowered my mouth to her sweet but gaping pussy she merely opened her legs wide, put her hands behind her head and urged me on “Oh yes, turn you on licking my pussy after its been fucked by my black lovers honey?” she said and as I pushed my tongue into her another orgasm wracked her body.

Over the years I have introduced my deepest fantasies to my darling on many occasions, normally with a little positive response at the time but only to be told in no uncertain terms that this was just a fantasy and at one point a few years back asked not to bring it up again. But now it seems its all changed and its Helen that tells me how she “wants the black men” and how she is serious about it and how whenever she sees a black guy she gets wet as she thinks through our fantasy. Whilst there’s a part of me that that is nervous I really want to take it to the next level, as does she, but we don’t know how to. So fellow swingers what’s the best advice, just get out there and hope it happens by chance, respond to adverts on SH or get along to a club like BMFC?