Written by confused

10 Sep 2016

I am 62 yr old male married to my wife for 27yrs,she is 51.Last Friday she went out with work colleagues for a retirement do,she came home just after 11 o clock quite tipsy and untidy,hi I said ,did you have a nice evening ?Yes thank you she said and gave me a kiss,it was lovely she said.Youve had a bit to drink I said,she giggled and said and I had fun.she the said look at my neck,i did,on her neck were four lovebites.a young guy from the office gave them to me she said.I was shocked,what happened I asked,did he grab you?no she said we were kissing a lot and he just bit my neck,it was so nice.He wanted sex with me so we went outside and I let him have me,it was so strange having sex with a guy other than you.I was shocked,and just went to bed,ten minutes later my wife came to bed kissed me and said I LOVE YOU but it was just lust ,something different,it meant nothing,she then put my hand to her fanny,it was really wet,i quickly started to feel her getting really excited,is that nice she asked so I said yes very nice.We were soon having full sex,which we didn't do often,i cum very quickly and heavy.

The next morning I looked and saw her neck and for some reason said,your lovebites look sexy,she smiled, thankyou she said ,I hope you are not too upset with me.Strangly I felt my cock growing in my pants,so I said to her,no its ok,but it is a surprise that you had sex with a guy after all these years together,her response really shocked me,he wants to see me again,and I want to see him.I was now straining my pants,for some reason excited by what my wife was saying,do you mind she asked,smiling at me.,and touching my erection which I couldn't hide now.I didnt know what to say but suddenly said just come home to me after,of course I will she said I love you.shall I let him give me more lovebites?yes please I said without even thinking,she laughed,sqeezed my hard cock.I will tell him its ok with you darling,thankyou.

She is out with him now,while I wait at home being more excited then I have been for years,cant wait for to come home.What have I done? what will happen between us? Will let you know.