Written by dave

12 Feb 2009

We have been chatting to kate on this site for over twelve months now,sometimes also with her parner presant.

Kate is a well horny mum who enjoys her toys aswell as her hubbies cock.

My wife was first to chat with kate with a view to meeting up for some fem-fem fun however my wife got sorted with a local lady who she meets up with once a week.

Its great chatting to kate and her c/d hubby and i have been wanking over their pix and videos for sometime now which brings me to inviting them over during the week for some daytime fun.

We fixed it up for a weds morning about 10am, i directed them to my house, i had previously invited a c//d friend of mine to also join us but didnt mention it to kate.

We were having coffee and the doorbell went it was my mate funguy, i introduced him to kate and hubby, who were a little taken back, anyway funguy went to slip into his panties and stockings and came back down to the kitchen, he was allready sporting a nice erection, which we could all see though his tiny black lace panties.

I showed tom where he could changeand told him to do has hes told and take his time as we wanted to get kate ready for the next couple of hours.

whilst tom was upstairs i nipped into the bedroom to get some of the wifes spanking gear, leather strap, hairbrush and paddle, i went back to the kitchen placed these on the worktop and told kate to standup,legs apart and lean against the worktop, kate was wearing fishnet tights and boots and skirt, funguy lifted her skirt,i asked kate if she was going to be good and do has shes told today, she replied that she would.

funguy was stroking her bottom, as i laid into her with the strap untill her bottom became red,i then changed to the hairbrush but noticed funguy was now working around to her thighs and pussy, "God She needs it" he said, t that point i heard tom coming down stairs i told him to wait untill we had "warmed"his slut wife up.

By this time we were all getting quite aroused, i told tom to come in and take a look at kates bright red arse though her knickers and fishnets, he came in wearing stockings suspenders and a blouse with high heels, clearly he needed to be sorted out so funguy and i decided he could wait for a while whilst we sorted kate out so we took tom uptairs and tied him into a chair facing our big superking bed,we put one of my wifes wigs on him and gagged him,afterall we wanted him to see his cockslut wife getting what she needs.

we then took kate upstairs to the bedroom i showed her some of the wifes toys (that i had on display on the windowcill), whilst she took her boots, panties jumper and bra off,mmmmmmmm nice tits said funguy,looking at the whimp in the chair.

we then secured kate to the bed arms and ankles and gave her a allover massage by hand, funguy on her tits and me on her legs and pussy area,i asked the wanker in the chair if he was enjoying watching, he just nodded in agreement, i could see his little clitty was erect.

kate was now becoming a little noisey so we flipped the velcro retraints and told her to get on all fours on the bed, by this time funguy was desperate for pussy so he began to caress her pussy whilst i put a condom on cazs black dildo and gave it to funguy to use on kate whilst i slipped into cazs seamed nylons heels etc.

i came back in a rubbed my prick in the tied wankers face,i could tell he was desperate to suck cock but he was told he will have to wait and maybe he can suck 2 cocks once his wife has had her pleasure.

Funguy now had removed his panties, god his cock was rampant!!!

More to follow shortly.