Written by jp

21 Feb 2009

We entered the pub, it wasn't busy and we got ourselves a drink. Eying up the talent in here was easy, as there was only 1 guy that I knew she would go for. I waited until she went to the Ladies and then approached the guy, who for his part had been looking over at the wife and trying to see up her short skirt while she had sat accross the room from him.

I explained our situation and he was up for it and smiled to himself when she returned from the toilet.

I then went to the Gents, and as expected found them both missing when I came back, and went out to the carpark round the back.

There was only one other car there apart from my own so I crept up on it and peeked in.

There they were, in the back of his car and she was on her back, with him on his knees with his head buried in her lap, her knickers pulled to one side whilst his tongue and lips sucked and lapped all over her wet hole. She was pulling his head in as tight as possible and moaning with the pleasure, her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

I tapped the window, for her to open her eyes and shout out " What do YOU want, can't you see that I'm being fucked by a real man, who knows how to please me."

With this he opens his fly and pulls out an impressive thick cock, and slides it up and down her wet slit before slipping it into her hole right up to the hilt. She smiles and tells me I can watch as she comes. This entices me to take out my puny 5 inches and slowly wank while she is being fucked.

He gives her a good fucking which ends up with her with her knees pushed back onto her shoulders and him pounding into her until they both grunt and he cums up her. He pulls out and tells her to get out of his car, he needs to go, and we are left standing in the carpark, me with my dick still in hand and her with cum sliding down one leg.

She gets into the back of our car and tells me to take her to a dogging spot we know but that will be another story..................