Written by Nobby

1 Jul 2013


We're mid 40's couple living in a town that sees a lot of exhibitions and conventions. We've just got into renting our house out via airbnb, my wife Barbara does all the work and enjoys meeting new people and the extra income it generates. When guests stay over we retire to the summer house and let them get on with it in the main house.

We've been fantasising about what might happen if she has a good looking male convention visitor...oh yes, a bit about Barbara, she's 42, blonde, blue eyes, lips that were made for giving blowjobs, a big and bountiful round arse and not forgetting her juicy 36E breasts...she's never played with another guy, but likes to talk about it as we fuck, but anyway back to the fantasy..

"You welcome Rob into our house, he's here for the exhibition and tells you he prefers airbnb to hotels as it's more like home, he can relax more easily after a whole day chatting to IT managers, it's less easy to relax in hotel bar full of people who are at the same convention than sitting on a nice sofa watching telly with a beer from the fridge.

You notice that he is really checking you out, staring at your chest and you are pretty sure he is loving your arse packed into your tight white jeans every time you turn round. When you ask him what he most misses about home, he seems almost hesitant as he says 'my wife' as he looks at you. You don't know what gets into you as you reply, quick as a flash, that 'we also offer an executive home comforts service as an added extra for 300 pounds, it can be added to your bill'. Rob looks intrigued as he asks what that package contains. You tell him that it's a surprise, but with a full money back guarantee if not satisfied, he just needs to be sure to be home at 10 o'clock in the evening, showered and wearing a dressing gown. He can't agree quick enough.

When I get back from work, you're waiting in the summerhouse, not sure what to say to me, but soon you tell the story and I quickly agree to help you choose what to wear...high-ish heels, lacy hold-ups, those big-but-still-sexy black knickers, short leather skirt, that skimpy white bra that I love and a white see through blouse. And that expensive "whore-red" lipstick I bought you at Christmas.

It's exactly 10 as Rob lets you in to our house, you holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses, him in his dressing gown as agreed. You motion for him to sit down, he now unashamedly checking you out from top to bottom, staying for a long time to gaze at your tits through your flimsy blouse, your nipples making large dents in the material. You can see Rob's hard cock peeping out of the dressing gown. He can hardly start to ask what the 'executive home comfort service' is before you are on your knees and taking his cock in your mouth, kissing all the way up and down, looking lovingly up at him as you do that, leaving traces of lipstick on his dick, cupping his heavy balls in your hand before taking him as far as you can in your throat. He's moaning as you let him pop out of your mouth, his dick wet with your saliva which helps lubricate your hand as it finds his cock and starts pumping, you moving up the couch to kiss him long and deeply as you slowly wank his big dick. You take a quick break from tongue-fucking his mouth to ask him if this helps him with his homesickness....he answers by hurriedly unbuttoning your blouse and wrenching your big beautiful tits out your flimsy bra, grabbing and squeezing them like a maniac, latching on to your big nipples and sucking for all he is worth. You tell him to slow down as you grab his hair, stand up and slip out of your knickers and mash the wet, pungent underwear in his face as you grab his hand and pull it towards your now very wet cunt.....[more soon!!]