Written by Den Tiste

7 Jan 2018

Sex is still a subject that we talk about at random events . Lot's of innuendo and a few giggles, But if you mention a perversion such as Cuckoldry during such an occasion it can stop the party dead. Of course young men want to protect the mate from other males attention ,but as we age it turns around and we want other men to find our Woman sexually stimulating and some of us go so far as wanting to watch other men servicing her? I am, for better or worse one such wretched soul.

I was fortunate enough to practice dentistry and make enough to buy the nice house, fast cars and also employ young women as dental nurses etc. It was one of them that I eventually married at the age of 45 some 25 years ago. Jessica was only 25 at that time and I was as Smitten with her then, as I am now.

Jessica is still only 50 now and very smart in the looks department she has the funds available for hair appointments , manicures clothes in fact everything she needs to look good and feel good. Which she does enjoy. The thing is. I like it when men find her attractive and try it on.I like it more when I know she is getting fucked by someone else and enjoying the physical good fucking that I cannot now give her. Oh Yes I can finger her and talk dirty until she cums with me, but giving her perfect pussy the pounding and secretion of spunk that an orgasm from a fully erect and aching cock gives takes a bit of beating does it not? I like it when she is out fucking with someone like that and when she returns there is always the Debrief

as it were. who what why where and when?

I do however, enjoy it very much more, if she can capture one for a night and bring him home! She does this on occasions and it gives us great pleasure just planning it?

I have had a fantastic mirror added between her bedroom and mine, Yes a very expensive one that I can see through from my bedroom but she can't from hers. I thought when it was being installed it may be a touch of a ticklish subject amongst the men who came to put it in but they never even mentioned the obvious . most professional.

The planning has to be Meticulous . No trace of a husband can be left in the main part of the house for anyone to find or bump into. No men's shoes in the Hall for them to trip over no letters on the Kitchen table and the telephone has to be unplugged. Men's toiletries in the bathrooms gone, jackets are put away anything that might create a bit of a do? should the new Man of the house discover our little secret. when she is out on the prowl she is a single mother of teenage kid's at home asleep so SSSSSSSSH.

It depend's which area she is to go hunting in as to what kind of attire she feels is appropriate for the occasion. It can be real fun to watch her prepare. She has a type of man she likes to fuck with, I say the word fuck because that is all it will be, hopefully a good one , but a fuck just the same. She likes tall well built men in their late Thirties early Forties with a lived in look about them, married men are best in our mind 's as they are less likely to brag about it and are a much safer bet for Bareback Procedures than others. Any men in our case that even refer to Anal are discounted totally. It is my party they are at even if they don't know it. I like a good supper when they have gone and there are some spices that are not to my Taste?

Watching what she wears is, I find the start of my night. G String? nice bra with Lace? then the flattering short dress oiled bare legs perhaps . Maybe FF Shear Stockings or if it is a Short Skirt it will be the bare oiled legs or even her Crotch less body stocking I mostly let her dress herself because she is good at it but Like most of us I do get worked up just watching the performance.

Then the hard part. How hard can it be? sitting at home for a few hours while the Temptress is out clubbing or dining with her friend's has she picked up yet? is anyone interested? Christ they can't all be blind? The plan goes like this. Women go to the loo's in these clubs all night. so she can text or call me at anytime I on the other hand can not call or text her except in an emergency in case someone is with her. When and if she has a man or men (max 2 ) to bring home she arranges a Taxi and texts me ,again in secret that she is on her way home and is going to be with ? men. Only if she has not scored at this stage of the game will she consider the Taxi driver? ( it is now very common for young girl's to offer sexual favours to Taxi drivers in lieu of the fare. so I am informed, My regular taxi owner tells me he would be soon out of business if they did due to lack of funds)

Then I am waiting, my hearing is in Overdrive. She texted me from a do at the Golf Club Dinner Dance saying she was plus one, and getting a Taxi. I wait and listen. After a good while the Taxi can be heard on the gravel drive at the front of the house. I hear someone coming into the house through the hallway and the door closing noisily . What will they be doing? It sounds like he is trying it on in the kitchen? Then I hear her saying SSSSH don't wake the kid's and I have to listen as she get's him up the stairs and then the light goes on in her room. in they come, it looks as if they have both had a bit to drink. He is still up for his chance to fuck my wife though, she Comes back over to him and they kiss and hold each other with obvious passion I watch as he gently pushes her back onto her bed and as one would expect his Hands were all over her and searching everywhere. Jessica tried to remove his trousers so I could get a look at what she was going to have to deal with . he stood obediently for her as she unfastened him and let his trousers fall away his underpants followed and up came a nice cock of about six to seven inches with a upward curve from base to tip. nice for her this would be.

I watched as she moved herself to the edge of the bed and put her gentle hands around his Testicles and with her expert thumbs pulled back on his erect cock to let his foreskin pull slowly back over the swollen Glans then saw her move slowly forward and take the thing into her mouth. He reared up on his toes at this motion and presented it to her mouth with great gusto as one does. She continued sucking at his Glans for a while but I could sense he must be twitching in her mouth so I saw her squeeze his balls together to slow him down? What about me ? she asked him and with that he was going to try and mount her. No not yet she exclaimed, I would like to think you were up for giving me a good time as well she said to him. so in went his hand and a finger into her hole . he frigged her for a bit like that then went for the penetration again. This time she lifted her legs into the air for him and he was on her and up her in a flash I knew she had realised she was not going to get well served by this guy, so she was going to let him cum and get rid of him as soon as possible He did not let her down I sat there in my room feeling her hard work had come undone by an unresponsive oaf of a man not knowing how to please her as she was pleasing him I shuddered as I watched him Climaxing up her warm now very wet pussy I would have to make her cum myself.

First things first though . we had to get rid of him . She rang a Taxi from her room for him.at that time in the morning they were quiet so it came in about fifteen minutes, ironic that it took him about the same time . He was dressing and Jessica put on a dressing gown and as he was waiting to go downstairs he asked if He could see her again? She was very polite but firm telling him that she was not looking for a relationship at present.

The taxi came and went and my fantastic wife came back upstairs we decided to try and salvage some pleasure for her . we went into her room here she had just received a pussy full of Cum from her Gentleman caller and I started by having a look at the mess? It was not all dried and sticky but was getting that way. her bum cheeks were still very wet as it had run into them when he pulled out after shooting it up her. so I started there. Keeping her moist go was my priority so i laid her on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide so I could get to work with my tongue. She was starting to smell a bit Fishy so I licked up either side of her clitoris in slow gentle turns, paying attention to the little knot at the top and she started to respond. I felt a bit like a surgeon , trying to revive a patient who was now coming round after some major Trauma. My tongue kept on gently cleaning and I thought it was time to introduce a finger to her clit. She likes to Ride my hand with a finger in the front of her clit and any additional stimulation ,like a finger or a petite vibrator from in between her clenching thighs so that is what we did. We then retired to her bed and lay with each other until the late morning. Hoping you all enjoy some good Sex in the next year Regards