Written by Si

21 Oct 2007

Me and my wife Jan have been having phone sex with a friend who lives away from us.This guy is a fan of football and me to get him a ticket to a game i managed to get one for a night game and jan arranged to drop us off at the game.The game was good but the games after were better Jan arranged to pick us up as we walked back to the car he suggested he could have some fun with jan while i drove home i liked the idea of that and said ok.When we got to the car Jan was stood waiting by the car with the shortest skirt i have ever seen with black hold up stockings and a tight white blouse. i said i will drive a that she got in back with him she looked at me and gigglied with excitement.We set off and straight away i could see Jan stroking the top of her leg and he was also stroking her legs things soon got hotter and he started to un button her top to which jan gave a sigh of pleasure he was playing with her tit\'s and had a hand in her now very wet panties jan likes to suck cock so she reached for his jeans and undid them and pulled out his cock and started to slowly and deeply suck it licking around and down the shaft by now things were getting very hot and jan pulled her panties to the side and straddled over him and gently eased her self on to his thick hard cock and fucked him hard and fast until he came deep in side her Jan also came and they just collapsed on the back seat to which he said to me one nil mate i just nodded and drove.When we got back she suggested we had more fun and told our friend to sit and watch as she took control and fucked me in front of him and had me cum all over her tit\'s and face i sat back and said thats one - one now mate.