Written by husband

28 Jun 2013

We have been married for many years and my attractive wife has a secret. She has only been fucked by only one man- me her husband. During lovemaking she has often confessed to having wanted to be fucked by her first boyfriend who she went with when she was only 18.

He would often fondle her tits , touching the young nipples and carressing them in his mouth and then feeling her wet and virginal fanny . He would often touch her clitoris but never succeeded in climaxing her.She was gagging for a climax by him taking her virginity. The many climaxes she enjoyed were always with her fingers and the other boyfriends despite fondling her tits and pussy still did not fuck her.

In many ways I have always been glad about this because I got the prize of being able to fuck into her fanny and breaking her hymen. But I have always suspected that she would have loved to experience a few other hard cocks in her pleasure centre.

She has often told me during lovemaking that she would like to have other cocks especially her first boyfriend.I have always wished she could have experienced her first love's cock. But that is such a long time ago.

But life is strange with all the twists and co-incidences.

My wife enjoys going out with her friends and she always prides herself in her appearance.From her makeup to the lingerie she wears to her stilleto shoes. I have on occasion watched her put on her thong or frilly panties adjusting the gusset so that this small piece of cotton covers the most secret part of her body. She place her large tits in her bra then looks in the mirror to adjust her ample cleavage. Finally she clothes her legs in silky stockings before pulling on her long flowing black dress.Everything is then complimentated by her black stilletos.

I was waiting for her till 3am and was worried. She never had come back so late so I decided to drive to the hotel where she was having her do. Everyone had gone but I noticed a light on in the gym where my wife often went to after work.

Making my way along the corridor I could see two people in the gym itself close to the windows. That night there was a full moon so the window and part of the room was lit up.

At first I couldn't make them out but then I saw the face of the woman--it was my wife.The man was kissing her passionately and I could see he had taken one of her tits out of the bra and was sucking it. She was sighing and after a while he put his hands under her dress. I could see him touching her arse and feeling her frilly white panties that only just covered her bum cheeks.

His hands were making his way to the fanny.Before this happened she removed her dress and let it fall to the floor. She looked gorgous in her white lingerie. She undid her bra allowing her large tits fall out. Removing her panties exposed her bush which was hairy but showed her slit.

The man pushed her to the ground and opened her thighs. I moved quietly into the room where I could see better. My wife's fanny was open and you could clearly see her fanny lips and large clitoris. The man had stipped off diplaying an already hard and veiny cock. She took it into her mouth and sucked hard.

'Fuck me please. Stick it into my cunt.' The thick pole pushed her womanhood apart. Her legs were in the air and she was taking the full cock in her juicy fanny. I could see her fanny jucies and her tight arshole.

'Fuck me from behind ' cried my wife. He took her from behind pushing the cock into her large fanny. Feel my tits .He put her enormous tits in his hands and pummelled them back and forwards. Removing one hand he stroked her hairy arsehole which gave her great pleasure.His ramming was getting more violent and my wife was gasping for her climax.

Eventually it came with all her love juices on his cock and all around her thighs.I made of and when my wife came home during our lovemaking she told me of how she had met her first boyfriend and enjoyed at last his thick heavy veiny cock. At last my wife had her wish!!