Written by Tom B

23 Jul 2010

Recently my wife went on convention for a week and I was to meet her at the end of the convention on the upcoming weekend.

The first evening that she was gone I got a late call. When I answered it was my wife and she was somewhat distracted and when I asked her about it she said that she had gone dancing with some friends and that a guy started hitting on her after she danced with him a couple of times. We sometimes role play fantasy with her picking up some guy in a bar and bringing him home to fuck her while I watch. So I said well why don't you tease him a little and let me know what happens. She asked me what she should do and I told her to use her imagination but to call me and let me know what was happening. I disconnected the call with a hard cock in my pants thinking about what she might do.

The next evening about 6pm I received a text message with an attachment and when I opened it she had taken a picture of herself with no bra on in fromt on the hotel mirror in her room. Her text said, 'I think I'll tease him with my tits tonight what do you think........I'll call you later."

I couldn't wait for her call and when she did call I could tell she had been drinking a bit and was breathing heavily. I asked her what happened and she said " we met in the bar and had some drinks and danced the whole evening. When he started hitting on me I asked him if he could stand to be teased for a bit, he hesistated but when I told him that was the way inside my panties, he agreed. I asked him outside and I told him to sit by the pool in a secluded area. When I was sure no one was looking I slowing unbuttoned my blouse and showed him my tits. Of course he wanted to fondle and suck them but I told hime about our agreement. He just smiled and told me his agreement was in his pants! And honey, I have to tell you, the times we have slow danced I have felt a really big cock rub against my leg!"

I told her how hard that story made me and she said she got really wet and excited too! I asked her what were the plans for the next night and she told me she'd be in touch later.

The next eveing around the same time I received a text and attachment. It was obvious my wife was enjoying this teasing game. There were two photos, one in her sheer sun dress and obvioiulsy no bra and then the next photo she had pulled up the sun dress to expose her red thong underwear. This was getting me to the point I started stroking my cock.

I received her call later that night and she said, I've got to get fucked soon all this teasing is putting me on the edge. I asked her to tell me about what happened and she sadi "we went to a different bar and the dance floor was dark and when we started slow dancing I told him to feel my ass! He slid his hands up my dress and cupped my ass as he pressed and rubbed his big cock on my leg. When I told him he must like what he felt, he told me to feel his cock. It must be at least eight inches long! We ended up all horney and talked about how much longer we could stand this teasing.....I think he's getting into it some!" I asked her if she were going to fuck him but she told me I'd have to wait and see.

The next and photo was going to be a surprise for her cocksman. She was standing naked in front of the mirror and the text said, "I think he's going to like this"

I pulled my cock out and starting pumping it thinking about his cock going in and out of my wife's tight pussy.

The phone call that night was a little later and I was geting worked. Finally she called and I could sense something different in her voice and she said

"He liked what he saw! After we went bar hopping and dancing I told him to meet me by the pool. We swam for a while and then I lead him back to an area that was hidden from view. I stepped away and pulled off my swimsuit and sat down in chair, spread my legs and asked him what he thought! He dropped his suit and I was wrong about the size of his cock as it was more like ten inches and very heavy. Would you like to see his cock sliding in my wet cunt honey?"

I was pulling on my cock as she was telling me what happened and all I could blurt out was, did he fuck you?

She said "he walked over to where I was sitting and presented me his cock. I took all I could and started sucking him very slow which he seemed to really enjoy. I asked him if had enjoyed our little game and he said he had more that anyting he had ever done in his life. He asked me if he could come in my mouth and I said yes and when I stared sucking his cock again he shot hot cum down my throat and all over my tits. I continued to suck him until his cock was dry."

I said what happened then. My wife asked if I really wanted to hear the whole story but before I could answer she said " I kept sucking his cock and it got hard again and he asked me if he could finally fuck me. I told him he could but that I wanted to fuck him in a bed. We didn't waste anytime getting to my room. I even sucked his cock in the elevator. When we finally got to my room I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down my wet pussy. Honestly honey, his dick is big and long, much bigger and longer than yours. DO you like this story....anyway I aked him to fuck me slow because I had never been fucked with a cock as big as his. He looked at me and when he pushed that big cock head in, he said no way...I'm going to fuck the hell out of you. Oh my god, he ramed me with his cock and it went deeper than anyting I ever felt in my life. Then he started calling me a cock teaser and slut. All the time I was telling him yes, fuck me hard with your big cock. I came two or three times and when I felt him tense up I asked him to come in my married pussy! He rammed me one last time and I could feel his cock shooting his cum deep inside my cunt. About that time I received antoher text and attachment. The photo showed my wife's cunt with his cum running out and the text message said.......don't worry about coming this week end. I'll tell you all about it when I get back home!...more to come later