Written by doorman

7 Feb 2013

My wife is a good looking girl, age 30 long blonde hair and blue eyes and size 12 and tall. We have been chatting while having sex and more often than not we talk about bringing someone else into the bedroom.

It has added to our sex life I must say. We talk about her making love to a woman and her sharing my cock with another woman and all sorts of things. This is what happened the other night.

We were making love and my wife can suck a cock, she is the nuts. she slurps and makes all the noises you love to hear and she uses her nails under my balls and over my bum which is all wet. She starting probing my bum hole with her finger which she knows I like, working her finger in and out faster and faster and she rams my cock into her mouth like a cock addict, so fucking horny. She looks up at me with all juice around her mouth and moves up the bed and kisses me hard on my mouth. I love the fact her face is all wet and sticky, while she is kissing me she starts wanking my cock. She then says she want me to fuck her nice and slow, laying on her with her knees pulled up while she is on her back. We carry on talking about her eating another girl while I fuck her and she has an orgasm. she is looking all red and flustered and breathing heavy.

She says she would like a woman to fuck her while she sucks me off, the idea of this is very horny and we start moving slower and just feeling me slide in and out of her wet pussy. As I push my cock deep into her she pulls on my arse and uses her nail on my bum cheeks. She says that she would like to fuck the girl as well while I watch, which I would love to see and she is telling me how she would take this cock in her pussy while she wants me in her bum at the same time, all very horny.

I am kissing and biting her neck then she says that she would like to see the girl fuck my bum from behind with her strap on right now while I fuck her, now this is an horny idea, dirty and very horny. I have never had my arsed fucked but I do like a couple of fingers well placed and stretching my hole. thinking about this is really turning me on and she is looking right into my eyes while she says this. She says to me, "you would love it and I would like to watch your face, then I want to fuck your arse myself while she eats you". I just come deep in her pussy, she was soaked, what with her juices and mine her cunt was slurping and well slippery, as she had another orgasm. We lay there for a few minutes then I was kissing her neck and moved down to her tits, then her bellie and then to her pussy, first just the top above her clit as she loves this and has she has just come he r clit is far too sensitive. As I move my tongue around and every now again I touch the hood of her clit, she jumps moaning, then I slide my tongue into her open pussy and licking both our juices. she loves this as do I. Then she said about how would it be if she had another mans cream in her as well and would I still lick her pussy out. My cock stirred a little I have to say. I said I wouldnt mind her being fucked as well, so she says that a real cock in her with mine would be a real turn on as long as I was the one who fucked her arse. no problem with that I said.

She want to be eaten while being fucked, so I said who do you want to fuck you and who to lick you. she said you can fuck me and he can lick me. suits me I said. She then said that she would be in control of my cock and his mouth and she might even push my hard cock into his mouth, how would you fell about that, not too sure to be honest I said, so she said, keep licking my cunt til its clean anyway.

After sex we was talking and she said that she wants to try the girl with the strap on and can we make it happen. I said I am sure there are ladies out there that want to fuck a good looking woman and a man with a strap on, so we shall see.