Written by Harry_22

16 Jan 2012

I woke up later than usual, but it was a Saturday and it felt good to lie in. I was alone in bed, but I could hear the general noise of Ann moving around downstairs. I rolle dout of bed and got in the shower. 10 minutes later, I was walking downstairs in my boxers and a tee shirt (it was a warm June weekend).

Ann was in the kitchen and I soon heard a second voice, Kate's. I came into the room and saw them both nursing coffees, clearly a little worse for wear.

“Morning ladies.”

“Hiya,” replied Ann, my wife and Kate, a little more shakily also bid me good morning. Even hunger she looked good; slimmer than my wife, she was a skinny size 10 with big tits. She had should length blonde hair that she was always pulling aside, out of her face. Ann's curvy size 14 also caused a stir in my loins and this was no exception as she got up to give me a cuddle and a kiss, exaggerated slightly I was sure, for Kate's benefit!

“Nice of you to final get up!” Ann chided me and I looked to see that it was nearly midday, but I could see a playful look in her eyes.

“Oh, good,” I said, “It's about opening time I reckon... hair of the dog then girls?!”

Ann simply beamed at me and nodded like an excited puppy. Kate groaned and Ann egged her on, reminding her that she was here for the day while Dave was at work and that she had nothing else to do.

She groaned and got up, excusing herself to the loo. As soon as she left the room, Ann pounced, she pawed at my arse cheeks and grabbed at my cock, “get some wine,” she suggested, “I am so horny!”

She followed me to the fridge, awkwardly close to me so she did not let go of my cock. I pulled out a bottle and she reached under my top and pinched on my nipples, “Steady,” I said, “or you will get me hard!”

I heard the loo door shut, but Ann was in no hurry to let me alone, in fact she had not heard.

“What are you worried about Harry?” she asked,

“Kate,” I began, but she cut me off,

“Don't worry about Kate,” she said and in a swift movement had a hand inside my shorts and had pulled my cock out, now standing proud. She moved full behind me and I stood facing the counter as she reached round wanking me and pulling on my nipples. “Just don't move... and she won't see a thing!”

She slid her hand away and squeezed my cheeks and then her hand slowly returned, stroking my side and waist on its way. The wine bottle was moved from my view and then a cold hand grabbed hard on my bum at the same time as it closed on my cock. I wiggled my hips a little and moved my feet a bit further apart, getting a bit carried away with the moment, hoping that those fingers would wander. However, my cock, savouring the touch was not going to give me that much time, I let out a long breath and felt the pressure in my cock tip increase, my whole cock getting harder.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, “you're gonna make me come!” It was meant as a warning, but the grip held firm on my arse and the thumping of my cock continued.

“Seriously, Ann,” I said, “you are going to make me come!”

And then a whisper came back into my ear and my heart leapt, “Oh no she's not!” It was Kate's voice... and that was when I was about to explode. He hand left my arse and I half turned, not entirely believing what I was about to see.

But there she was, her blonde hair had fallen across her face, unable to be kept at bay due to her hands being busy. Looking down her body, I am taller than her and Ann by about six inches, I could see her top had been pulled up over her (huge) tits and her small nipples were standing out. Under that, I could not see so much, but it was clear that her hand had gone into her knickers.

“Shit!” I moaned and I felt her body tense next to mine and her moaning came more urgent. My view of her changed as from nowhere came Ann's hands, they snaked in over her shoulders and seemed to brace the smaller woman, holding her away from me.

“Do it!” she said into Kate's ear, “do it, looking at Harry's cock!” I turned and slid down my shorts and lifted my tee a little to show of my erection. It looked difficult for Ann to support Kate as she bucked in her grasp, her hand frantically strumming on her hairy pussy. “Oh god, oh god,” she wailed and it looked like her legs were going to give way. She twitched and her body spasmed, she nearly hit Ann in the face! Her pussy was squelching under this barrage and finally she subsided as with a final long moan, Ann let her sink gently to her knees.

I watched her flinch as her body rested on the cool flagstones of our kitchen floor and I was soon on my knees as well, eager to taste her pussy. To my surprise thoughm Ann had the same idea and she gestured for me to move as she pulled the shorts and knickers from Kate's legs in one go.

As Kate lay there, naked save for the black tee top that was hitched up around her neck I watched as my wife, her breathing hard and ragged, gingerly bent forwards and kissed one of her puckered nipples. You would think that she had been hit with an electric shock such was the gasp that escaped the pair of them. I leant back and watched as her hands drew a path over her body that her lips and kisses followed.

I was hard as a rock taking in this wonderful view and when Ann moaned loudly as she finally buried her face into Kate's snatch, I gave in a took my cock in hand. However, Kate was clearly still hyper sensitive and she was virtually pushing Ann away from eating her.

Ann lifted her head and looked right at me, the sexiest look I have ever seen on her, “tastes so good,” she said everso softly and she moved up to finally kiss her.

I was not prepared for how hot it would look, my wife kissing another girl, let alone the passionate snog that these two now shared. Kate still lay there in an apparent shock state as they kissed and licked each others' lips, Ann's roaming all over he tight body.

“Oh shit!” I said, feeling my come rise, but Ann leapt up now.

“No,” she nearly shouted, “wait!”

My heart sank, there was no way I wanted to stop now. Ann got to her knees and gestured me down to kneel beside her, “I want Kate to see how hard she had got you and show what that gets her!”

I knelt at her side, my cock about a foot and a half above her chest. Ann moved to lie next to her once more and pulled her hair from her face which glowed red. She whispered into Kate's ear and before I could ask what was said, the question was answered,

“Spunk for me Harry!” Kate said huskily, “Give me your hot come!”

I wanked hard over her and felt my rhythm soon settle back in. The tension loaded in my legs and I felt my cock go rigid in my grip. Then on my arse came Kate's cool hand again and with a cry out, I was coming, unloading one, two, three splats of come onto her tits and then a fourth and as my orgasm slowed I fought to keep my balance.

I slumped to my haunches and Ann moved in, kissing her tits again, slurping up my come before kissing Kate deeply on her mouth.

Hearing these two moan their way through this post orgasm lull and seeing them to close and intimate, I realised that my cock was still hard. Not yet ready for action, but still hard. I leaned in to kiss my sexy wife and wondered if Kate really had no other plans for the day...