Written by keith and moira

6 Oct 2009

On Saturday last Moira and I had been out into Plymouth for dinner and over our meal we decided that we would go to a popular dogging site and see what action there was. We parked in a quiet spot and I started to kiss her and squeeze her tits over her blouse but slowly undoing the buttons until I cupped her full mounds over her Bra. She lifted the bra above her tits so that I was able to suck one engorged nipple whist pulling and pinching the other.

We played around for a while and her skirt was soon around her waist and my fingers found the wet stretched material that covered her pussey. Still nothing happed and Moira was getting very frustrated and said lets head for home.

It took about 15 minutes to get back to our house and we quickly entered and as soon as we did we began to strip naked. She knelt by the coffee table and leaned forward opening her thighs wide and my fingers delved deep into her wet crevice. I was finger fucking her hard and she was writhing and moaning getting near to her climax when the doorbell chimed. Stay still I told her while I check who it is. I was surprised to see Dough standing in the porch so still naked I went down the few steps to the lower hall and let him in. Was he surprised! I put my finger to my lips and urged silence as we went back to Moira who was still laid on the coffee table waiting. Doug stripped naked and his hard cock swung into full view the purple head peeping from under his stretched foreskin. I told Moira that it was just kids messing about in the street and nodded to Doug to get stuck in. He needed no second invitation and his hands went straight to he lovely round arse and open fanny, I could see two fingers slipping in and out of her pushing hard into her searching her depths. He used some of her juices to wet his thumb and he began to tease her sliding it gently in and out of her rear hole as he continued to finger her fanny. She was loving it every thrust made her cry out in pleasure. Doug raised her hipd and placed the head of his big cock at her opening and slowly began to slide it into her until he was in up to his balls. Moira suddenly realised that it was not me fucking her she looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Doug and just carried on enjoying his shaft. I sat on the table in front of her and she took my smaller offering into her mouth and sucked me until I quickly shot my load into her mouth Doug kept on thrusting in and out of her fanny until she asked him to fuck her arse. This is something that I have never done wth her so I was taken by surprise, even so Doug slipped out of her and positioned his wet cock at the back door and slowly began to push it into her. He had to stop a few times to let her get used to it but once he was fully home he rode her like a donkey slapping her bottom as he did so and she really went wild reaching climax after climax until Doug gave one final thrust and pressed is cock hard into her as he shot his stream of hot spunk into her belly. Moira lat still as Doug stood up juices and sperm dripping from the end of his cock and looked down at Moira and said I only came around for a coffee as I was at the local pub I didn't expect the table to be laid like this. Doud dresses and left us and we went upstairs to our bedroom and enjoyed each others bodies to the full, I had wanted her to wear the body suit that Allan bought for her but we had no time for that just then. Doug and Eve come around quite often and play games with us.