Written by nlondonfun

16 May 2015

We drop the kids off for the weekend and then you drive us to a hotel spa.

I don't know what you'll be doing while I'm busy doing this, you can join me if you like, but I will be getting waxed, buffed and polished! Get the waxing out of the way first, a nice long soak in a hot tub with a glass of champagne then on to an all over body massage. I don't know if it's 'that sort of place' but as I'm lying on my front having the tops of my legs rubbed there is just the merest dip into my pussy with the masseuses thumbs. Stroke after stroke, it becomes obvious it's not a mistake and I give a little moan as I feel things moistening up inside. They then wrap me in a big fluffy robe and I'm taken to our suite (well, it is a fantasy ????).

I'm stopped outside the door and told that everything has been taken care of and to trust you.

I'm blindfolded, led through and told to stand still. My clothes have been laid out for me, chosen by you of course and they begin to dress me. I smile and bite my lip as I start to imagine what's the evening has in store.

First on go the stockings and suspenders. The sensation on my skin is gorgeous, a strangers hands brushing against my skin, whoever is putting them on me is enjoying the experience too as I hear his breath shallowing as he adjusts the tops. I'm guessing they have a vague clue what's about to happen tonight.

I'm told to lift my feet one at a time as they ease my new thong up my legs. It has a little addition, a small vibrating mini-knob. About the girth of a thumb and a knuckle and a half long. Just enough to tease. I feel it nuzzled just inside me and clench my pussy muscles around it. I think I'm gonna like it!

You've chosen my leather buckled top, I'm guessing it's so my tits can stay out on full view and totally accessible - and it's a little bit S&M with the buckles too so kind of fits the mood. The skirt feels different though, leather maybe to match the top? It's smoothed down and I'm told to sit and they put my boots on and zip them up. Thigh high's, 5" heels obviously.

The staff tell me that they're done and that my husband will be joining me very soon. They tell me it's been requested that I remain standing until you get there and to hold my hands demurely in front of me. They have one last addition, a pair of wrist cuffs, leathery/vinyl texture. Each cuff has a silver ring like your cock rings against my wrist. This is so I can be hooked against a wall maybe (?) plus an extra bit of material to join the two cuffs - good for leading me about by ????

They wish me a good evening and I hear the door close.

A few moments later the door opens again, my ears prick up trying to work out who it is. 'Wow' you say as you walk in and step towards me. I can feel you standing behind me as you very lightly run your hands over my curves. You cup each boob and give each nipple a good squeeze. 'You look good enough for a picture!'. I hear what sounds like a professional camera going off and my head spins round to track it. You whisper that you've brought some friends to help for the evening.

My husband, so close to me but I can see him. I smell his aftershave, his breathing is shallower than normal and I sense his intent for the evening ahead. I'm in trouble - and I can't wait!

'Some just to watch, some to record for us to watch back and some for more physical role.' He continues.

I have no idea how many people are in the room. You ask if I trust you and I say 'Of course, completely' quivering with anticipation.

'Good, because I want you to do exactly as you're asked tonight. I'll be in the room the whole time but other people will be directing you. I've told them what I'd like to see but even I don't know what they have planned. Just so you know though that little vibrator in your pussy is remote control and I have it in my pocket.'

You move your hand between my legs squeeze my little buzzy mate into me a bit more and give me a quick blast. 'I'm doing that to you, so even when I'm not touching you you know I'm wishing I was.'

I give a little tremble, half nerves, half excitement. I wish he was inside me!

You offer me some more champagne and lead me by my wrists somewhere, we stop and you say to someone 'she's all yours!'.

'Mmmm, not bad at all.' Said a voice I didn't recognise. 'Have you been a sub slut before?'


'No Sir!'

I repeat it back and stand there trying to assess what was going on around me. I could hear and feel 'presences' but couldn't work out anything for sure.

The mans voice spoke again, 'You will do what is asked of you, without question. If there is anything that you really aren't comfortable with use your safe word. I promise you now everything done here tonight is all about pleasure - yours and ours. Relax and remember if it feels good, it is good'.

He told me to open my mouth and bite - strawberry, juicy one too. He told me not to chew, just hold it in my mouth and let the juices flow. The saliva and fruit juices building up in my mouth. (Overflowing - a bit like my pussy") He rubbed what was left of the strawberry all across my right nipple, it puckered immediately at the sensation. He said to someone 'Want to taste?'. I felt someone move closer, she smelled like a woman, nice perfume but as no one had actually said anything yet I was just guessing.

What felt like a velvet gloved hand gently cupped my boob and a pair of soft lips warmed my nipple. A good suck followed by a bite, lovely tongue action, I gave a small gasp at the bite (hard - this was no tease!) but it felt fucking good! Another strawberry andthey did the same with my left nipple and after the bite this time was a definite woman's voice simply saying 'Mmmm'.

She moved her body closer to mine just breathing in my scent, all the oils and perfumes from the spa were doing their trick. She must have been a similar height to me as I could feel her boobs through her top brushing against mine. Her nipples were rock hard too and bigger than mine. I was imagining hubbys face (he loves a nice pair of nips) and how hard his cock was.

He must have been twitching seeing another woman so close to me because next thing I knew my pussy began to vibrate, only 4 or 5 secs but it was enough for a small convulsion to go through me.

She leant in to kiss me, just light kisses on the lips to begin with then along my jawline until she was nibbling my ears. I felt red hot, every single nerve was on high alert - every touch, smell, taste - was turning me on more and more. 'I wonder...' she said. 'Open your legs, just a little.' I did as I was told and soon felt a velvet clad hand pull my thong to one side and plunge two delicate fingers inside me. She thrust and squeezed gently then withdrew making sure my built-in bullet was safely back in place. 'Suck my fingers and tell me what you taste like.'

'Wet' I said.

She snogged me full on saying she wanted to taste it too. 'Tell me which one you prefer' and I presume she must have fingered her own pussy because the next moment there were two more fingers in my mouth and they definitely tasted different - sweeter.

'Mmmm second one Mistress' I said. (Oh what a good sub slut - I'm learning!????)

'Come with me.' So I was led by this lady only a few steps to the left when she told me to kneel and lean forward onto what was in front of me. Sofa maybe, or ottoman. Not sure. Felt like leather.

She must have beckoned someone over because she was telling someone to lift my skirt up. She wanted to see my bottom, wanted to see what she was going to work with. 'Your answer was satisfactory but you seemed to take just a little bit too much pleasure from tasting a complete strangers pussy juice. You need some discipline, just a little. Might need more later though because from the wetness inside you I can see you take a lot of pleasure from a lot of things. Try not to enjoy this, this is my pleasure.'

'Is that ok?' I heard hubbys voice. It was him she'd got to hold my skirt up. She must have nodded or something because I heard you make a low, rumbling, horny type noise - you liked what you were seeing. I could only feel of course, and hear.

'One' SMACK - Oh my fucking God that felt gorgeous! What was it?

'I'm paddling your backside and oh God does a red arse make me horny!'

She's a spanker I thought. Excellent! I'd always enjoyed a little tickle across the arse cheeks.

'Two' now the other cheek was glowing.

Being hit had never felt so good. My arse was stinging. She told my husband to kiss each cheek, pull my skirt back down and go and sit back down.

'Sit back on your heels.' I was told.

I did and felt and heard movement around me. I was trying to be a good sub and not show pleasure but I think I failed.

'What we do next I know is new to you. Don't think, just do! Be a good slut'.

She must have moved in front of me, she told me to lean my head down and keep my hands in my lap. 'Tongue out and lick. No hands - yet.'

She was holding her pussy lips spread wide and I was eating it! My first munch on another's minge. It was better than I thought...

The mans voice was groaning just behind me. 'Tongue her pussy.' He commanded 'Mmmm that's it, taste her, now up to her clit, flick it. Ooh, good girl. Suck it, suck it deep in your mouth. Make her clit as big as you got her nipples.'

It felt amazing, feeling another woman twitching under my tongue. Grinding her hips up towards my mouth. I was obviously doing something right.

In a gruff voice she said 'I want a cock to suck. Get him over here.'

She must have meant my husband again because within a few seconds I could hear him groan as she took him in her mouth.

'Use your hands now, hold it open yourself. I need to wank your husband into my mouth. You are a very lucky girl if you get to suck gorgeous specimen whenever you want. Just remember, you're both mine for now'.

She let go with her fingers and I started to play with mine instead. Getting two, then three deep in her cunt. I got back to sucking her clit too when she made this guttural noise and said 'no fucking way, oh my god.'

The squelchiness inside her went mad, I must have been making her squirt! I couldn't believe it. I sat up a bit and went nuts on her clit with my lefthand, flicking her swollen bean and virtually digging in her pussy with my right hand. I moved to the side a little just in time for her to spray across the room. I heard it hit the floor behind me and she was gasping for breath, 'Slower' she said as her orgasm gradually subsided.

'I want this cock in my pussy' she demanded after a moment 'and I want you to get it in there for me.' Meaning me.

Hubby moved down next to me and I found his cock. He must have been enjoying the show. I've never felt him that big or hard - ever!

I made him kneel down in front of her as I took control of his cock.

I slowly began to wank his helmet up and down her dripping wet slit. He groaned, she groaned. I dipped him inside her (helmet and a bit) and asked how badly he wanted to fill her up with your hot sweet cum? He hasn't fucked another woman bareback since we've been together and I know he was gagging!

I didn't understand the words he said but I understood what he meant and so told him to fuck her. Grip her hips and bury yourself I said. It took literally 6 strokes - he must have been pre-cumming before I even started to stroke him across her.

Afterwards they both were mumbling and half moving. The man spoke again told my husband to get up, ordered me to lick him clean and sent him to freshen up.bhed be needed again later.

I was told to turn around and tip my head back, legs in front, arms to the side and open my mouth.

He got her up and made her squat above my mouth. He whispered to her to release and a massive creamy male/female cum load slid down my tongue.

She was done, I was told by him. Now it was his turn and it involved a love swing.

Me and my dripping pussy can't fucking wait!!!!