Written by ped

8 Mar 2012

We have a major swimming pool in our town and two years ago there was an international youth tournament taking place. people were asked to host swimmers in their own homes and host families would receive £60 a week for doing so. Since we were a little hard up we agreed and Lars 19, from Uppsala in Sweden came to stay with us. He was, as you would expect, blond, tall and slim. Sue took to him instantly and I made comments later about her feelings. She never would tell me what they were.

At one of the swimming tournaments she went along with a friend who had also hosted a swimmer. When Lars won his race he was standing proud on the podium and Tracy said to Sue 'I bet you would fancy doing it with him'. To Tracy's surprise she said she would - this is something she would never have said years ago (she is 43 now).

On the last night in England we all went to a disco dance at a local rugby club. Lars, who by this time had flirted a bit with Sue asked her to dance. Everybody had quite a few to drink and he was probably a bit more forthright than he would normally have been. They were dancing to pop musis until they started playing some slow song - Unchained Melody - one of Sue's favourites was playing. They were soon rubbing up against each other and then had a little snog. I saw Sue go off to the toilets and Lars follow shortly. I went to the toilets and there was nobody inside. Sue came back into the main room shortly followed by Lars. She had a sligtly guilty look on her face.

She then said to me that Lars was feeling a little tired and headachy after drinking as he was normally too young and it was having an effect. She said she was going to take him back home as she was driving that night. I said I would come, she said no and Tracy, who had winked at Sue said I should stay and have some dances with her and she and her husband would run me home.

The dance finished at 12 and when I entered the house I could see the light was on in the front room. Sue was lying on the couch, her short skirt looking crumpled, and I could see the top of her stockings and her wonderful legs. I also noticed a condom wrapper in the bin covered with a bit of paper. I knew what had happened and asked her if she wanted to go upstairs with Lars. Both agreed with excitement. About half an hour later I knocked on Lar's door heard Sue say 'Come in' and as I went in saw them both naked in the bed in each others arms. I said I was going to bed.

About another half an hour later after I had wanked myself silly with excitement I felt Sue slide into bed beside me, start playing with my wet cock and lower herself onto me. Even after having had a wank I came almost instantly the most I have ever come.

Lars went back the next day and we often talk about what happened and it leads to fantastic sex. I still don't know whos's the baby is and don't want to know - it adds to the excitement and we love him to bits.

Want more? I can continue???