Written by fuck buddy

2 Feb 2015

Im Gary Im 25 and I need to tell you about my fuck buddy Sarah who's 48. Now I've had a few fuck buddies but this is the weirdest situation I've ever found myself in. usually my buddies are single women who just want sex without the relationship.

We've been meeting about two or three times a week for the last few months, she told me that her husband was ok with this and that they don't have a sexual relationship and are more friends than anything.

Sarah has a bit of a daring side to her and although we usually fuck at my place she loves sex outside and I've had her against a wall round the back of a night club and on the bonnet of my car in the middle of nowhere before now but last week was amazing. She invite me back to her place to meet her husband, to be honest I was more than a bit stressed thinking this was rubbing his face in it. he's a nice enough guy, a bit timid and I had the impression he wasn't 100% happy.

Anyway we arrive at her house and she makes the two of us coffee, the conversation was a bit strained but after 15 min or so he goes to bed.

Sarah closes the living room door, takes her top off and puts her huge tits in my face. She's quite a demanding woman who knows what she wants and orders me to suck them.

I assumed her husband knows what we do so I obliged. Her nipples are huge dark red and go very hard when she gets going.

After a min or so Sarah's groaning a bit too loudly for my liking and I'm worried her husband is going to come in and flip. I told her she should be quiet and explained that we don't' want to piss him off but she tell me she doesn't' give a shit, gets on her knees pulls my jeans down and

starts liking my cock before covering my bell end with her lips and sliding her mouth down until she's taking the lot in and almost choking.

She loves sucking me off and after about 10 min of this she gets up, steps out of her skirt and knickers pulls me up and tell me to fuck her. I didn't need asking again so I started to need her over the arm of the settee when the door opens slightly and I can see he's stood there. Of course I stop, I didn't want to upset the guy but Sarah is seriously pissed of with me and shouts at me to fuck her. I eased my cock into her pussy and start pounding her. She's looking at him and groaning, by now I'm banging her like crazy, the whole thing is surreal, he's watching, the one tit I'm not squeezing is swinging and she swearing and groaning ordering me to be harder. In the end the settee is moving I'm fucking her so hard.

I actually feel sorry for the guy but when I look at him again he's got his cock in his hand. The sight of him tossing himself off whilst I'm fucking his wife seems to send her over the top. She moves onto the settee on her knees and tells me to get on with it. I was about to slip into her again but she reaches back, grabs my soaking cock and just says 'up my arse'. This isn't something she has asked for before but who am I to argue so I oblige slipping my cock and deeply up her arse as I can.

I'm fucking this gorgeous woman who's playing with her tits with her one free hand when her husband walks in grabs her head and put his cock into her mouth.

This was too much for me and I could feel myself about to shoot my load into her. I manage to hand on for a min or so but in the end has to let go. As I did she screamed and starts shaking which she always does when I make her cum. She turns to look at me and I can see his cum dripping out of her mouth which makes me fill her again.

He just goes back to bed without saying anything whilst we have a gentle fuck again until my last bit of cum drips into her pussy.

I usually have two or three buddies on the go but this one is wearing me out. She wants me to come back to the house next weekend so we will have to see what she wants this time.