Written by husband

2 Jul 2013

My wife had wanted one Saturday to see a very female play and I had bought some tickets for us both.She looked really glamorous when she came downstairs. A very sexy patterned dress and long black stilletto heels. Her lovely long legs were covered with silky clear nylons which I couldn't tell whether they were stockings or tights. I was going to find out in a few moments.

My wife went into the kitchen to get her handbag and I followed her in. She bent over the table checking the contents of her bag. Unknown to her I poked my face under her dress. The dirty bitch. I could clearly see her white arse cheeks with the white frilly thong wedged firmly in her arse. On either side of the thong you could see pubic hair and the thong was tight against her large cunt. Her suspender belt held up her stockings and they really made her legs look even better.

When we got to the car I held the passenger door open so I could see her open her legs. As she sat down her dress rode up showing the thong ripping her unshaved pussy apart.

My cock was hard but we had to get to the show.

As this play was at a small theatre we were able to sit in the front row literally inches away from the actors. The play was quite raunchy with several members of the cast removing their clothes. One of the actors was very well built. She had large tits below her bra and the fanny area was covered by a small bikini. She had long strong legs and I would have given anything to have shagged her. My wife also seemed to be taken with her. She was clearly admiring her breasts and knowing my wife her own pussy would have been wet with desire.

I was certain that the actress had seen my wife and was also looking at her in a sexually longing way.

After the show had finished we made our way out of the thetre and as we were standing at the bar enjoying a drink we spotted the actress who we both had sexually admired. This time she was wearing a short white dress which emphasised her sexy figure. I decided to compliment her on her performance and she seemed pleased that somone had taken notice of her.

I asked her if she wanted a drink and several drinks later my wife and the actress were very tipsy . When it was time to go we offered to give this sexy actress a lift home which she accepted.

Arriving at her house I opened the car door to let my wife out. As she opened her legs I could see the wetness in my wife's fanny as her thong gusset was now completely up her cunt. We were shown into the actress's house and we sat on the settee in the sitting room.

I went to the toilet and when I came back I couldn't believe it. My wife was kissing the actress and her tits were out of her dress being carressed by her. I watched in amazement. Now both woman took off their dresses and they started sucking and fondling each others heavy tits. They were sitting there still in their thong and panties. My wife had stretched her thong to the limit and it was right into her arse cheeks. The white panties of the actress still covered her large but nice looking arse.

They both seemed unaware of me so I took out my cock as it had become large and hard. Suddenly the actress who was a lot bigger than my wife got on top of her. She ripped my wife's thong of and started rubbing her fanny against my wife's.My wife struggled. No woman had ever had her before. But then my wife stopped struggling and she started to sigh with pleasure. I stood behind both woman and the sight of my wife's large fanny being finger fucked by this woman was fantastic. It wasn't long before my wife's clitoris was being tongued. I could see it was swelling and she was writhing with pleasure. The actress was also gently carressing my wife's hairy arse hole which was also cotributing to her pleasure.

I couldn't wait. I went to the front of the women so my wife could see my hard cock. She held it in her hand and fondled it just as she climaxed from having her clitoris played with by the actress.

My cock was so hard I wanted satisfaction. I went to enter my wife but she said that as she had had a climax I should fuck our new friend. The actress begged me to satisfy her. She rolled of my wife and lay there with her legs open. She had a lovely large hairy fanny. She was also a genuine red head so her thick bush was a little bit special as my wife's bush is a mousey colour.

I could see her large fanny lips part inviting me to put my large cock into her. I looked at my wife and she nodded. I thrust it in. It was fantastic. I could also feel my wife's fingers playing with my hairy balls.

After some fantastic pleasure my wife knelt next to us and asked the actress to do the same. Both woman were now on their knees. I placed my hands on my wife's large hips pulling her into position. Her juicy fanny opened and I was able to see her very hairy arsehole. My wife is very good looking and glamourous so it was fantastic to see her like this with every shred of dignity removed. Before thrusting it into her pleasure centre she made me fondle her tits and get the nipples hard. When she was ready she begged me to fuck her private area. My hard cock went into her cunt pushing out the love juices that were building up.

After a few minutes of fucking I heard the door open and a man entered who turned out to be the actress's husband. He quickly took off his clothes and revealed a long , veiny cock which wasn't as yet hard. He went over to my wife and she started feeling and fondling his cock. My wife loves cock and she took it in her mouth sucking his manhood while he fondled her cunt .

Both woman got on their knees. They were going to be taken from behind. Both were ready. Their large vaginas getting ready to take cock. Their huge tits dangled and both women's arseholes were on display. We both started licking their fannies and arsholes fondling their tits at the same time. My wife begged him to fuck her and as he entered her, parting her massive fanny lips I pushed my cock into the actress. Her fanny was tight like my wifes which had always given me so mush pleasure. This time we were both going to experience different partners and their sexual organs.

Both of us pushed back and forwards slapping the women's large arses. Their tits rocked back and forward and their bodies heaved and sighed with the pleasure. Both men were too reaching their climax. Both women seemed to come simultanously with my wife shouting hysterically as the climax consumed her body leaving her lying motionless on the ground and the actress reached over and touched my wife's tits in a lovely gesture.

What a performance. Those tickets were worth every penny!!