Written by Tomcovenent

16 Oct 2011

She stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by people, friends, colleagues, neighbours. She was just an ordinary woman, a wife, a mother, a member of the community, charity worker, much respected, she was my wife, mother of my children and she had lost the bet. I carried a chair from the dining room through the chattering couples, past the eager single young men, barely able to believe that this middle aged woman was going to deliver on the bet she had lost. I reached her and placed the chair behind her. 'Take your clothes off', I instructed her. She didn't move. 'Now!', I hissed into her ear. Slowly, reluctantly she began to undo the buttons of her blouse and the room fell silent. As the last button was undone the blouse fell open revealing her lacey white bra. She shrugged the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall with a whisper to the floor. There was a murmur of appreciation from male and females alike. She unhooked her skirt, unzipped and pushed it over her hips to let it join her blouse, she stepped over it. Her legs were bare, her White panties matched her bra. Another murmur of appreciation, then she unhooked her front fastening bra and shrugged off the straps and it too fell to the ground, her breasts were full, little spoilt by time and child birth. Her nipples stiffened as she looked her audience and deliberately hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and pushed them down, past her thighs, her pussy hair slipped into view and this time the murmur was louder. She bent, her breasts hanging erotically swinging slightly as she slid her panties over her foot, left, then right. She tossed the slip of white cotton away, the panties landed near the feet of her boss, who bent and picked them up, sniffed them deeply and thrust them in his pocket. Now she was naked and the second part of the lost bet was due for payment. She sat down on the chair I had provided and parted her knees, her pussy was exposed and she exposed it more by placing her hands between her legs and spreading the lips, the pink inner folds glistened wetly.