Written by BadHubby

11 Feb 2018

We have been married for 12 years, and together for 17, meeting aged 20 whilst at uni studying nursing; before we met my wife, Annastasia had very little sexual experience. I was the first man to finger her tight little pussy (she moaned like a porn-star), and my cock was the first to pass her lips (both sets).

My wife and i enjoy fantastic sex, despite only ever sucking my cock, she is amazing at it; she starts by licking my bell end and then working her way down to my balls, before engulfing the whole cock in her mouth - she cant deep throat - yet! Its during these fantastically long blow jobs that we discuss the idea of her broadening her sexual experiences and horizons. A favourite of ours is to imagine that we have gone away for the weekend, and after a nice dinner and a few drinks we decide to go into the hotel bar.

Being a Friday or Saturday, the bar is invariably crowded, and Annastasia decides to sit at the bar, on one of the tall bar-stools. She has a little difficulty trying to lift her curvy 5'3" frame onto the stool, whilst maintaining some semblance of dignity, in her short, tight fitting silver, shimmering cocktail dress.

After a few drinks, we notice that there is a large crowd of lads, about 15-20, all ages in their mid to late 20s. Whilst waiting for our drinks, we begin chatting and discover that the lads are away on a stag weekend. They have not failed to notice my sexy little MILF, her mousy blonde hair tumbling midway down her back, and some falling across her big, soft 32DD tits, straining to get out of her sheer black lace bra.

A couple of the lads begin to chat Annastasia up, with one of them resting his hand on her bare thigh; she has had a couple of vodka lemonades by now and is feeling a confident, sexy and naughty. She eggs them on, laughing at their jokes, making as much physical contact as she can, feeling their biceps, unknowingly , or perhaps in the full knowledge that she's being an outrageous flirt; parts her legs slightly, encouraging the two lads standing in front of her to slide their hands further up her silky smooth thighs, dangerously close to the very high hem of her dress.

A moment later the bar staff put the jukebox on, its the Bodyrockers 'I like the way', and Annastasia wants to dance (she loves it, I don't). She leads the two lads she's been flirting with to a makeshift dance floor, and begins swaying her full hips to the rhythm, arms flailing wildly in the air. As I carry on with my pint at the bar, I notice that within a minute, the rest of the stag party have surrounded my gorgeous, curvaceous wife, and are all clapping and cheering her. She looks over towards the bar, peering between the shoulders of her adoring fans, we smile at each other across the bar and she carries on dancing.

I notice that she is now sandwiched between two guys, different ones from the two at the bar, the music continues with more loud, dance songs. I cant be sure but, I am convinced that one of the group had his thigh between Anastasia's legs and his mate behind in pushing her forwards, making her grind her pussy over his leg. I feel a pang of anxiety, as she looks like she's having the time of her life.

Between tracks, Annastasia comes back to the bar, orders another vodka lemonade, and disappears to the toilets. While she is gone two of the lads start a conversation, with me - telling me how lucky I am, and what they wouldn't give to fuck someone like my wife.

After a couple of minutes, Annastasia returns from the toilets - she walks straight to me, and presses a damp piece of cloth into my hand, kissing my neck below my right ear, she hurriedly whispers to me how horny she feels, and that I'm going to be getting some fantastic sex tonight! After a quick sip of vodka, she returns to the dance floor- where after a couple of minutes the tempo of the music changes, to a slower, more intimate pace. Expecting her to come back i pay no attention; until I look up, and see her stood with her arms around the groom's neck - the best man, right behind her, both kissing her neck and groping her big soft tits, and then moving their hands down her curvy body - to her arse and pussy.

I can tell immediately that one, or both are fingering my wife's beautifully shaved cunt, she is now hungrily kissing the neck of the groom, while his best man fingers her from behind.

The music stops and the whole group leaves the dance floor, with Annastasia in the middle of them. She nods in my direction that we are leaving, and going back to our room. As we crowd into the lift most of the stag party calls it a night and wanders off into town. Leaving the groom, the best man and two other lads in the lift with Annastasia and myself. As son as the lift door close, they close in on my wife, squeezing and pulling at her tits, lifting her tight dress over her wide hips, revealing her completely shaven pussy, glistening from the fingering she'd received on the dance floor. they dive in, like some sort of buffet, each man helping himself to a piece of my wife. Her gasps and moans filling the lift, as the natural scent of her pussy filled the air. They didn't allow her to cover herself when the lift stopped at our floor; her once tight fitting cocktail dress, a mess of silver cloth around her hips. She walked down the corridor to our room, tits and arse swaying as she did.

Once inside the room, her dress was lifted over her head, causing her big soft tits to slap gently back onto her body. Immediately two of the lads took a tit each into their mouths; sucking and biting her big, brown sensitive nipples - now standing proud like studs on a rugby boot. The groom and the best man continued where they had left off in the lift - rubbing Annastasia's sensitive, smooth cunt; the groom pushed three thick fingers deep into her juicy, wet hole, the best man continued to tease and rub her soft wet labia. Annastasia's soft gentle gasps, from the lift now evolved into loud moans as she gyrated her hips onto the hands of the two strangers.

After a few minutes, the groom announces to his party

'That should be enough to warm this little slut'

with that he pushes Annastsia to her knees. Three of them stand in a semicircle around my naked, wet wife. Cocks straining against their jeans. The forth lad, lays down on his back and slides under my wife, like a mechanic going under a car.

The loud slurping, and new moaning from my wife tells me that she is having every fold of her pussy explored by this young stranger's tongue. Meanwhile, she has now freed three, big hard cocks from the tight jeans that where previously restraining them. She takes the best man in one hand, the other lad in her other hand and then leans forward, lips parted. The groom's, large thick cock disappears into her warm, wet mouth, sucking slowly at first, but then harder and faster as her pussy is expertly licked to yet another orgasm.

The left side of her face and head are then coated in a thick sticky spunk, and the first lad shoots his load all over her. He then swaps with his mate, who was doing an excellent job on Annastasia's tight wet pussy.

The best man feeling left out, looks down at her, and orders her to suck his cock. The groom, tells his mate that she's the best cocksucker that he's had, The lad underneath Annastasia stops licking, looks out and says

'Once you marry my sister next week, there'll be no other cocksuckers, so you'd best enjoy this little whore while you can, mate'. Smiling he disappears beneath my wife again.

Grabbing Annastsia by the head, the groom stops his best man enjoying the cock sucking skills of my wife. They pull her to her feet, and take her to the big double bed. The best man lays on the edge, the groom puts his hand on the back of Annastsaia's neck, pushing her face onto his mate's rock hard cock.

Annastasia is now naked, sucking vigorously on a stranger's short but thick cock, bending forward, has exposed her lovely smooth wet pussy - like a juicy pear. She moans loudly, stifled by the dick in her mouth as the groom pushes his long dick into her tight little hole; at 37 years of age, only the second to have ever been there. Both the lads had worked up a steady rhythm as they spit-roasted my beautiful wife. Aside from her moans, I could also her her beginning to gag, the best man reached forward took hold of Annastaia's head and slowly pumped her mouth full of his cum

' Swallow it all you filthy little MILF' he instructed - she obliged and didn't waste a drop.

'Oh fuck yeah, that's a fucking tight little pussy, full of my jizz; now turn around, my cock needs cleaning'

They spun Annastasia 180 degrees, now faced with a long dick, dripping with spunk and her own pussy juices, she hesitated.

'If it doesn't go in your mouth, I'll clean it in your arse!' Obediently my wife opened her mouth, and the grooms dick disappeared into it once more. Suddenly she stopped sucking lettting out a long cry somewhere between pleasure and pain. Although a good few inches smaller than she was used to, the best man's dick was a lot thicker, and soon he was smashing his whole weight into every thrust, making my wife scream through a mouthful of dick. After five minues, he let out a grunt, and stopped. Looking at me and smiling he filled my wife's cunt with a second load of cum. Within seconds it began oozing out of her and down her legs.

Exhausted and trembling, my wife just about had the energy to remain doggy style while the two remaining lads took their turns at roasting her, and filling her mouth and cunt with their sticky loads. Making her suck them all off a final time the four of them left our room, satisfied.

After a long hot shower, I took Annastasia back into the bedroom, and began working on her tight, virgin arse!