Written by hiflier

12 Feb 2010

I had been working for Martin as his PA for over a year and he had recently been promoted to Global Marketing Director which meant that he had to travel all over the country and Europe and I had to go with him. He was very professional and always wore business suits although he sometimes left the tie off, which I thought was a very sexy, powerful look. I loved power dressing and always wore business suits with skirts, heels and hold up stockings, which I must admit made me feel very important and sexy! I often caught Martin sneaking a peek at my stocking tops as I sat opposite him when we were in meetings and it turned me on a little.

Last week we were in Manchester for a very important Marketing event at which he was speaking. I was with him to co-ordinate his schedule and arrange his speaking notes and make sure he was at the right evening events. As uaual, we stayed in the same hotel, he was in his normal suite and me in my executive room. One night before he was due to attend a formal dinner he came unexpectedly to my room and asked me to help him with his tie. He caught me by surprise as I had just finished dressing after showering and then having a play with my battery powered best mate!

I let him into my room and he stood by the full length mirror at the foot of the bed. As he was sitting there on the edge of the bed looking into the mirror with me kneeling on the bed behind him, we both noticed what was on my bedside table at the same time, it was my Rampant Rabbit! I stopped fiddling with his tie and he looked at me in the miror and smiled as he said, "you know Kelly, if you needed help before you got dressed, you should have just called me." I wasnt sure what to say and I went very red and mumbled something about "I'll try to remember that". He smiled and said "I'm glad to see you seem to be as sexy as I thought you were"

I wasn't sure what to do but as he finished speaking he reached back and placed his hand on my leg, just below the hem line of my black cocktail dress. Still smiling, he raised his eyebrows and his eyes never left mine and he slowly slid his hand up my leg till he reached my lacy stocking top. He looked so sexy in his black suit and loose tie that i knew i had to have him and i slid my arms round him and started to undo his shirt. As I did so i started kissing the back of his neck and i felt his other hand on my other leg sliding upwards like the first one had. Then suddenly he turned round and our mouths met and our tongues forced their way into each others mouths.

We were both kneeling on the bed now and Martin had pulled my dress right up around my waist his hands eagerly rubbing my wet pussy through my sheer black panties. With one hand he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back slightly and growled, "Oh Kelly, I wanted to have you from the first day you sarted working for me, you are so fucking sexy, i wanna fuck you right now." As he finished the sentence his hand slid inside my panties and two of his fingers slid effortlessly into my hot wet pussy and I gasped and thrust my hips towards his hand. By now I had his shirt undone and I was kissing my way down his chest wetly licking on his nipples and sucking them hard with my hot mouth. I stopped and looked up at him and said "Do you want me to suck your cock?" He smiled and looked at me and said, "youre fired if you dont" and with that I released his straining hard cock from his trousers.

Without waiting I dived onto it and slid as much of it into my mouth as I could and he groaned loudly as his cock hit the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and started to pump my mouth with his cock which occasionally made me gag but that turned me on even more, I loved the feeling and I sucked his cock furiously. after a few minutes of sucking, I slowed a little and took my time dragging my tongue up the length of his shaft, running the tip of it round his swollen helmet, and probing the slit as I looked at his face, our eyes locking once more. I stared at him as I slid the whole length back into my mouth and watched his face as I took his length down my throat. His cock seemed to swell even more as I deep throated him and by the look on his face he was loving it.

I felt him lean forward and slide his fingers into my soaking wet pussy from behind and he started to finger fuck me as I deep throated him. As he forced his fingers into me it made me take him deeper than ever into my throat and the feeling was fantastic. Then he leaned back and grabbed my hair again and pulled my head off his cock and he said to me, "I wanna fuck you right now Kelly". Within a few seconds we had taken his trousers shoes and socks off but he wanted me to keep my dress, stockings and shoes on because he said it looked sexy and slutty and I agreed. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned me round so that I stood bent over the side of the bed. I looked round and saw us in the mirror, me in my black lacy stockings bending over the bed, cocktail dress ruffled up around my waist and the top pulled down and my tits hanging down, him in his white shirt guiding his cock into me from behind, it looked so fucking sexy!!

With one hand on my hips and one hand holding his cock, I watched as he rubbed his swolled helmet up and down my wet pussy lips. Every time I pushed back he moved a little so that just the helmet slipped in and out, teasing me with what was to come. "Please fuck me hard Martin" I said "I need all of your cock inside me now". As I finished the word "now" he thrust forwards slamming his fat hard cock all the way into me making me gasp and my knuckles went white as I gripped the bedclothes to keep my balance. I felt his balls slap against my pussy and then he began to pump in and out of me, taking me roughly, hard and deeply, fucking me like a cheap slut but I loved it. "Oh yesssss" I groaned as he forced his cock in as far as it would go and then he ground it round and round, pulling me back onto him by my hips.

I felt him put one foot onto the bed and then grab my hair and pull my head back as he began to fuck me doggy style again, only this time I felt his cock deeper inside me. "Oh fuck yeah, Martin fuck me like that, fuck me hard!" I was panting in between the words as he thrust in and out of me. He leaned forward pulling my head backwards as he growled into my ear, "You're so fucking sexy Kelly, I've wanted to fuck you like this for ages. I wanna fill your mouth with my cum in a minute, i want you to taste me and swalow the lot like a good little secretary should". I was going wild I loved dirty talk and the taste of cum "Oh yeah Martin cum in my mouth and watch me swallow the lot, oh God, please cum all over my mouth and face"

He pulled his cock out and I turned over and slipped down to my knees between his legs as he stood there breathing heavily. His cock was still rock hard and soaking wet with my pussy juices and his pre cum and I loved the taste as I took it in my mouth again. I glanced in the mirror once more and again the view was awesome and made me even more horny. I slipped my hand down between my legs and rubbed my clit as he face fucked me holding my head in both his hands. It wasnt long before I felt the first drops of cum leak out of his cock and I opened my mouth as I held it inches from my tongue and wanked him until he came. When he came he shot wads all over my chin, mouth and face the load was huge and I loved it. I caught as much on my tongue as I could and after I had squeezed the last remaining drop from his cock I scooped as much into my mouth with my fingers as I could before showing him how much of a mouthful I had. He smiled as I closed my mouth and swallowed the lot ejoying the sticky, salty, goo slide down my throat. He knelt down and kissed me as said, "I think our business trips are going to be a lot more fun from now on Kelly" and I had to agree, I'd never moan and groan about travelling again, well, not in a bad way anyway!