Written by 4playinc

16 Jul 2014

Just a bit of background info – Im a 50 yr old straight guy who has known my ex boss and his wife for 25 yrs, they moved abroad 10 years ago but often pop back to old Blighty to visit their offspring and their grand sprogs.

I often help out with any building works the families have in the uk--well this time I had to visit their bungalow abroad for a couple of weeks.

The first week was all work even in the rainy days but there was jokey comments from my boss that his misses was watching through the ground floor window as I shower, As a naturist I dont shy away and his wife though in her very late 60s is still sexy looking.

I know the boss suffers from weak erections as we often joke and he tells me little things in confidence,

Little comments in front of his wife about her showing her tits to me , or how she should scrub my back next shower, the way he used to accidentally brush against her breasts in full view of me with the wicked look as he got told off.

The second week was more relaxed ,They were used to me walking about half dressed and my humour which was always sex orientated

thats just me!

The turning point came when we had all just got caught in a very sudden downpour , she was gardening whislt we were building his stable roof

totally drenched we all rushed indoors , I just dropped all my clothes and walked to my bedroom, my boss dropped his and his wife just laughed as she dropped hers and ran to her room

I had not seen anything at this stage , so I wrapped my towel around my waist and took her another towel into her bedroom so she could dry her hair, the boss sat on the edge of the bed in his dressing gown ,wife in towel and me in mine

I handed her the spare towel and turned to walk away as the boss reached over and pulled off my wrapping , look love its your present he was rubbing his gown as he tried to stimulate his manhood

I stood there and just smiled

whats he like I said, ---I know what he would like she said – Innocently, I asked her to explain

A threesome or just to watch she stated

half gobsmacked due to her openness but again it has been a jokey 10 days prior I just said your move !

She looked at my boss and reading his reaction, dropped her towels and laid on the bed with her hands reaching up to bosses cock teasing and manipulating to get a hardness

I looked at boss and he smiled so I dropped to my knees and started to rub and lick the delightful clitty the boss was getting turned on and had a stiffy which excited the now sucking wife

I pulled her more to the edge of the bed and lifted her bum as I pushed my cock into her wetness and pumped at a slow steady speed, boss shot his load , she screamed and bit her lip, I withdrew and shot onto the floor.

I reached down gave her a kiss on the lips and left the room.

Half hour later I was dressed and making tea for three, as they both dressed, walked in to the lounge , over the cuppa tea we discussed what just happened and boss said it was the best orgasm both have had for a very long time.

Whether it will happen again is totally up to them , I just glad to help out