Written by naughty'r'

25 Jun 2011

A few weeks ago the company I used to work for held a reunion for all past and present employees. This was where I actually met my husband so we both decided to go along, thinking it would be quite a laugh. As it was quite far away we decided to book into a hotel for the night. In the hotel room we got ready, my husband looking very handsome in his new suit, purple shirt and matching tie. I decided to go co-ordinated and slipped into my purple bra and thong, black stocking with purple lace top and black suspended belt. On top went a neat little purple dress with quite a revealing neckline which my husband had bought me for the occasion, and high black heels.

We arrived at the restaurant to find that our table wasn’t quite ready so everyone was waiting in the bar. The first person I set my eyes on was Craig with whom I had a one night stand 15 years ago, when I was 33 and he was a very sexy muscular 19 year old. Well, I can only say he had improved with age! My husband went to the bar to get us both a drink and I went over to say hello to Craig. My drink arrived and seeing I was quite happy talking, my husband moved across to another group and joined in their conversation. It was lovely to talk to Craig again and I could feel the attraction between us was still there.

Anyway, after a couple of drinks it was time to move into the restaurant. I headed for the ladies first and by the time I got through to the restaurant there was only one seat left, right beside Craig. I slipped into my seat and the next hour was spent eating and chatting to Craig and to the other guy beside me. We were by now on to the wine, and the waiters kept our glasses topped up which meant that I was getting quite tipsy by the middle of the meal. I could see Craig looking at my cleavage which really turned me on and I could feel my pussy aching gently. My husband was across the table from me in between 2 girls that I didn’t really know, but seemed quite contented. Every so often he looked across the table at me at smiled. Craig was flirting quite openly with me now and his knee starting rubbing against mine. I was feeling very horny so when I felt Craig’s hand on my thigh I moved my legs apart so that he could rub his hand up my stockings. His hand got higher up and I felt his fingers touch the exposed flesh at the top of my stockings. He started to gently finger the material of my thong which by now was starting to get very wet.

I decided to make another trip to the ladies where I removed my thong and played with my pussy for a few minutes making myself come all over the toilet floor. After cleaning myself up I returned to the restaurant to find that everyone had finished and were now getting ready to go on to a club. My husband was already at the front of the crowd so I picked up my coat and followed the rest of them out to the taxis which were waiting outside.

Craig was holding the taxi door open for me so I climbed inside. Another couple of guys followed us and we set off for the club. Craig kept his hand firmly on my thigh gently stroking it up and down. I was feeling so horny but knew we couldn’t do anything as the 2 guys were sitting right opposite us. They were looking at my firm cleavage and watching Craig’s hand on my thigh.

We arrived at the club and went inside to get some more drinks. I was immediately taken away to dance by one of the guys in the taxi who held my quite close with his hands on my bum gently rubbing them up and down. As he did so I could feel my dress ride up and knew that the tops of my stockings were slightly exposed. I looked across and saw Craig watching us. When the dance finished the guy kissed me and walked away. Craig came across and started to dance with me holding me tightly. I could feel his hard prick pressed firmly against me as I started to open my legs a bit whilst I was dancing. My pussy was filled with my juices by now and I was aching for some finger play. The dance finished and Craig and I found a soft sofa in the corner of the club where we sat down with our drinks. Craig slid his hand up my thigh and looked surprisingly at me when he realised I had no knickers on. His fingers started fingering at my clitoris as I opened my legs up wider so he could insert them right in. We were slightly hidden from the rest of the dance floor so he slipped one hand under my dress and fingered my slippery pussy, stroking at my clitoris. He then slid a finger easily into my vagina and began to wiggle it against my G spot. Then he thrust his two fingers right up my pussy making me squirm on the sofa in excitement. He then took my hand and took me out of the dance area towards the toilets. The disabled toilet was on its own so we quickly went inside locking the door behind us. Then he pushed me up against the wall lowering his head down so that he could lick my breasts. Undoing the top couple of buttons he pulled out my nipples and started to suck them in between licking them with the tip of his tongue. I moaned gently at the sheer delight of the sensation. He then pushed my dress up and started to fuck me with his fingers, in and out, with my juices starting to run down my leg. His head was then in between my legs with his tongue thrusting in and out of my clit, sucking me hard. I looked up and discovered there was a full length mirror on the opposite wall which meant I could watch everything that was happening. He then pulled down his trousers and pulled out that gorgeous hard familiar cock which fucked me all those years ago. Only now he was much more experienced and really knew how to turn me on.

He pulled my head down and shoved his cock into my mouth pulling it in and out until he was just about to come. He then pulled it out and thrust it into my pussy. I looked at the mirror and thought how sluttish I looked with my tits hanging out and my dress up around my middle. He fucked me hard again and again until I screamed out as his cum spurted out inside me and my hot liquid burst out down my thighs. That was miles better than the first time!

We sorted ourselves and went back into the dancing. Craig left me while he went up to the bar to get us a couple of drinks. As I was waiting my husband came over and said he was tired and wanted to head back to our hotel. We sat quietly in the taxi and when we arrived at the hotel got into the lift. My husband has always fancied fucking me in the lift so started to gently rub his hands up my stockings letting his fingers slip over the stocking tops to my pussy. He looked at me in surprise when he realised I had no thong on (remembering I had put one on earlier) and started to finger my pussy. It was soaking again as I was getting excited at the thought of being fucked by a second person in the same night. He immediately pulled up my dress to find a swollen pink shaven pussy which had obviously been fucked not that long ago. Instead of being angry with me he was obviously very turned on and dragged me out of the lift and straight into our hotel room where pushed me on to the bed. Doggy style he pushed my dress up round my waist, thrust his pounding cock up my pussy and gave me the best fucking ever!