Written by Pop

2 Feb 2019

I recently started watching vintage porn, the reason was that I loved the underwear that women wore then, I came across one called hard cinema or something similar.

The opening scene showed a couple groping her coat was open and his hand was opening her blouse her white bra was pushed down and he played with her nipples, her skirt had moved up showing her stocking tops and suspenders and a glimpse of white knickers.

A man had moved next to them to watch, they seemed to take no no notice as he moved her knickers over to wank her, the picture of this turned me on so much I had many wanks watching the same scene, my wife enjoyed some public touching and flashing but never anything like the video.

We had often watched porn together while wanking each other, so next time on our evening in after a few drinks I put the movie on, my fingers we're already in her knickers as she watched the opening scene, I said how exciting it was and she agreed, she was close to cunning and suggested we try it and she agreed.

I wasn't to sure wether it was the passion of the evening, so I never mentioned again till we had our next session, she said she was looking forward to our new adventure, we sorted out the film and decided to go mid affternoon, I explained she had to wear the same underwear as the girl in the video plus a petticoat.

We set off and found seats close to a single man, the film was quite sexy so assumed he'd come for a quite wank, my wife opened her coat and her white petticoat showed out under her skirt he looked along. I put my arm around her and we started kissing,her blouse was soon open and I played with her nipples, he kept glancing over, my hand went to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up past her stocking tops to show her suspends and a glimpse of her knickers, he was now taking no notice of the film but us, I told my wife he was watching, I asked her if she was happy with the situation and she said she was excited so carry on.

I soon was rubbing her on the outside of her knickers, they felt quite damp so I knew she was enjoying the situation, her legs were now apart her petticoat was around her waist my fingers had pulled her knickers over and I had two fingers inside her, I told her he was openly wanking.She told me to stop, let's move next to him, we moved over her hand went straight to his prick and carrried on wanking him,I knew he would come soon so I pulled her knickers down to her knees and started fingering her again, her legs were open as far as her knickers would allow,I watched her hand and she stopped he'd come over her arm and skirt..He got up and left, she turned towards me next time I want a stranger to make me come, ok but wan k me off now, she undid my jeans and I

felt her wet knickers and came within seconds. We're looking for our next adventure.