Written by PashaD

4 Nov 2007

Guess what as with so many couples on this site a major subject for discussion after a bottle or two of wine has been ....when and where I will get my first black cock and how much I hoped to enjoy it... no surprise there!

So did I get my blacking ? Wow yes I did ..... we posted and ad and had lots of replies all saying how genuuine they were.. and how muchh they wanted my pussy to eat and fuck infront of hubby. I am sure you can imagine just how wet my pussy got juat reading all the replies in fact I used to log on at work when the office was empty and just read them again and use the cover of my desk to have a sneaky play with my pussy... almost got caught once lol .... not sure how my boss didn't smell my sex and see my flushed face when he opened the door.. maybe he did if so he never said anything just asked me to make him a black one.(coffee) Oh god I had trouble standing my legs were still unsteady and I was so wet I could feel my juice slowly seeping through my fench knickers and begining to run down my thigh. That was not the last time i played so hard at work but I was a lot more careful after that.

Well I chose a cock that I wanted to make my virgin balck fuck and sent my tel number to J .. waited and waited and nothing ..oh god hes not interested in me ...I am too fat..too old...bugger this I am good at cock sucking and he needs to know that. I sent another e mail and asked for his mobile so that I could leave him a voice message ...me sucking cock so he knew what I like to do. It worked within 2 hours I had his mob number..oh joy

I sat down the same day read his ad again looked at the pics and started to get hot and horney just looking...I set myself up with my rabbitt some lube and mobile and proceeded to get so close to orgasm i could hardly get his number right... true to his word it was on voice and so I let rip and he heard me cum all saved on his mobile for him to listen to whenever his cock needed any help ....then I told him in very graphic words how I was going to take his balls one by one in my mouth and run my tongueal over them ...I have a great hand grip and love to feel them jerk as I grip a guys balls and pull down hard.. the cock can't resist a jump usually into my mouth. I told him how good it feels to use the very tip of my tongue to slip inside the tip of his cock and lick out the pre cum as it rises and use it as lip gloss mnnnnnnnnnnnn looks so sexy and when I make him kiss me we share the flavour mnn

I left this message for him and am still waiting for a call :( maybe I am too much for him ... will have to keep looking I guess x