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A day on the beach

"Circumstances are often the most convincing persuader"

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A warm sunny day in the summer of ’96, kids at school I threw a sicky and my wife Suzy and I headed out to the beach with a picnic lunch. Suzy, a brunette with long hair, size 10 32B-22-34 was something of a sun worshiper and whilst I loved tan lines (white bits seem so much naughtier), she did not, claiming it restricted her choice of clothing in everyday life. Living on the east coat our nearest nudist beach was Fraisthorpe. Typically, the nudist bit was a good mile or more walk from the car park. A mid-week day, few were on the beach so after maybe half a mile Suzy decided we should get cosy on the beach in a small recess of the dune wall. I left her unpacking and undressing as I wandered further down the beach toward the nudist area. Once arrived, I was disappointed to find a bunch of men, none young, wandering around naked which was fine – my disappointment that there wasn’t the glorious form of a naked female in sight.

It was indeed a beautiful day. Very slight breeze which was welcome as the temperature was around 26C, not a cloud in the sky and the calming sound of waves rolling in and breaking on the beach. I slowly wandered back towards where I had left Suzy. As I approached, I saw she was not alone, a couple of folks sat next to her as she lay face down on her towel. They were talking, not that I could hear. Suzy reached over toward a bag and handed over something to one of the guys. To keep a distance, I walked out a bit towards the sea and so I could better envisage what was happening continued along the wet sands until behind them. I must have been 50 yards away. I could see Suzy had kept her side tie bikini bottoms on, one of the chaps was drizzling the sun lotion down her back, the other standing and removing all his clothing. Naked chap then began rubbing the lotion on Suzy’s back, the other bloke standing and disrobing before picking up the lotion and dribbling it down both of Suzy’s legs.

Now we’d often spoken about playing with others. I was totally in favour finding the thought of other men wanting and taking my wife horny as hell and flattering to us both. Suzy too loved the idea but couldn’t stand the thought of me with another woman. Try as I did it was impossible to persuade her that I had no ulterior motive.

Stood watching these two strangers rubbing lotion into my wife’s almost naked body stirred up weird emotions in me. A tight knot in my stomach, nervousness, jealousy oozed from every pore. Yet wait – I was sporting the king of all hardons.

I lit a cigarette and stood watching the saga unfold. After a few minutes the chaps seemed to have a word with each other and each pulled on a side tie of Suzy’s bikini bottoms. She glanced over her shoulder, words were exchanged before lifting her pelvis off the sand and one of the men pulled out the bottoms and threw them to one side. More lotion on her buttocks, each man fondling their chosen cheek. I was frustrated not to be able to see more, I was sure (or was it just fond imagination) lotion had dribbled down between her legs and fingers would be touching the lips of her now wet pussy.

My instinct was to approach, to get closer to the action but didn’t want to interrupt, I wanted to see how far Suzy would go. Soon Suzy turned over, more lotion all over her now naked body rubbed in ensuring protection from the sun for her small perky boobs and luscious cherry red smooth nipples. I observed her legs open, thighs, shins and inside her thighs being thoroughly lotioned, a hand remaining between her legs, now I was sure her pussy was being fondled. One of the men had ventured north just to ensure her boobs were fully protected, his erection bouncing in time with his heart beat. Suzy’s hand came up and grasped it, slowly moving back and forth. I could feel myself close to orgasm without so much as touching myself.

The other man moved up, kneeling next to Suzy’s head. She came up on an elbow and took him in her mouth. The other chap was left to fondle and rub his own cock. It felt like an eternity as I stood too far away to see what I was left to imagine in detail, my confused emotions continuing to play havoc. The chaps were up and walking away towards the nudists without bothering to dress, simply carrying their cloths, as I scurried the 50 yards up to Suzy. She was looking for tissues, spunk dibbling down her chin and splattered over her breasts and tummy.

“Enjoy?” I asked.

“No denying it, the evidence is here for you to see” as she cleaned up.

“Did you cum?” I asked.

“No, but they were sweet and tried to make me. But I am as horny and as wet as I have ever been. I need licking or fucking, what’s it to be?”

This experience did two things. First, I’ve never been a fan of beach sex – sand gets into the most inconvenient and painful places – but God was it good on this occasion! Second, it was the start of a freedom Suzy enjoyed as much as I from visiting Clubs to arranging meets and probably the best were those many unplanned adventures that “just happened”. Like on the beach.

Written by Randy1963

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