First Time
2 Apr 2019

It had become increasing obvious that my partner was losing interest in swinging and general fun. As anyone who had been through this will know, it is a great shame because there’s always someone in the relationship who gets more and more frustrated as a result. The harder you try to persuade, the more they resist, so in the end you just give up.

You tell yourself it’s fine, that you understand and that everyone changes their needs. You still love each other etc etc. However sometimes, you get so horny that any port in a storm would meet your needs for relief and so you start looking.

Which is why I started to drift in and out of the bi-married chatroom to see what goes on.

Before this, the only hard cock I had played with, was when I guided another guy into my wife’s pussy for the first time. It really felt good to be in control right at the first moment she was fucked by someone and maybe I did sneak in a quick wank on the way in too. No one seemed to object.

Maybe the other time I got close to a cock was when a guy sat in a chair and she lowered herself down on him cowgirl style facing me. Then I let my tongue do the talking as I went down on her clit and licked the guys wet slippery cock down to his balls as she slowly raised and lowered herself to orgasm.

But that’s another story.

Finally after various chats which went nowhere I got on really well with a local guy who happened to be free that evening. He liked to play dress up and wanted to get fucked properly for the first time. Was I, an MM virgin, up for it?

Nerves, nerves, nerves. My cock said yes but my head was confused.

Anyway, I thought a face to face would seal the deal, so that evening we met at the local pub. Within minutes we were both far too horny just making innuendos to bother with a drink and so headed straight back to his flat.

“Give me a minute” he said. So I sat waiting for him to return looking around the tidy small lounge with breakfast bar and supped on a beer . A few normal photos on the wall and a big TV in the corner with a PS4 underneath. The usual guy pad..

When he did return, his tall slim frame was tucked neatly inside a figure hugging mini dress. No make up or anything just a slinky material which clinged to his arse really well.

I couldn’t help myself, stroking his bum and reaching around the front to feel his bulging cock. His hands were all over my belt and jeans at this point. He couldn’t get them off fast enough. With one lunge down they came and his mouth swiftly took their place. Slurping and sliding up and down my swollen member with ease.

It had been a long time since I had had any action, and my previously dubious brain was now telling me this was ok. More than ok. This was fucking awesome!

Taking a breather for a few minutes I stripped off and he really went to town caressing my body, stroking my balls and alternately sucking or wanking me keeping me rock solid. I found his cock and managed to manoeuvre him into a 69, which is when things got interesting. As my hands slid around his arse under the dress and my forefinger slipped into a well lubed little tight hole. Well that feels inviting I thought.

This sent him over the edge and he was begging me to fuck him now! What is a guy to do?

Slipping on a condom and adding lube, he arranged himself on all fours on the sofa and enthusiastically pulled his cheeks apart looking over his shoulder at me with a pleading expression.

Well this was it. I was about to fuck a guy for the first time!

The head slipped in and he gasped. So I held it there for a moment not sure what to do. Then he slowly pushed back on me. Half in. Then all in. “Fuck me, this is fantastic” he screamed.

My hands slipped around his waist and found his rock hard cock, so I gave it a few strokes, before gripping him tightly on the waist once again and beginning long slow hip thrusts.

I was so wound up with the sexual tension and the moment that I couldn’t hold on for long. Gradually the moment increased to a full blown pounding.

We were both sweating in the heat and my balls were slapping on his arse and the sofa creaked under the pressure of two guys fucking.

And with that noise I exploded deep inside him, gripping his hips hard and pulling him as close as I could to get my cock in as deep as possible. Then as I reached around the front I found his hard cock twitching as he came all over the sofa and my hand.

So I put it to his mouth and he licked it all up. The dirty little bitch.

And that is how I started to get some relief. Not often, but great fun when I do.