Written by MrAndMrsKent

First Time
10 Oct 2019

Rewind six months ago my wife Liz and I were going through a dry sex spell. With a young toddler and work commitments we didn’t get much time in bed, let alone sex.

Liz my wife of 6 years is 37, 5’7, a curvy size 12 and 36D generously sized breasts which are just starting to sag. Her high school friend Sarah despite having a similar face to Liz is taller, curvier and has massive tits which are her best asset and she wears low cut blouses to draw attention to them.

Sarah was still not married, had a series of on and off boyfriends and is with a long term boyfriend Chris. Sarah was desperate to get pregnant was about to start IVF which I would hear about during her long girlie talks with Liz on the phone. Despite constant trying they were getting nowhere the natural way and with time against her side, she was ready for it.

One Friday night I was out for some unplanned drinks and ended up with some fairly random work people from a different department getting fairly pissed.

Late in the night as the drinks flowed I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and warm breasts nuzzle against my back. I turned around to see Sarah come in for a big kiss which was meant to be on the cheek but got the lips a bit too. I extracted myself from the work crowd and got Sarah a Prosecco which ended up being a bottle at a private table in the corner.

She was well lubricated herself and her hand kept wandering onto my thighs. I was getting well aroused at this stage and she looked at me with an evil twinkle in her eye. Sarah said she had always been a bit jealous of Liz for settling down and having a gorgeous baby and Liz was a lucky lady. Whilst saying that she grew bolder, noticing my erection and gave it a tug whilst going in for a smoochy kiss.

At this stage I couldn’t resist her and kept thinking about sucking her big tits.

We quickly finished our drinks and she led me back to her place as she explained that Chris was away for a stag do. We barely made it through the door before she stripped off her blouse, ripped my jeans off and started sucking me off while she was topless, her tits bobbing up and down. I stopped her there, dragged her into the bed and paid my full attention to her breasts, sucking one whilst cupping the other. I worked my way down her body and removed her thong and was delighted to see she had a landing strip unlike Liz who sports a Brazilian. I worked on her lips and loved tasting her juices.

After moaning and almost cumming, she pushed me onto my back and mounted me. I protested that I didn’t have a condom but she gave me a wicked look, started grinding me for all I was worth and she told me that she was trying to get pregnant after all. The idea of putting my seed in her was a massive turn on and we went at it like crazy, switching positions eventually and ended up in doggy style, with me grabbing her hips and smacking her bubble bottom harder and harder until we both came in a big heap on her king size bed.

I made my excuses and left not long later feeling guilty but also felt used as it I had been a more than willing accomplice in trying to get her pregnant.

Luckily for me, nothing came of it and 4 months down the line they had success with IVF. Whilst still friends, the incident is likely never going to happen again