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It's only a massage

"The start of an adventure"

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“It's only a massage” you told herself again. But when you’d texted me the second part of your postcode that morning you knew you had taken your fantasy to another level. And when I’d texted to say I was leaving you simply sent back “xx”. It had all started a few years ago around your 60th birthday when a group of your friends got together and ended up having a drunken conversation about your sex lives. Linda shocked everyone the most. She’d recently split from her husband and taken up with a man who a lot of women thought quite plain, however she said that he was absolutely amazing at giving orgasms. Not fucking orgasms, but foreplay orgasms, licking, kissing and fingering her to multiple orgasms before they finally made love. And he’d introduced her to tantric sex where she simply lost control. For you this was a new concept, yes your sex life wasn't bad, but your husband wasn't one for experimenting. So one afternoon in boredom you'd been searching the internet and come across some articles written by a woman who’d joined a swingers site. This was something you’d fantasised about on your own but never dared suggest it. More out of curiosity than intending to do anything about it you signed up, it was a free account and in your profile you simply said you were looking for some fun with another couple or a maybe a single man. Logging in two days later you were amazed at the number of replies and, looking at some of the messages, you were confronted by various men showing everything they had got, and in a lot of cases things they hadn't got. Taken aback you didn't log back in in for another couple of weeks, but then curiosity got the better of you and an afternoon soon disappeared going through the replies, getting rid of all the ones who were obviously not suitable. A couple of men caught your eye, their messages were suggestive and seemed to be more on your wavelength. Over the next couple of months you got braver, posted a couple of photos of bra-clad boobs and exchanged sexy messages with some of the men. One morning after your swim you were really aroused and started to chat to one man who persuaded you to call him. This was the start of things, phone sex quickly became your guilty pleasure and you regularly orgasmed listening to a man telling you what he wanted to do with you. One day after having phone sex one of your regular friends asked if you had any specific fantasies. “I've always liked the idea of massage that becomes intimate”, you said, “but I would never do anything about it.” “Why not?” he asked “It's not like you're having sex and being unfaithful”. Laid in bed that night you thought about this and couldn’t deny you were tempted. The next time you were chatting he started to tell you about orgasmic meditation, or OM as he called it, where you have a long, long slow massage and it brings you to an orgasmic high. This sounded very similar to Linda’s tantric experience and the more you thought about it the more you wanted to try it. The following day, in a moment of madness you texted him and said would he be prepared to come over and give you a massage? He jumped at the chance and you’d made arrangements for him to come over in a couple of weeks when you knew you’d be alone. The day had come and although nervous, you'd had a bath and were walking around already aroused. What to wear? You decided on a thin silk bra and pants set that tied at the side, totally impractical normally but ideal for this situation. The bra was so thin you could easily see your nipples were already hard. You put on your silk robe found some bedroom heels, went downstairs and put some coffee on. Ten minutes later you saw a strange car pulling up on the gravel driveway watched him get out and walk confidently to your door. You actually got to the door before he even rang the doorbell, opened it, and in a total fluster blurted something like “Hi lovely to see you in the flesh”. He smiled, stepped inside, put down his bag and bent forward to give you a peck on the cheek. “Lovely to see you too, you look great too, much better than your photos”. he replied. You took him through to the kitchen, he sat on a stool and watched as you poured the coffee. You could feel his eyes looking at you intently, enjoying the curves of your body. Sitting opposite him you made small talk for the next few minutes but the sexual tension between you was impossible to miss. You realised the top of your gown had fallen open slightly and he was enjoying an uninterrupted view of your cleavage and no doubt your hard nipples poking through your gown. “Shall we start?” It wasn’t really a question as he stood up and pulled a bottle of oil out of an insulated bag. “Good, it’s still warm” and with that he poured some oil into his hands and started to stroke your hand and fingers. His touch was light but the effect was electric and you felt your nipples harden and your pussy quiver. He started to move his hand up your arm, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up and a soft moan escaped your lips. He smiled and started on the other arm, up and down, getting higher and higher looking into your eyes all the time gauging your reaction. Moving behind you, he moved your gown off your shoulders and gently but firmly started to stroke them. Your breathing was getting heavier, his hands roaming over your neck, back and shoulders. The straps of your bra were lifted off your shoulders and his hands stroked gently down towards your breasts. This was the point of no return, knew you if you didn't stop him now you never would. His hands brushed over your breasts, your nipples were rock hard and you knew he could easily feel them. He carried on with this light stroking obviously gauging your reaction before his hand then moved inside your bra and cupped your boob. You let out an involuntary gasp of pure pleasure as his hand firmly gripped your boob and his thumb started to tease your nipples. The fact there was no resistance encouraged him and very quickly he unclipped your bra and set your boobs free. There was no pretence of massage it was now fondling pure and simple. He was still stood behind you as he bent down and started to kiss your neck sending shivers down your spine and again making you gasp. He turned his head round to yours kissing you fully on the lips, a passionate intense kiss and you responded by pulling his head towards you. You were kissing for a good few minutes before he pulled away and moved in front of you. He lifted your leg up and started to massage your calf then higher up on to your thighs, all the time looking into your face seeing the passion in your eyes. You could feel your pussy getting wetter and you were sure if he looked he would know how wet you already were. He put down the first leg started on the second one moving higher and higher this time. You looked at him and told him to stop teasing you and to go upstairs and where he can massage you properly. He followed you upstairs and no doubt could clearly how aroused you’d become. You took him into the spare bedroom, which you’d already prepared with just a sheet on it. When you got to the room you turned and started to kiss passionately, he pulled you towards him and for the first time could feel his erection through his pants. He turned you round pushed you face down on the bed and started to massage the back of your legs getting higher and higher until he was rubbing your bum. You opened your legs to give him access to your pussy but he merely brushed your pants before moving further up your body. “Turn over” he said, and as you rolled over he lifted up your bum and pulled down your pants. You were lying there, totally naked your pussy lips all puffy and moist your nipples hard and throbbing. Fuck, you wanted him to make you come. “I’ll quickly use your bathroom” he said, and as you laid there your hand went between your legs and confirmed to yourself how wet you already were. Just at this point he came out of the bathroom wearing just his boxers, “Started without me?” he laughed. “No you just feeling what you’ve done to me already.” “Do you want me to massage you as we discussed?” he said. “What OM?” you asked. “Yes” he replied. This was what you’d dreamt about but did you dare let him take you to a point where your body was totally out of control. He took the decision away from you, got his phone out and a haunting, rhythmic tune started to play. He came over to the bed, laid beside you with his head level with your hips. His hand went down to your pussy and carefully and gently started to stroke it. Very rhythmically up and down, up and down in time with the music. He then parted your lips and using a finger from his other hand started to trace up towards your clit. It was such a gentle touch you hardly noticed it until his finger brushed against your bud making you twitch. His finger didn't really move, it was just circling just to one side of your clit, the sensations were totally unknown to you. It wasn't the same as being fingered in normal sex it was far more gentle and the continual repetitive movement in time with the music was building your enjoyment. “Are you ok?” he asked. “God yes” you purred, “It's a sensation I've never felt before.” He simply carried on, altering the speed of his movement in time with the music. You then noticed the music speeding up, and his finger rubbed nearer to your clit and slightly firmer. The effect was electric you could feel your orgasm starting inside you. At this point you would normally rub yourself harder and harder but his finger just kept on going, keeping pace with the music, building your orgasm without ever letting you reach it. The music was getting louder and faster, and his finger started to move even more on your clit and you thought you were going to come. He sensed this and slowed down just enough to stop you reaching your peak but keeping you on a high level of stimulation. “Oh my god that's so good, I’m loving it”. This went on for a good 10 minutes, taking you to the point of orgasm but then backing off. The effect was that felt you were on a rolling wave of pleasure taking you to higher and higher plateaus of enjoyment. You felt your whole body was on fire and guessed that you must be absolutely dripping wet. He smiled and looked at you, “Want to come?” “Oh yes please, please” you begged “Please!” At this point the music started to build again, he must have known it well and his finger started to move more directly over your clit, rubbing it, still in time with the music but getting quicker and quicker, firmer and firmer. You could feel your orgasm building inside you and you pleaded with him not to stop and keep going. The music seemed to reach a crescendo and his finger matched it. Then you felt it start deep inside you, it built and his finger kept going and suddenly you screamed out in total ecstasy. “I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh fuck that’s amazing!” you screamed. You didn't notice but he smiled and kept moving his finger keeping you on a plateau of pure pleasure, your juices flooding out of you as you orgasmed repeatedly. You have no idea how long your orgasm lasted for, nor how many you had, all you knew you was waves upon waves of pleasure cascaded over you for what seemed like minutes. You felt his finger start to slow and move down and slightly just tease the entrance to your pussy. The music had stopped and he pulled his finger away smiled at you, put it in his mouth and said “Mmm you taste lovely.” You simply laid there, shaking not quite sure what had happened to you. He bent over and kissed you, you grabbed him, pulled him onto the bed and put your arms around him and hugged him tightly. You laid there like this for a couple of minutes until you felt more in control of your body. “Thank you, thank you so much. That was amazing!!” You now had a dilemma, you'd said in advance there was no way you were going to fuck him, in fact he’d said he’d be happy to make you come and go without any pleasure for him. However, you looked at the tent in his pants and thought now I do need to do something for him. You moved down the bed pulled his pants down and looked as his cock. It wasn't massive just a nice size but it was rock hard with a vein running down the side. You reached across to it and gently started to stroke it. He grabbed a pillow and put it under his head. “I want to watch this” he said. Your other hand went to his balls and started to caress them as your hand moved up and down his hard prick. Your mouth moved closer and started to lick his helmet, it was dripping with pre-cum and tasted quite salty. Looking straight into his eyes you opened your mouth and took him in, your tongue licking round and then started to take him in deeper and deeper. Your hand squeezed and started to wank his base, your mouth and tongue working on the top of him. “If you carry on like that I'll come in no time” he said, so you eased off a little bit but carried on. The moisture from your mouth made it easy for your hand to slide up and down it and you lifted your mouth away while you were wanking him. “I'm not going to fuck you, I promised myself that but I'm going to make you come.” And with that you put your mouth over his cock, and started to suck, lick and wank him all the same time. Within a minute you felt him start to tense and as he was about to come you sucked harder and then you felt him tense, his back arched and he unloaded himself into your mouth. It wasn't something you normally did with your husband who for some reason only liked to come inside you. He filled your mouth and you swallowed it, just enjoying the sensation of him surrendering to you. He started to soften and you let go of him. “Well that was amazing” he said, “You are very good at that.” You blushed almost feeling embarrassed by what you’d just done. Back in a minute you said and went to the loo to sort out your mouth, came back and jumped back on the bed with him, gave him a cuddle and a kiss and told him how much you’d enjoyed it. “Do you want anymore?! he asked. “No thank you, if you did any more I wouldn't trust myself not to fuck you and I promised myself I wouldn't this time.” “This time”, you realised you'd said, and you knew then there would be a next time.
Written by Eros

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