First Time
23 Sep 2019

Back in 2000, my first year of university was nearing its end. The majority of that year was focused on sucking dicks rather than studying, something I would have to rectify later on. One thing I was really desperate to do was to find an older guy to fuck me, I wanted someone who I could spend decent time with, not the suck and go routine I had fallen into.

There were a few contenders early on. The first was a tradesman I had sucked a few times in a public toilet, about 35 which felt a lot older at the time. After some tentative arrangements, he got cold feet and went quiet. I had been chatting to another guy online in his 50's, but he wanted to fuck me out in public which I wasn't keen on. I was considering just finding another student on campus to do it, I was friendly with a guy and I almost went for it with him. That was until a new guy popped up online, he was 48, divorced and had his own place close by. He was decent looking, neat and tidy. A few extra pounds but it suited him, made him look strong. We met for a social a couple of times, just a quick drink and both out the blue. Then late one night we were texting each other and both getting horny, he offered to come and pick me up and go somewhere quiet so I could give him a quick blowjob. Not one to turn down a hard cock I jumped at the chance, about half an hour later I had his dick cumming in my mouth. After getting up close and personal I knew he was the one, we made plans for me to visit his place a couple of days later.

On the night I went to his apartment, we chatted while downing a bottle of wine. He started kissing me and I muttered into his mouth to take me to bed. My submissive side really kicked in, I let him strip me down and do whatever he wanted. His hands were all over my 18 year-old body, he was biting at my shoulder while squeezing my ass. He pressed his fingers against my hole and said filthy things into my ear. He forced me down to my knees and undid his trousers, I worshipped his cock and balls as he stood over me. He had me lay on the bed face down and he was rubbing my asshole as he rimmed me, he flipped me over and positioned himself over my face, forcing me to eat his ass. Finally, the moment came, he got between my legs and lubed up my ass, He placed his cock at my entrance and teased me. He had me squirming and begging with my body, my heart was racing in anticipation. He let out a little growl as he pushed his cock inside me, inch by inch my ass welcomed his entire cock. He slipped in and out slowly while holding my legs up, I was at his mercy with every movement he made. He ordered me to turn around, I did so with total submission, wiggling my willing ass in the air for him to take. He fucked me doggy style while gripping my hips, his rhythm getting harder and faster. I was in absolute heaven at this point, getting fucked was every bit as satisfying as I had imagined. I didn't want him to stop, but he suddenly reached the point of no return. He pulled out of my ass, whipped off the condom and shot his spunk over my asshole, it flooded my crack and dripped over my balls. I spun around and licked his cock clean then used his cum to wank myself off, cumming within seconds.

I ended up staying the night as he had drunk too much to drive me home, this didn't bother me a bit as I knew he would fuck me again. In the early hours of the morning he had got out of bed, this woke me up and I soon had a hard cock thinking about him fucking me. When he climbed back into bed I pressed my naked ass against him. He turned to spoon me and I could feel he was hard so I rubbed my ass up and down his cock. He talked dirty into my ear, asking if I wanted more and calling me a slut and sissy faggot. I lubed my ass ready for a second round and he slipped his cock back up me. He pulled my head back to kiss me and played with my nipples. I asked if I could ride him, he rolled on to his back so I could climb on top. After a few tries getting it back in I was sliding my ass up and down his cock again. It wasn't long before he was ready to cum, I told him to cum in my ass. Even with a condom on it still felt amazing, the trusting and throbbing of his cock pulsating inside me. I offered him my mouth to clean up his cock and we were soon back to sleep. In the morning I sucked him off again before he left for work, he was saying things like “that's my boy” and “good little slut”, this massively turned me on. We fucked every week for the next few months after that until I left for summer break.

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