Written by Pete

First Time
20 Apr 2019

Linda and I have been married for 20 years and it’s been a good marriage. Now as we have just hit 40, the only real issue we had was sex becoming stale so we chatted and spiced things up a bit.

It wasn’t anything dramatic but resulted in us having outdoor sex with the thrill that we may be caught and Linda dressing more sexily, revealing more and us both really enjoying guys checking her out.

She was even more daring during a recent Tenerife holiday, going topless on the beach for the first time and going out in the evening bra-less with her lovely 36d tits clearly wobbling under her flimsy dresses and her big hard nipples sticking very noticeably through.

One night we had a fair few drinks and she agreed to walk ahead of me, as we returned to the hotel with me following. We did this as guys would stare more at a lone female. That night, as always, Linda looked stunning and was in her shortest summer dress with it barely covering her gorgeous bum.

We walked along the seafront, which was busy and she was getting a lot of attention. One young guy even started to talk to her so I stopped nearby to watch. He was clearly chatting her up and she was flirty back but she soon walked off. Catching her up she told me he had complimented her and offered to take her for a drink but she declined, although she said he was really good looking and loved what happened.

Back at the room we had great sex and I started telling her to imagine it was that guy she was having sex with. She didn’t verbally join in with the fantasy but she was hornier and louder than ever as I licked her out, and I have no doubt she was fantasising about him.

Then later I told her she could have gone for a drink with him and I confessed I would love to see he with another guy. That didn’t have the desired effect and she couldn’t get her head round why I would want to see her with another man and thought I had gone off her.

Anyway at different times after that I brought it up again. Linda eventually warmed a bit to the idea and it became a common fantasy when we had sex, but she was adamant it would never happen.

Linda became more open telling me what type of guy she fancied and pointing guys out in the street that she said she would fuck if single. She also told me about a guy at work who obviously fancied her and was always complimenting her and being suggestive.

His name was Bob and about 60, 20 years older than Linda. He became a main topic of conversation as I encouraged her to flirt back and got daily updates about how he would try and look down her top or the conversations they had. She told me she was a bit flirty but had turned down offers from him to go for a drink or for a bit of fun.

Kinda clearly liked him and said he was very good looking despite his age. He was married but told Linda his wife had gone off sex. He had a reputation of being a womaniser and also that he apparently had a huge cock. Linda was wary of telling me about his cock but I loved that fact and really wanted to watch her fuck him.

Then came a works do and I agreed to drop her off and pick her up so she could drink. I told her that if anything happened with Bob it would be ok with me. Linda told me that it wouldn’t be happening.

After picking her up she confirmed nothing had happened but that they did chat and with alcohol involved, that it got very sexual. Linda then said that Bob would be up for having sex with her with me watching. Taken aback she told me how that conversation had developed. I asked her what she had said to him about it, and shyly she told me that she had told Bob that she would ask me about it!

I was hard and horny and asked her if she wanted it to happen and she admitted she would. This was on the way home when she was drunk, but to my surprise she still said she wanted to do it the following day.

So it was arranged and we booked

a hotel in another town and met Bob for a drink, with the agreement that we would have have a few drinks and see how it went.

Bob was a charmer, even with me and we got in really well. Linda and I had been very nervous but Bob was very confident and took the lead. Sat next to Linda he soon has his hand on her leg with no objection and then to my surprise Linda put hers on his leg. I hand such mixed emotions, but the strongest was the desire to watch them in action.

It went so well, that he didn’t even ask us if we wanted to go further. Instead he confidently told Linda that she should show him our room. Submissively she held his hand and they walked off with me following.

It was like a dream watching my wife holding another guys hand walking in front, and then watching him let go and put his hand on her bum, and giving it a squeeze, probably for

my benefit.

We hadn’t discussed how far Linda would go, only that she had the green light from me to be with him. Linda looked amazing and was wearing the same short summer dress that she had been chatted up wearing on holiday, with high heels and very sexing matching black and red lacy bra and thong.

In the room Bob told me to take a seat in the corner and then ignored

me and took Linda in his arms and kissed her passionately, with my wife responding kissing him back and cuddling him.

I almost felt like an intruder on their passionate encounter. I had imagined raw sex from the outset but he knew how to seduce women and they lay on the bed fully dressed for ages as he kissed, stroked and openly complimented her. Linda gets very aroused with her neck being kissed and he soon found this out as Linda started to mean softly and push her tits towards him. He caressed them through her dress and Linda lay there contently and has let her legs part, so that from my seat I could see her sexy undies knowing she would be very wet.

Bob told her to take off her dress as he maintained control. Linda has never really been submissive with me but was with him, and she did as she was told.

She stood up and slipped her dress off for him and he kept complimenting her. Then he told her to take her bra off followed by her panties. I can’t believe Linda did exactly as she was told, ignoring me and looking at her new lover.

He was delighted complimenting her gorgeous tits and couldn’t believe his luck seeing her hairless bald pussy as she peeled down her panties for him.

He told her to lay down as he stood up and it was his turn to strip. He had a great body and I’m not sure who was amazed more as he revealed his hardening monster cock.it certainly put my average offering to shame.

Then he stepped forward guiding his great cock towards Linda’s tiny mouth.....

To be continued