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Wife's Sensual Massage Experience (Part 2)

"I bought a sensual massage session for my wife as our anniversary gift. She has agreed to give it a try, but how far is Maria willing to go?"

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The day has finally arrived for my wife Maria to receive her first sensual massage! I drove her to Roland's massage place. Maria was stunningly beautiful in her light blue summer dress. She had very light makeup on and yet looked very attractive. Before we left our house, I gave her a condom just in case she needs it, which she dropped into the side of her small handbag without saying a word. It was my not so subtle way of reminding her she has my blessing to go all the way.

We didn't talk much throughout the drive. I was nervous. Not sure what Maria was thinking though she looked a little tensed as well. We arrived at the place in just about a half-hour drive. I pulled the car over at the back of a single-story building where we could see the sign saying

"Sensual, Tantric and Healing Massage. Exclusively for Women".

We sat quietly in the vehicle staring at the sign as if we were high on drugs or something. There was this deafening silence, which I could not bear. So I finally broke the ice and asked if she's ready to go in. Maria looked at me, and we kissed for a moment. And then she pulled herself away from me, open the car door, and stepped out. I gazed as Maria walked towards the massage parlour, and she rang the bell.

The door opened and a bald man greeted her. She was ushered inside and then quickly the door was shut.

I felt so empty looking at that door being shut. This is going to be a long long one hour wait for me.

Okay, before Maria went inside, we did one thing as we planned earlier. That was for her to answer my phone call, put it on speaker mode, carry it in her purse leaving it open. I muted the mic from my side so that it become one-way communication allowing me to listen to what was going on their side.

So over my phone speaker, I heard Roland offering Maria if she wanted tea or coffee, and she just nervously asked for water. He then told her to make herself comfortable and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. And he came back to the room and they had a light chat. Sounded like they were having the conversation sitting on a chair or sofa facing each other across the room, as I could hear Maria's voice louder than his, due to the proximity to the phone inside her purse. So far nothing special and things were pretty much calm as you would expect in most massage sessions. When Roland asked Maria what she'd like to get out of the session, she bluntly said she didn't know what to expect, and that her husband booked the session for her. I ‘facepalm’ myseld in the car, I wondered if she blew it.

And then Roland said it is important to him that she has a comfortable experience and he assured her he wouldn't do anything she isn't willing to. He then invited Maria to join him in sitting on the floor with her legs crossed facing him close, probably like a yoga pose. I heard the furniture squeak softly as Maria accepted his invitation and now got off the sofa and got on the floor. From the sound of it, they are now sitting pretty close to each other. And Roland told Maria that he wanted her to look into his eyes. I could tell Roland has a very calming and soothing tone. At first, Maria laughed off softly, and I think the staring contest probably was awkward for her. But they both went extremely quiet shortly after and I think there were almost two to three minutes of silence which I could hear Maria's breathing became slower but louder. I wasn't sure what was happening.

And then I heard Roland tell Maria to rest her hand on his chest and feel his heart beating while he instructed her to continue eye contact with him. And he asked if he could do the same. I didn't hear Maria answer, but I'm guessing she nodded. I heard Roland guiding her to breathe in and out. And I think it went on for like another five minutes. Pretty boring stuff, I guess.

Finally, I heard Roland exhale a deep breath as Maria followed suit. He asked her how she was feeling, and I was surprised when Maria answered in the tone of voice as if she was sobbing in tears. She said she didn't know how to describe it but she said she felt incredible, also vulnerable but safe. It was a bit difficult for me to fathom what she actually meant. And she thanked him for making her feel that way. Roland suggested she should drink some water, and I could hear Maria walking back towards the coffee table to get her water.

And Roland asked if she is ready for her massage, and Maria said ‘sure’ without much hesitation. I heard Roland inviting Maria to get into the massage room. And then my heart sank as he instructed Maria to take all her clothes off and wait for him lying on the massage bed, facing downwards in the hollow I heard Maria walk into the room as he suggested.

And then there came a problem that Maria left her phone inside the purse in the lounge room. She did not take it to the massage room with her. Maybe she forgot about it or maybe she didn't want me to be listening to what she was going to do next. And along with her purse, she left the condom inside too.

Stressing out, I pushed my volume all the way to the max, and still, all I could hear was some muffled audio. And things went uncomfortably quiet for me as I wasn't able to hear anything. I felt like throwing my phone out of the car. I was certain my wife is now naked, lying on Roland's massage bed and things are turning steamy, and I'm going to miss out on all the action.

Thankfully, the audio picked up sounds of footsteps approaching towards the massage room and then I heard a faint but clear sound of the massage room door being opened. It sounded like Roland entered the massage room, and thank goodness, he left the door ajar, and I was able to hear things again. Not as clear nor loud as earlier, but good enough for me to continue listening and figure out what’s going on inside the massage room.

At this point, without being able to see, it was hard to tell what state of dress Roland was in. Though it was pretty clear that Maria must be naked by then. The most she'd have on her body would be just a small towel on her back barely covering her modesty. I couldn't help but wonder if Roland was wearing anything at all. My gut feeling says he was just as naked as my wife, with possibly just a small towel wrapped around his waist.

From the sound of it, Roland started his sensual massage as I could hear Maria gasped softly. Though the audio was a little muffled, I could tell it wasn't sexual in nature. She often makes those soft gasps and cute grunts whenever her sore muscles got massaged. So it was still very tame to that point.

But unfortunately for me, things didn't stay tame for very long before Maria's moaning become louder and louder. Her ‘arghs’ became longer and definitely she started sounding quite sensually. As far as I could tell, there is only one place on her body that would make her moan like that, especially when touched. So I kinda guessed what Roland was doing. His hands must have been lingering between my wife's legs now, and most likely fingering her. Was he giving her a yoni massage? I had no idea. But obviously, Maria was loving whatever he was doing to her.

Then the moaning stopped. I heard Roland ask if she enjoyed it. I didn't hear her answer though I'm guessing she nodded. And Roland told her to roll over and turn towards him. Oh my.... according to that, I assumed my dear wife is going to be lying completely naked facing Roland leaving nothing for imagination. Her smooth pussy should now be in full display for him to see and touch, and her entire body laid bare for him to caress. I desperately wondered how her expressions would be like. Does she look embarrassed, or is she looking at him full of lust and desire? I was so turned on.

And Roland asked "May I?" Followed by a soft muffled sound of a towel dropping onto the floor. At first, I thought that was Maria's towel, but I quickly found out I was wrong as she made a very light remark "wow..." There's no reason for her to complement if that was her towel dropping. That means it must have been Roland's towel that was dropped, and my wife was impressed by what she saw.

And I think Roland continued giving Maria massage, as she was making the soft grunts like earlier, except this time they’re both completely naked. Without a doubt, she was totally enjoying it and must have been feeling very aroused as his hands explore her naked body.

Then Roland spoke in his soft soothing tone again, asking Maria to look into his eyes as they did earlier. And shortly after, I heard Maria make a gasp, a little bit louder than earlier. I wasn't sure what was going on, though she sounded the same as when Roland was toying with her cunt. Then he said, "You can hold mine... Please, relax ... here..." (or something like that). It wasn't very clear what he meant by she could hold his, as I couldn't see them. But my guess was like he was asking her to put her hands on his manhood. And then he said, "Good. Keep looking into my eyes, my love"... Did he just call my wife "my love"?! Well, I shouldn't be surprised. Maria was probably playing with his balls already at that point. I heard her say, “I like it...

If I'm not wrong, Roland was repeating his staring thing again. Earlier, they've put their hands on each other's chest feeling their heartbeats in exchange. It was when they were fully clothed. But this time they're both completely naked as he was toying with Maria's pussy, while she returns the favour fondling his balls, as they gaze into each other's eyes.

I could hear very heavy breathing from both of them, though it was difficult to picture what was happening. I am assuming their staring game went on and guessing my wife's pussy should be soaking wet in his hands by now. But how about Maria’s hand? Did she like what she was holding?

And suddenly, I heard Roland made a gasp, and again, and he started moaning. Although it wasn’t difficult to figure out what would make a man moan like that, I think I was in denial. I didn’t think Maria would put it into her mouth without even being told to. But Roland continued to moan like crazy. Which was pretty obvious she was sucking his dick. Only after a while, he stopped moaning and I heard Maria asked him, “You like it?”, and I heard a kiss. I wasn’t sure who kissed who, but I think they were exchanging kisses.

And then I heard Roland say to her, "Now, allow me to return you the favour, my love", and shortly after, Maria was moaning even louder than earlier. She moaned and moaned. Listening to her voice of being pleasured over my phone speaker was just unforgettable. It was without a doubt that she was enjoying what Roland was doing. Well, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. I was having a complete hard-on. I slid my hand inside my pants and my penis getting rockhard and I could feel my pre cum. Hope there was no one to see me sitting in my vehicle, touching myself.

Knowing Maria too well and I am starting to realised that she was not going to stop there. I know for a fact that getting her pussy eaten drives her crazy leaving her desperately cock hungry, and she'd be wanting to be fucked.

But I was still taken aback when I heard my wife say that out loud, "Babe, I can't take it no more. Babe, please fuck me...", "Please fuck me now... I want you...". Twice, she begged to be fucked and twice, she called him ‘Babe’? And I knew that the condom I gave her was left behind in the handbag in the lounge room. So is Maria going to be fucked bareback? I was starting to sweat.

Her moaning stopped momentarily. I bet Roland wasted no time and quickly mounted his dick on my wife's pussy by now. I mean, who wouldn't want to fuck Maria, as she is irresistibly sexy and beautiful, and especially now that she’s naked and wet, begging to be fucked. Maria gasped quite loudly this time, as Roland’s penis must have found its way in.

I wished I could be there to see his dick sliding inside my wife’s pussy. I had to be contented with just listening to the muffled audio over the phone. Perhaps I may not have the heart to actually see my wife being fucked by another man. While I was going crazy with all these thoughts, Roland was already building up the rhythm and I could hear Maria making loud moans which I find extremely sexy.

I still remember that feeling was totally indescribable and it turned me on rock hard. I think I ejaculated in my pants at that point. It was still somewhat painful to come to terms that my wife is now having sex with another man. I am genuinely happy for Maria as she sounded like she must have been enjoying Roland's cock between her legs. This made me love her ever more so. I felt excited, but also sad somehow.

I had no idea how big or how long Roland's manhood is, but one thing for sure Maria was taking it all in. Judging from the rhythmic sounds of his pelvis slapping on her, he must have been able to bury his dick fully inside her with every thrust.

And boy, he must have got the stamina of an Olympian. I could hear the slaps going in really loud and fast. He's pounding Maria with such intensity I wished I have. I wouldn't last for more than fifteen seconds at that rate. Maria is screaming her lungs out in pleasure, and I don't think I would ever be able to forget listening to the sounds of my beloved wife being fucked, hard. Really hard.

Then Maria said something I couldn't believe I heard her say. I wish it was the muffled audio, or my imagination getting the better of me. But I was quite certain she said, “cum inside me, Babe” while catching her breath. And as if to prove I wasn’t hallucinating , she said it the second time, "Babe, please don't stop... You can cum inside me". That's the confirmation that he was fucking Maria without protection and now she wants him to ejaculate inside her.

Now, I really hoped she had taken her pills. Should I be proud now that I'm officially becoming a cuckold? My wife is asking to take Roland's load inside her. She's literally begging for it like a slut. I wasn't sure if I should run inside to pass them the condom.

And I admit it felt like the world had stopped spinning for a moment, when I heard Roland making a couple of audible grunts along with quicker and louder slapping sounds of him pounding on my wife, and Maria's very sexy moaning voices becoming more intense. I could tell they are about to orgasm together and then shortly followed by a long "argh" from Roland... Maria has just been creampied... and then everything went quiet.

Very quiet...

Slowly, the audio picked up very fainted sounds of the lovers catching their breath. It sounded like Roland has yet to withdraw his cock. Instead they were kissing passionately as if they were long lost lovers while his dick was buried deep inside her pussy. I could feel my eyes became teary at that point. He has just fucked my Maria, AND filled her up with his cum ...

Only after a while, Maria made another moderately loud gasp, as Roland pulled his cock out. I wasn’t able to tell if his juices were oozing out of her cunt, or whether Maria was keeping his sperm inside with a towel or a piece of tissue paper like she does after we had sex. I would probably have to find out later.

At that point, I could bear no more and I hung up the phone. I didn't need to listen anymore nor did I want to. I was exhausted and I shut my eyes and sank myself into the seat. I couldn't recall how much longer I was waiting inside the car. Then I heard a distant sound of Roland's massage parlour door being opened and saw my beloved wife walking out.

Maria's hair was in a mess and her summer dress untied on her back. She has got the sweetest smile on her face and she was coyishly biting her lower lips. Whenever she does that, I find her irresistibly sexy. She looked up and strolled towards me. Through her light blue dress, I could see her crotch was soaked and obviously, she's bringing Roland's creampie home.

Written by Will and Maria

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