Written by Sammyboy

28 Aug 2009

This was my first gay experience as an adult.

At the time I was in my late twenties and married. I was working as a rep and had been meeting clients all day in a town in the Midlands. It was 5pm on a winters afternoon so was dark. I was busting for a pee and went in the gents which was up agaist the wall of a castle next to a small car park.I noticed there was two other cars parked as I walked into the toilet.There was no light on in the toilet and I felt my way to the urinal. I got my cock out and started to pee which was a great relief. I was just finishing when two men walked in and stood either side of me. By now my eyes had adjusted to the gloom and I could make out a man of about 60 to my left.The man on my right was younger,about 40 and quite big and musculer. I can't remember what was said, and I still don't know why I stood there.

The next thing I knew was I had someone's hand on my cock while another was stoking my ass.I was instantly aroused and my cock was erect as I was wanked. The men took my hands and placed it on their cocks so I had one in each hand. It was very erotic, but I was also very nervous,the younger of the two was pushing me too quick which put me off. The older guy suggested that I go with him into one of the cubicles.He looked like a chubby Quinten Crisp type of charecter,smartly dressed,and I think he was wearing womens perfume.I think he realised that I was new to this and he sort of took charge.My trousers and pants were soom at my anlkes and so was his.He held me close rubbing our erect cocks togeter while he played with my ass.I reached down and started stroking his cock.I remember how smooth and silky it felt.I think he was hairless which felt really nice and also feminine so not threatening. After a minute or two he leant over and started to suck me.I think my cock was dripping with pre-cum as he made a comment about how nice my cock tasted.

He stood up and rubbed our cocks togeter again before indicating to me that he would like me to suck him. I didn't hesitate and was soon sucking my first cock. His cock wasn't big but he was cirumcised with a large helmet.I loved the feel of it in my mouth and I wanted to make him cum. He was playing with my bum again and was probing my hole with his finger.

After a few minutes he pulled me up off his cock .He turned me round and started to rub his cock between my ass cheeks. His cock head was slippery with pre-cum and my saliva.It felt very erotic as he rubbed his velvety cock around my anus and reached around to play with my cock at the same time.I was by this time in a dreamworld and I think that I would have let him do anything he wanted.I had this strong desire to push back onto his cock and let it fill my bum.

Unfortuneately someone tried to push open the cubilcle door which broke the spell and put me in a bit of a panic.I had this image of being caught in a public loo with an old man and both our pants down.I aologised to him and left the loo. I sat in my car for a few minutes to get myself back together as I was shaking.

The old man came out of the toilet and came across to where I was sitting. He re-assured me that he wasn't offended and asked me to sit with him in his car which was parked in a dark corner of the carpark. We chatted for a while and soon had our cocks out again. We were soon wanking each other and he wanted me to go back in the loo with him. I didn't want to as I was too nervous but didn't object when he pushed my head down onto his cock.I was soon slurping away like a proffessional, loving every moment.It didn't take too long before his cock swelled and he groaned as he pumped his sperm into my mouth. He kept his hand on the back of my head so I just swallowed the lot. He was my first and I loved it.We said our goodbyes and I went back to my car. I had to wank myself off before I could drive home.

I never went back to those loos again and I never saw the old man again either. That was not my only gay experiece though and I have had a few others since then.