23 Oct 2016

Hi All

I just want to let you know what happened on my last meet, its been years since i had a meeting and i was gagging to try some cock again, i had been looking for a meet for ages and eventually come across someone local that i got on with and we started messaging each other on whatsapp. He was 10 years younger than me and had a boyfriend who liked to watch, on this particular morning my wife had gone out so i messaged him and he invited me round he said his boyfriend wanted to watch us kiss and wank, i had trouble finding the house but when i did i was as horny as hell, he answered the door in a bath robe and invited me into the bedroom. The curtains were drawn so it was dark but his boyfriend was laying in bed, he asked if i wanted to strip off but being nervous i told him to first, thats when i saw the outline of a lovely hard cock, i went over to him and kissed him whilst grabbing his cock and slowly wanking him, he told me to strip off which i did and lay between them holding both cocks in my hands and started to wank them, it was all to much for me i could feel myself cumming so i got up and put the tip of my 7 inch cock against his larger cock and wanked both , it didnt take long before i shot my load over his helmet, i knew i couldnt just get up and leave after a few minutes so i started sucking his cock taking it all in my mouth, i was amazed i could take it all and could taste my cum on it, his partner told me to kiss him which i did, he hadnt shaved unlike his cock and i could feel the bristles on my face, i went was wanking his cock whilst kissing him, i reached out to his bf but he pushed my hand away and he said he just wanted to watch, i could see he was wanking himself and his breathing was getting faster, i returned to his cock and slowly wanked and sucked him for ages, i looked at it and so wanted to sit on it but knew it was going to hurt so carried on with the sucking, i could still taste my cum on him and it was all on his tummy, it was so nice, before long he asked me if i wanted him to cum, my mouth was killing me so i said yes and with that he took hold of his big cock and shot his load all over his stomach. With that i got up tidied up and left. It was so good i want more now and think i will try being fucked next time