Written by Paul

30 Sep 2018

I've been curious since I was a teen ,but apart from porn have never acted on it .recently I split with my wife and just thought i would try a sauna and find out once and for all .so I plucked up the courage to visit a sauna .I was nervous as hell but in i went .after showering i entered a steam room there were about 4 guys in there chatting i looked around and I saw a mixed race guy with a nice body and I caught his eye .I left there and went to look around upstairs .there was a video room i sat in there and after a bit started to masturbate watching the lads on the screen ,the guy that was next to me grabbed my erect cock and started to wank me ,but I didn't find him attractive so I got up and left the room .I went into a room with a leather bed and lay on it and carried on stroking my cock .the same guy followed me in with an older gent and they both were touching me but I just wasn't into them and i shook my head just as they were leaving the mixed race lad came into the room . I got off the bed and got on my knees and put his limp cock in my mouth .he was soon hard .his cock was really thick ,he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his fat cock to the back of my throat i started to gag and he released the pressure from my head i started to lick his hard shaft up and down . I really wanted to be fucked id used her vibrator loads over the years . I got up off the floor and stood face to face with him and we started kissing. Then I grabbed his hand and walked him to the bed .I told him to put on a condom and fuck me .i lay face down with my legs on the floor ,perched on the end of the bed while he sorted himself out .then he parted my ass cheeks with his fingers and spat in my hole .he rubbed it in and spat a few times more putting his fingers deep into my ass .I started to moan and I pushed my ass up. Then he slapped it about 3 times .then he started to push his cock into me I could feel the warmth as he slowly managed to push about a 3rd in .it was so much better than the vibrator and it wasn't long before his whole member was inside me it hurt but I loved it .I pushed back into him he fucked me for a few minutes slapping my ass every so often . I looked to the side of me and noticed the 2 guys i had sort of turned down wanking .he pulled out and must have took off the condom as I felt hot cum land on my back and then some drip on my asscheeks .he slapped me again a few times . the guy from the video room walked towards my face which was turned sideways resting on the leather bed and shot hot cum all over my face .so much for turning him down but I loved the fact i was being used. then the older guy saw I was ok with it and shot his hot cum into my face too .they all left the room .I lay there for a bit just thinking about what a slut i has just been , then I rolled to my front and wanked myself ,my cum shot passed my face . Then I walked to the showers covered in cum and left .I sat in the car and thought about what the fuck had just happened.